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Class Wars 12 April 2016

Hey guys, next Class Wars will be on the 12th of April, here is the time announcement and the Glory Shop.

The Glory Shop remains same as previous months. Feel free to share in the comments below which items you plan to buy with your Glory Crystals.

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  1. I will buy Adv.Mahra, Adv. Sep, Red Copper, & Vulcan’s Clamp.

  2. Adv. Mahra for me.

  3. Can write about slyph expedition.when start give u advance mahra.i stuck on lev 45.and alwayse need just one hit to kill boss but hi kill me.i rise all skills to lev 5.but to upgrade more i need other thing but i cant find it

    • hi, to get pass lvl 5 skills you need items that are drop at lvl 50+…. very hard to get there. My friend pass lvl 50 using his 500k br odin, a 500k thor, his 450k freeya and a borrowed 500k odin…. so for the rest of us is out of question.

      • expedition essence 50+

  4. So i stuck forever on 45.:(….ty.cro hvala

  5. probably gona get blue/red crystal

  6. I have cleared 53 levels using
    512k Odin
    435k Frigga
    215k Zues
    borrowing either 499k Thor or 509k Odin.

    a lot of it is just paying attention to how often it uses what skills (especially AoEs and stuns) and timing your skills to survive those. Also if you are short on damage to beat it you need to learn to use the skills in your sylphs off-skill turns so you aren’t casting them when they are trying to use big damage skills.

    Some of the levels I will be stuck on for a week plus. Then beat it without losing a single sylph (just happened on level 53) 54 hits very hard though…

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