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Road to Glory – Defense Strategy

Hey guys, I published previously tips for Road to Glory advising to focus primarily on Attack (and Resist), but in this post I want to offer an alternative path – the Defense strategy.

Firstly a short comment about Attack. I remain in favor of maximum offense for 1 additional reason I did not state before – it uses less RL time to complete this event in Wartune and with many things to do optimizing time spent is important too. However, you can only permit yourself this “luxury” if your Hero can take a beating and live while you maximize your damage output (and if your PvP skills are good). For everyone else I offer the below strategy / path:

Taking it Slow and Easy with Defense

After doing a lot of Road to Glory I came to the conclusion that Defense is really the best and most stable / guaranteed way to get the highest rewards for all those players who do not easily clear all 15 stages. I have even “given up hope” on Resistance buffs as it seems super high Defense takes care of everything (that does not mean you should ignore your normal resist crystals :P).

Taking only Defense buffs does make you do less damage and therefore the battles take longer time to complete, however they are easy to control because the enemy is not able to 1 hit kill you – not even close.

This allows you to heal and use many special combat skills without any risk or stress. You don’t have to rush to sylph mode and can easily wait out 2-3 turns of enemy shields expiring instead of trying to break them.

Sometimes you might dabble into extra Health power ups if no Defense shows up, but this risks you not having enough stars for Defense if it shows up in the next round. In the illustration below you can see I even have extra 75 stars left when i cleared Road to Glory with 150% Defense buff, so it is not a problem to have some stars left (but also not a problem to grab 1-2 HP).

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  1. hmm if defense is good strategy, then bringing in poseidon or freya/frigga would be excellent since they can keep healing until tomorrow ^^

    • hehe, i like the “can keep healing until tomorrow” part 🙂

  2. hey i use the defense strategy but i get 40% atk boost too help kill faster

    • P.S i’am a 11.5m BR atk knight

  3. I’m an offensive knight. I go about 50% att. 30%def and 20%HP it works well and fast. Been able to clear it lvl 15 nm since it came out. I was about 11 mill BR at first.
    Agree the ressistance is nonsense.

  4. yes i use def and attack but attack is my first choice if existed bcs it makes the battle faster and i don’t have high resistance so better to kill them before they turn to sylph , im mage 8,7 m
    sometimes i reach stage 15 sometimes i don’t

  5. i wanna publish my video to help ppl , idk how to contact you guys , see if you liked it and wanna publish here in forum :
    it’s in two language arabic and english about achieve KH

    • Stop doing kids videos, this is not a game for kids .

      • you didn’t like it , oh ok 🙁

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