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Spire Normal vs Spire Nightmare Chest Rewards Analysis

Hey guys, have you ever wondered if you are better off getting lots of Spire Normal chests compared to few Spire Nightmare chests in Wartune? If yes then this article is for you! Here I will show you how much benefit you get per chests in both difficulties and where is the cut off point in order to get maximum rewards.

In order to compare the 2 “different” dungeons we need to first derive an estimated balen value for 1 chest, so that’s what we will start with.

Getting the value of 1 Spire Nightmare Ruins Chest

Item Drops Drop Rate* Est. Balen value per piece Total Balen Value
Golden Holy Water x20 17.9% 0.5 1.8
Shadow Crystal x20 17.3% 0 0.0
250,000 gold 21.3% 5 1.1
Bound Balens x3 22.2% 1 0.7
Fashion Shard x3 17.0% 39.5 20.1
Fashion Core 4.3% 395 17.1
Total for 1 chest 100.0% 40.7

*Drop rates report for this chest you can see here.

Getting the value of 1 Spire Normal Chest

Item Drops Drop Rate* Est. Balen value per piece Total Balen Value
Shadow Crystal x2 41% 0 0.0
Bound Balens x2 39% 1 0.8
Kyanite x10.000 9.9% 1 0.1
Fashion Shard 5.9% 39.5 2.3
Luck Stone Level 9 4.6% 0.2 0.0
Fashion Core 0.2% 395 0.9
Total for 1 chest 100.0% 4.2

*Drop rates report for this chest you can see here.

So already we can see that the Spire Nightmare Ruins chest is about 10 times more valuable than a Spire Normal Chest.

But just to finish off accurately and in style let’s continue with the full table and chart comparison.

TABLE Analysis: Cumulative Balen Value Spire Normal vs NM

# of Chests Value Spire Normal Value Spire Nightmare
1 4.2 40.7
2 8.4 81.4
3 12.6 122.1
4 16.8 162.8
5 21 203.5
6 25.2 244.2
7 29.4 284.9
8 33.6 325.6
9 37.8 366.3
10 42 407
11 46.2 447.7
12 50.4 488.4
13 54.6 529.1
14 58.8 569.8
15 63 610.5
16 67.2 651.2
17 71.4 691.9
18 75.6 732.6
19 79.8 773.3
20 84 814
21 88.2 854.7
22 92.4 895.4
23 96.6 936.1
24 100.8 976.8

From this table we can see that doing the full Spire Normal and getting 24 chests is roughly equivalent to getting 100 balens while the same amount can be achieved by doing just 2-3 levels of Spire Nightmare.

CHART Analysis: LOG Cumulative Earnings Spire Normal vs NM

To visually illustrate the results I have prepared the chart below:

Note: in case someone is wondering why the bars curve and are not straight 45 degrees – it is because I have set the Y-axis on a logarithmic scale to be able to see the results in a visually more pleasant way.

Analysis Conclusions

Anyone who can complete Spire Normal should be able to get to at least stage 8 of Spire Nightmare (the archer reflect boss) and the analysis shows that already 3 Spire Nightmare Ruins chests are worth more than 24 Spire Normals; therefore as long as you can do more than 3 stages you should always do active or afk Spire Nightmare and not Normal difficulty.

Even if the values of the items change or if you do not agree with the balen pricing above, the conclusion does not change because we would adjust the pricing up or down for both chests so the relation does not change and should remain within +/- 1 to 2 chests, which is still within the range of Stage 1-8 Spire NM.

Overall, I was a little surprised with the result, because I thought the cut off point would be somewhere around 10 stages, but it turns out that already 3 stages is more than the maximum of Spire Normal and that can easily be done on AFK-auto-attack mode.

One theoretical possibility that might affect this analysis is if in the future they update the Spire Normal chest with better rewards. I doubt they would touch the NM chest as it is relatively new, but the Normal difficulty chest is old and could certainly use an update. If this happens and if there is a significant difference versus current drops then we can redo the analysis, but even if they double the value from 4.2 to 8.4 that would still fall within the range of Stage 1-8 Spire Nightmare difficulty, so in any case it seems the conclusion is clear, which is that we should always do Spire NM from 3 chests onward.

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  1. i agree on you, i also thought i do normal, will give me enough for chest, but even the fashions shards and cores give way less in normal then the nm chests gives, i can do with own br easily do 15 nm bosses, so thats better then the 3 minutes spire normal

    • ya especially ’cause you can also AFK it with some stages less rewards, which for some people is totally acceptable trade-off with time gained

  2. This is the dumbest analysis i even seen. The total value of blanse doesnt determine which boxes and drops are better.

    • + so u prefer 4 nm boxes over 24 normal boxes ? dont think so , and 24 nm boxes worth 192 normal chests?dont think so again.

      • Not the sharpest spoon around, huh? all i care about from spire is fashion cores, and it took me all of 2 runs to see that NM was waaay better, i only did a rough calculation but i came to mostly the same conclusion DOLY did, 2-3 NM chests was better then full normal run, EVERYONE (excluding a couple of idiots) noticed NM was many times better then normal, DOLY has just helped to specify how much better.

        Only thing one can say in defense of normal chests is that they have kya, its not worth much, but most people still need them.

    • So you like to insult people without giving any reason or logic? Good luck with that.
      If you do not understand the analysis that does not make the analysis “dumb” as you wrote.

  3. only problem is time :(, so time consuming, reason i hate it XD, so i just take few mins run and do noraml XD

    • technically several nm stages is faster than a lot of normal levels and you can control the speed by not healing and dying faster than fighting another 10 minutes for 1 extra stage
      plus a lot of people AFK nowadays so you don’t even have to be there, so it does not have to take time from you

  4. damn doly

    now that you have exposed the value of nm chest of spire…they are going to nerf it very soon…

    • lol they would be creeping on cosmos site

    • Nah, i don’t think so.
      The valuable items here are Fashion shard and fashion core. They already give you a free fashion core for devotion, so there is no point removing it from chests.

      • damn doly
        now that you have exposed the value of nm chest of spire…they are going to nerf it very soon…

  5. wow …wasnt expecting this result …lol
    but the analysis says it all ….thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I’ve thought for a long time that regular spire rewards are pretty lousy. This doesn’t surprise me.

  7. Well, I’m not 100% agree with estimated values (i.e. gold has no value for me, ’cause it is a free resource, same for kya and luck stoles), but overall analysis is good.
    To me, this is a lot simpler: Normal chest gives you 1/126 of a fashion core (the only valuable item for me), NM chest, on the other hand, gives 1/10 of fashion core. But this still fall in your 3-stages-are-better result.

  8. One Question:

    Est. Balen value per piece of 1 fashion core is 395
    Est. Balen value per piece of 3 fashion shards are 39,5

    Can you explain it?

    3,33333…. * 3 fashion shards are a fashion core too, but only have an Est. Balen value per piece of 131,6666…

    • 1 fashion core costs 395 balens (in the shop)

      10 fashion shards = 1 fashion core
      1 fashion shards = 1/10th fashion core = 395 / 10 = 39.5

      your bottom sentence I did not understand sorry

      • Your table show, that 1 Nightmare Chest spends 3 fashion shards, not only one, like your mathematics say.

      • there is no mistake in the table; all numbers are shown clearly and titled correctly in the table headings; price per unit is accurately showing the price per 1 unit irrelevant of what the total quantity is.

      • COSMOS’s mathematics is OK.
        39.5 – price for one piece
        0.17 – the probability
        3 – the count
        COSMOS just omitted some obvious calculations.

  9. wonderful guide thank you and great analysis

    • thanks greekman 🙂

  10. An excellent post, thank you!

    I see problem only with the item prices. Golden Holy Water, Gold, Kyanite worth nothing, the only valuable drops are BB and fashion cores/shards. But even for a fashion core, 395 balen is way too overpriced. Imho, the realistic value of an item comes from how much BR can you win by it, not by the price tag Wartune attach to it. The only time I spent money on fashion cores when they sold boxes containing random amount, where it sold for like 50 balens each, that was a more realistic price. I’m sure one day that price will return unless they are totally dumb because no one is buying them at this price.

    Anyway, with different prices (like the above), a nm chest will be “only” 3 times better than a normal chest. But the result is the same, it is better to do nm, it just not so much better as you would think. I can do 12-13 nm rooms totally afk with my team, a bit better than 24 room in normal but not so awesome.

  11. Nice analysis but can’t agree with one thing. Fashion core price is 395 balens,yes but its shop price and no1 who plays wartune more than 2 months would buy it for such price (same like lvl 1 resistance gems 145 balens each or gems. Really they are worth so much??). Now cores are in flash sale and in shop in pack (100 cores for 8999 or 50 for 4999) so I would say fasion core isnt worth more than 90-150 balens. U can exchange them also for shards from golden road (3 shards 1 core) so no way it costs 395 balens.

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