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Dragonchant Lucky Exchange & Drop Rates (9 Jan 2018)

Hey Everyone! It seems we have a very nice surprise: Dragonchant Lucky Exchange where we can exchange our “normal” event chest Beryl #1 .

While some players may still need the Willpower & Titan Exchange (very low BR players might need the Eudaemon Exchange) I think we should “sacrifice” Willpower gains and go for this Dragonchant Lucky Exchange because of the unique ability to get Terra Grass  and Symbiosis Stones . Yes I did not mention EXP Talismans and golden / orange / legendary talismans because we can get those ourselves.

So I would recommend to gather all the Beryl #1 you can find and go for this exchange. The “lucky prize” is set to be very difficult at 200 event chest exchanges but actually most of us do not need those Rare Items, so just ignore that and go for the 2 normal items that we need.

I would also appreciate it if you can comment below accurate drop rates for this so I can post/update the drop rate report for everyone to benefit from knowing what amounts of various items you get. Also include your character name for me to write thanks and to make it easy for everyone let’s combine all data like mine below:

  • # of Event items used
  • # of Sack of Gold received
  • # of EXP talismans received
  • # of Symbiosis stones received
  • # of Terra Grass received
  • TOTAL # of gold talismans received (of any kind)

Dragonchant Lucky Exchange Drop Rates

I am going to start by using 201 chests and so this is what I got:

Items Qty received
Event Items (Beryl #1) used 201
Sack of Gold (5 x 100,000 gold) 270
(27 mil gold)
EXP talismans 760
Symbiosis stones 172
Terra Grass 2
Gold talismans 2
  • So the first shocking info is that I only got 2 Terra Grass. I really hope this was just a very unlucky run and hopefully we can see better when you guys report yours.
  • I also thought I would be spammed by gold talismans but I got only 2, which for me is a good thing but for low BR / uncooperative servers is a bad thing.
  • Symbiosis stones (172) and EXP talismans (760) is OK but I thought it would be more.

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  1. I just unlocked dragonchant and obtained Crit, block and Hp so I’m not even close to beating time vortex’s first boss. Should I just start in a new server? Right now it seems impossible to ever beat it without an atk talisma.Even if i try to sustain with heals he gets a 1000% atk increase buff and oneshots me. Is there any other way of getting a talisman?

    • Also I forgot to ask something, what is the first time vortex’s boss dmg type, mdmg or pdmg and this can be a more general question: how can I tell what’s the specific dmg type of a monster when I fight it? And also what is it’s element type(water fire wind etc) and how do I tell what is the element of a certain monster when I fight it?:D

      • Hi, Wartune does not give that information unless it is clearly shown in some rare cases like Sky Trail. So if you really want to check that you can remove PDEF and fight, then remove MDEF and fight and see which had little effect. Same thing for resistances.

      • Oh god rly? that’s bad game design 😐

    • I am actually in the same boat as you – I got hp, p.def and m.def so prolly a bit better than you but still pretty horrible for beating wulfgar.

      After some testing, I cant really pinpoint its elemental type but fire seemed to lower its dmg the most so likely that, though my bet is on its dmg actually being several elements at once. What I am actually doing right now is stacking all fire res on my shields, doing fire dimensions to further bolster my fire defense as while its not perfect, it gave the best return in my testing.

      I am also open for ideas how to beat it – I get it down to bout 60% before it just kills me as there is no way my kid sustains me with heals for long after the boss goes berserk.

      I believe I just need more dmg but I have absolutely no idea how to gain that. Upgrading my gear is great in mage form but with 9% symbiosis I need pretty ridiculous amounts of stats for it to make a difference.

      I hope I am not correct in me having to beat it with sheer amount of res reduction as I cant seem to figure out any reasonable means to increase my dmg otherwise.

  2. i got 6 grass in 201 exchange and 1 grass in next 201 exchange. so its more in luck i guess

    • thanks

  3. very similar results to your own, guess an ovious pattern of chance going on.
    event item beryl x 201
    sack of gold x 315
    exp talismans x 870
    symbiosis stones x 144
    terra grass x 1 🙁
    gold talisman x 1


    • thanks for sharing

  4. I open 260 chest and only got 2 Tera grass also

  5. 1634 chest //

    39 terra grass
    7.5k exp talisman
    1.2k symb stones

    • That’s a nice sample size, thanks for sharing,
      – COSMOS

  6. i exchanged 580 boxes and got only 1 terra gras

  7. I used 201 chests and only gained 1 talisman

  8. Out of 201 x3 (different alts) all only got 1 terra grass each

  9. 2700 chests 14 grass

    • lvl 34 enchant on mag talismans from it and lvl 19 symbosis

      • will be doing 2k more chests tomorrow

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