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R2Games Harassment Continues – Muted again (12/06)

Hey guys, just a short post to let you know that R2Games continues to harass my account. They again muted my account today (12 June 2016) even though I did not talk at all about the blog or events or anything other than regular game activities and I did not use Cross Server chat at all.

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  1. shame to r2games

  2. no respect to cosmos

  3. Freedom for Cosmos FREEDOM

  4. you know that they dont want you to spoiler the new patches. you dont stop and they mute you in my opinion it is okay

    • please dont harassment me for saying my opinion 😀

    • – besserwisser blogging is 100% legal, patch information is 100% legal including a written permission, everything we do is 100% legal
      – my in-game account did not talk in chat at all and did not say anything about patches or events
      so ya it is 100% illegal harassment by R2Games of my in-game account

      • i dont said that there is anything illegal, i just said, that they dont want you to do it on thier server and forum, and if you dont follow their rules they can ban you in the forum or chatban you

      • Fair enough, but i have not posted on the forum for years and i stopped communicating any information in-game, but they still continue to harass my account. It seems they want to use their absolute power to force me to quit so I stop helping players.
        – Cosmos

      • they will end you forcing to do the walk of shame, naked with a nun yelling: shame, shame, shame…. xD

      • maybe they want to give you a permanent chatband that you dont have any chances to spoiler, but in their database they can only give you a timebased chatband so they renew it again and again

        its better than a permanent ingameban for you

      • Maybe, they muted me again today, even though I was already muted so i could not possibly communicate anything.
        – Cosmos

      • Even tho it sucks they can do that without warning or even an actual reason. And they have a ToS to back them selves.

      • Most game companies’ TOS can be summarized into “we can do anything we want – you have no rights”
        Game industry is very cut-throat like that; in most respectable companies they have proper checking, professional procedures and accountability, but that’s very far away from an unprofessional company like R2Games. I mean think about it – they have banned their biggest bloggers; other companies are super happy to have lots of bloggers… these jokers know nothing about marketing and all the profits we make for them.
        – Cosmos

      • Or someone don’t like you. And reports you could be a old pic even

      • Exactly. They don’t check anything.

    • It’s censorship. Period. People have a right to report what they see. It’s called free speech, which exists in most countries of the world. Reminds me of UFC banning a reporter for reporting on an upcoming fight. You don’t want to bite the hand that feeds you. Fansite blogs promote the game. It keeps players interested. Why would they want to damage that? Then again, it is Wartune.

      • Free speech exists only in so much as r2 allows it to. They own the servers they can do what ever they want to do. They can ban pretty much any one they want. Now if they banned a non free player and that non free player could some how prove they did not break some rule or another the non free player could potentially sue for a refund. But truth is it likely would not be ruled in favor of the player.

        Free speech does not exist on any forum or in any game or irc chat etc. Your rights are limited by the owners/ operators of such places. I have been a game moderator sysop and admin in numerous games. In more than one we had standing orders to perm ban any one who tried pulling the “but i have free speech” card. Also any form of bots autoclickers memory editors speed hacks or any automation or tools used to “take away the stress” of playing the game resulted in perma ban. If speed hacking criminal charges could be and were filed a few times. If the game is that stressful to play then quit and the way owners ops gms admins etc see it is “if it is to stressful and you need to quit here ill help you quit /ban”

        Sorry but honestly after reading your other blog (to doly games) you should have been perma banned as should all who bought your tool. Why the hell r2 let you remain i have no clue. And another thing i find funny is you copy paste massive blocks of text from r2s forums then use a anti right click script to prevent people from lifting text from your site here (btw i block those sorts of things on my comp) My reason is simply your anti right click script screws with my ability to even use spell check.

      • There is a case of 22k USD chargeback. So, it is very possible.
        Perma-bans are not an option. It is a thing called authority abuse. And I can clearly see an abuser.

      • Just because they are in the position of absolute power to punish anyone they want to, conduct unprofessional, undemocratic and anti human rights actions – does not confirm that they have the right to treat people like that. And people have the right to defend themselves and not accept such rule (example: horrible treatment against black people, horrible treatment against jews, horrible treatment against a lot of people expressing opinions under dictatorships). Everyone knows that ultimate power corrupts and they are fully corrupted. Especially since you have worked in such situations and know exactly how it works you should be the first one to defend against such policies.

        Now blogging is free speech which is NOT under the rule of R2Games. Blogging is 100% free in the countries where we live protected by laws of our countries.

        They own their forums where we have been banned for years. That is under their control.

        Regarding autoclickers, thousands of players use them. There is absolutely nothing illegal or wrong about them. If you go to the shop and buy a gaming mouse you will have most likely a built in autocliker. It is a 100% legal and great tool for all humans to improve their lives in all areas not only games. Just because some uneducated employee decided they are illegal does not make them so in the real world, it only makes them so in their tiny little head.

        Regarding your claims that our blog is made of copy pastes of massive blocks of texts from R2 – that is completely false. We have thousands of articles all 100% created by us. I can only remember just a handful of tomorrow’s events articles where I copied the events from R2 Forum. I have no problem of deleting that if needed, but I have all the legal right to do so as I have clearly written the source / reference of the information.

        However, multiple places including R2 sites have stolen our information and not given credit to us, which is why we have installed a protection mechanism. Is it a perfect protection? No, there is no such a thing as a perfect protection, a thief will steal from us if he puts his mind to it, but something is better than nothing at all.

        Anyhow who follows this blog or checks this blog can see the top quality of work of thousands of hours invested into helping players, not even saying the thousands of dollars that I have paid over the years also to bring the best service to all the players.

        – Cosmos

        P.S. forgot to say: my game account has nothing to do with the above and they are harassing my game account.

      • Wait what seriously your comparing being muted from a game to the holocaust. Wow just freaking wow. I just lost any and all respect for you bub. I mean seriously even if i was not a jew by blood i find this insulting. Being banned from a game is in no way a human rights issue in the least At most it may be a case of grand theft if you have spent more than 5k usd on the game. Im not even going to bother replying to the rest of your post as honestly your just not worth the time. Un believeable …..

      • Jesus Christ, I am not comparing blogging to holocaust…
        Are people just trying to find any letter in any text just to attack people? I was very clearly explaining and expressing the point of one group of people who have absolute power abusing another group of people under their influence and I only said that people have the right to defend themselves and not accept being abused.

        I am informing you about a multi million dollar company attacking and harassing us, simple bloggers, using their absolute power and you are finding ways to twist words to kick us down further? Where is your humanity? Where is your honor? Perhaps you should go work at R2Games then if you are “their kind of a guy”.

        – Cosmos

      • @Cosmos, trollers are going to troll, which is one of the reasons I dislike replying to comments on my videos. It is also reflective of the culture in the USA that demonizes all politicians some rightly so, most unwarranted. All you can do is ignore the haters and don’t let them pull you to their level. Reasonable people reading the comments will recognize trolling for what it is and ignore it.

      • Thanks for the advice / support Fea
        – Cosmos

      • There were several reports of you spamming the cross-server chat promoting Dolygames. (Several weeks ago)

        I have no idea how recently it’s been since you’ve done it, but this could be a result of that.

        On a side note, auto-clickers are against the terms of service. They shouldn’t be, but the terms are left so vague that ANY third party program technically breaks the rules.

        Thank you for what you do, I really like dolygames, but please be careful. R2 may really ban you if you keep poking them with sticks.

  5. my condolences at this point i think you should just quit wartune they’re not helping you and the game itself is already bad i dont think its worth it anymore

    • That’s exactly what they want, they want us to quit the game, which is exactly why we should not succumb to their harassment and fight back hopefully with the help of players creating tickets in our defense / support.
      – Cosmos

    • IMO, I think the game is like it is now because they want all the players to quit and have it be the players choice to quit. If they really wanted to keep players, they would not be doing some of the stuff they are doing to this game. I don’t think the dolygames team should give up at least not without a fight. You have my support, I will be sending in a ticket or two or more when I get the chance.

  6. I don’t see how they harrass you, but I totally agree with you Cosmos, that they completely make fools of themselves doing this to you. It clearly makes R2 getting even more bad reputation.

    Don’t let this silence you Cosmos, keep up your good work!


  7. I way to stop this shii…s is to speak and ask author and desiger of this let u write all stuff.and u will have all author rights to promote wartune(not r2).so u speak with real owner of Wartune to give u all rights qbout then r2 can just shut up.btw u give more info and stuff than r2.wish u all the best to find way to stop this..sry my eng writing is not so best

    • Hi blasta, we have all the rights. Unfortunately COSMOS’s character is on Armor Games server (huge mistake) who is under the control of R2Games, so R2 is using that to harass the account.

  8. I’m starting to think R2 doesn’t like you helping other players out and I find that odd cuz your just helping people out of the goodness of your heart. I hope everything works out ok for you and Cosmos and if R2 keeps harassing you guys their going to lose the best Wartune bloggers on earth.

  9. Did you become a patron? You can only speak if you are a patron.

  10. why do you even need to speak?

    you have a blog full of people…just speak over here…

    • That’s EXACTLY the point – I did not speak – I wrote that in the few lines of text of this article.
      They continue to harass me even if I don’t speak.
      I have been so busy i did not even use my Devotion Bullhorn attempt.
      But they don’t check anything, they just attack me if they feel like it.
      – Cosmos

  11. Cosmos I read your blog very often and is possibly the most informative. After seeing what is happening, maybe I should just take up fishing rather than play this crapfest

    • Well I don’t know much about fishing, but the bad guys here are R2Games who are a sub-publisher not Wartune, so as I mentioned one possibility is to move to ProfCity servers.
      Another thing is if you find our hard work over the years good then you can support us via Patreon.
      But in the future, after finishing playing Wartune, 100% I will never play or support a game on R2 servers or a game by R2Games. They do not deserve even 1% of everything we have done for them.
      – Cosmos

  12. Sorry my ignorance….BUT
    couldn t you connect via web log-in?

    If it is so, then once you are logged in send a ticket to PROFICIENT CITY telling what is going on.

    SOME of the people of their support team are very good! (email me if you want to know exactly who they are)

    They are the Official support team anyway.

    BUT then if you use a R2Games own server….then….i guess you are in trouble 🙁

    • Hi Laura,
      Yes, ProfCity has been very helpful and nice to me and I am speaking with them to see if I can get my character moved to their servers and if there is a possibility for many other players to do the same. They tried to give feedback to R2Games regarding their behavior but R2 didn’t care (did nothing different following that), in fact, they lied back to ProfCity saying that I advertise inappropriate websites in the game.
      So, hopefully we’ll manage to run away from R2 servers and R2Games harassment, but today that remains a hope.
      – Cosmos

      • 1. I very much doubt server-switching will take place….

        I guess its property of R2, so the “best” they could do is close the server (and they wont)

        I have a linked account (with Facebook) when I log in at, and I have been asking them to help me retrieve password and ID.
        So….unfortunately I would say keep he hope low, as I think you ll be stuck there 🙁 🙁 🙁

        BTW if a miracle occurs and you manage to switch your account somewhere else…please do let us know. (i need that too so badly 🙁 its been 2 years i ve been playing a US GMT game while i live in Rome GMT—-aka i cannot partecipate in events :S 🙁 :'( no cw no titan etc

      • Ya if I find out something I will let you know as I usually do.

        I originally also started on a US server and then took the decision to switch to EU to match my timezone. Those who didn’t change, ya, end up suffering from timezone issues.


  13. The good news is that they HAVE lost in cases where cash players have taken issue with what has been stolen from them. However, they are not doing themselves any favors by not having good customer service. And, they should welcome support like yours for game players. Ultimately they lose.

  14. i hate r2games. i used to play mythborne on r2games and on the server i played i was in the top 10 players because i had spent over $800 on my player. i was then banned and didnt get any reason. 6 months later i said screw it and opened up a ticket asking if i could get my money back because i was banned. their reply said that they unbanned me and that they had no idea why i was banned in the first place. so i went from top 10 on the server to somewhere in the top 1000 and they didnt even give me any compensation. worst customer support i have ever seen.

    • Not surprised to hear that. They don’t know what each of their staff is doing. They have no quality assurance procedures or policies in place and no accountability.
      – Cosmos

  15. I find it hilarious that you called Fealindale “Fea” as that means ugly in Spanish. Also Linda means pretty in Spanish LOL

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