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Road to Glory Buffs for Success

Hey guys, in this post I share with you the buffs I used to get a really successful Road to Glory run on my character, so hopefully this helps you get a bigger success! And if anyone else has tips to share to help everyone succeed please post in the comments below.

Brief prelude: my character was not reaching very far until this buff day. Part of it was my wrong understanding that the buffs work only for the next battle, so I was saving them “for later” and part of it was, what I think now, a wrong buff selection.

On this picture I show that focusing on only Attack and Resistance buffs (stacking more and more of them) helped me get a lot further than my “normal” up to stage 14. My main is just over 10 mil BR so I think he did good for his strength.

I used my Battle Oracle to support me most of the way until enemies nearly 1 shot killed him and he simply could not keep up with heals. I did consider that perhaps a Sacred Knight with me using a heal sylph may work better, but I don’t have both of those strong enough to test.

With the attack buff I was actually doing more than enough damage to beat all stages I think, but my defense was not holding. At that last stage I got killed in 2-3 hits. Regular scrolls + an attack pot were on. I can upgrade a little bit there by switching to milks, but i don’t really want to use milks on daily basis.

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  1. does these buffs stay all the levels when u purchase or just for next level

    • they stay the whole run or that day so if u get these buffs on stage 3 u keep them till u finish the 15 runs and reset well resets the buffs to

    • certain ones only for one battle like reducing the enemy HP, preventing their eud from entering/etc.

      the ones that increase ATK/DEF/resistances for example persist through the whole day.

      • good point, thanks for clarification

    • I think only awakening points is next batyle only

  2. cool ty for that tip really =)

    • thanks for appreciating 🙂

      • I got my first full nm run with balanced hp patk and defence gain.

        My char (knight) is around 10m br +

  3. I save my buffs until the last boss and kill him there

  4. yep misunderstood the buff too since wording says “next round”

    guildy told me buff it stays until reset…dang…was saving too

    i notice my points to spent buff never went above 90 when i was saving it…hmmm…any1 notice?

  5. on which level of difficulty ?

    • mine is on Nightmare, i don’t bother with the lower ones because only NM allows blitzing

      • You got to 14 with only 70% ATK /40% Res, and 85 points left. Imagine if you had used those other 85 points for %Def, or %Hp, you might have cleared 15 also.

  6. I wrote up a “guide” (a bunch of observations really) on the R2 forums ( for this, that discussed this very thing, on 12/3. Does nobody read the official game forums? I get that people may not like R2, but there’s a ton of player generated information.

    • As far as precedence of buffs, I would agree with you that ATK buff is #1 priority, then Res, Def, HP (in that order). If you have 30 left for the last buff (or the buff before you know you have trouble) and a No Enemy Eudaemon pops up, its a solid choice.

      Yesterday, by chance, I ended up at 15 with 170% ATK, and a little bit of everything else, that extra ATK certainly helps, if you can survive the opposing enemies attack.

  7. hiii , ty vm :))
    i have a question , after passing chapter 15 nm , next day we will be able to blitz all the 15 lvls ?

    • hi hi
      no i believe the blitz is always -2 levels so 15 – 2 = 13 maybe

      • only 12 will done

      • When doing no mode up to lv9
        Next day the game start u off at lv 5 or sometimes 3 or 2

  8. what a tip… buffs help to get it done… wow, didnt expect that. great job lol

    • Don’t be mean, not everyone is as smart with the game as you are.

  9. you can use the milk, it will give you buffs like 10% of each stat (atk,def,hp) and use your mdef and pdef scroll from crypt tokens so you will get 5% for your defenses

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