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New Fishing System – Wartune Game Update Nov 2015

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the new New Fishing System in the upcoming Wartune update which we expect in November 2015 (no official confirmation). In the new Fishing mini-game there are some good changes, especially for players who didn’t level up their Fishing before and weren’t getting good rewards from the game. The rewards for each of the fish have changed and the new patch appears to have removed a lot of the help pages for the mini-games that list the rewards. We have a complete list of the rewards for the new fishing system here, so read on!

New Fishing System Changes

  • No leveling or level requirements
  • No cooldown period for attempts
  • Available only on Mondays through the new Game Box System

  • Weapons are purchasable for 10 Balens each
  • Fish give completely different rewards (listed next)

Update: Tips from Anna

  • If the character has a certain level or higher (I believe it is Level 70) you get double rewards.
  • Reward for helping someone to catch a wild fish is 2 Nickle.

New Fishing System Rewards

I think it will be disappointing for players that were using Fishing for VIP cards and fashion shards to see those options unavailable. However, it’s possible to get 200 Nickles (not using weapons), which can be exchanged for some desirable items like Beast Souls and Bound Balens. Wild Fish is definitely still available, but I wasn’t able to confirm the reward for it.

Fish Pic Pre-Patch Reward After-Patch Reward
Gold Chest Nickel x1
Daru Pearl Nickel x2
Lvl. 5 Luck Stone Nickel x5
Shadow Crystal Enhanced  Bounty Scroll x2
Enhanced Bounty Scroll Shadow Crystal x2
Insignia Shadow Crystal x1
Crypt Token Shadow Crystal x2
Refinement Lock Bounty Scroll x1
Fashion Shard Nickel x10
VIP Card Enhanced Bounty Scroll x2
Special Wild Fish Bound Balens ???

New Fishing System Video

Where do you guys stand on these changes? Looking forward to it, disappointed, a little bit of both? Share your thoughts and tips 🙂

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  1. Thunder fire them, in my area it means they are sick/nuts/don’t have a clue of anything

  2. Not really looking forward to it as I was fishing for fashion shards. But at least the nickels are easy to catch. Don’t need any of that other stuff at all.

    I just wish they added the option to buy weapons sooner. Would have made catching those bottom row fish much easier.

  3. I hate all changes posted thus far. I guess r2 is not wanting money anymore & wishes for the game to fail. I called it about almost 2 yrs ago that r2 would ruin it. Hope you all have a great day. Enjoy some life away from the computer.

  4. What is there to like seriously? Its plain simple nerf and destruction of fishing. Nobody really cared about any other mini game.

    • Sorry to me fishing as it stands now is a total waste. allot of waiting for little reward. The nickles idea lets you choose what you get instead of getting maybe a hand full of gold chests with 1k gold per chest. I have not done fishing sense coming back after a year away do to a computer issue my comps died and i got busy with many other things. Before that i did the fishing mini game maybe 4 or 5 times. few k gold few k daru a couple shadow crystal a bound balean for helping a friend. That is pointless. Being able to just burn your attempts and gather nickles not nearly so much.

      Todays wartune is much better other than lag than it was a year ago. Im sure the huge cashers don’t like it as much because every day joes can do way better than last year so the gap between payer and free player is no where near as big.

  5. if r2 had a brain cell they would be in mensa

  6. I am absolutely disgusted with all of the time and effort I put into fishing to level up just to have them decide to strip it away and let everyone have access to the best rewards when they’ve done NOTHING to earn them! What’s next? Are they going to supply everyone with full sets of fully enchanted, forged mythic gear, level 2K gems in them, etc. (you CAN hear my disgusted sarcasm here, right?!) It sickens me that I proudly held onto one of those fishing titles and now it’s nothing… just GONE. Oh, that’s right… only the heavy-cashers are allowed to hold titles… if free players have a fighting chance it’s time to scrap it. Fishing was the ONE thing that cashers couldn’t BUY their way to the top.

    That’s okay though, they can just keep paying MEGA-bucks to keep trying to beat each other because there will be no one else left for the ‘easy’ wins… no ‘easy’ wins and the mid-cashers will quit, too, because they’re tired of paying to get beat.

    The funniest thing of all was R2’s last promotion… like us on facebook, tell your friends, help us make MORE money. NEVER gonna happen – they can’t even fix the lag issues, why would ANYONE want to ruin a ‘friendship’ over this mess?

    • Pretty sure most would define ‘best rewards’ as fashion shards and vip cards, ie., the two things theyre taking away. A year of grinding out fishing levels, down the toilet. When they make it one week a month, I was sure it was to keep people away from the rewards they worked hard for (I mean, the nerve of us morons, expecting to actually reap the rewards they promised us for our efforts!), this confirms it. Bait and switch. The next major content update better have an absolute TON of fun stuff to do, because this is close to a dealbreaker.

      • “Best rewards’ currently ARE the fashion shards and VIP cards; but the ‘best rewards’ I was referring to is the new version offering 10 nickels to EVERYONE… the least they can do is keep the current player levels and only offer the fish equivalent to those levels. But, NOOOO – the lazy cashers that have to pay their way to the top would be crying foul because they’d have to put some TIME into the game to get somewhere.

    • retard

  7. Tell you the truth I like the changes to fishing. I skip fishing most of the time and not having to level is great and chance to get lots of nickels will help get beast souls. I know people won’t like what I said. This is one of the changes I do like within thr mini games.

    • do you want say after nerf will spend time for fishing to get crap rewards??? you just a idiot – if you dont like fishing now – dont play it

      • Alex, you live in North Korea, right? Anyway, I too like the changes. If you bothered to read carefully, there’s no more cooldown so fishing should take much less time now.

  8. I hope there’s another good source of Fashion Cores in the game besides CSGB After they nerf it. Any idea as to what rewards we get from Spire Nightmare?

  9. Shadow crystals and bounty scrolls? Are you fekking kidding me?? Get that shit the fek outta here.. Fashion shards were the business! And the luck stones were nice for those making red gear and saving for HF vs buying from guild shop.. But those 2 items?? Come on!! Got over 1k of each and NO USE for em, now its that or nickles? Freaking priks

    • They should make em real nickles, then ill fish the Fuck outta em, till i get every red cent I invested in this game back, then tell em to kiss my ass with a big ,,l,,

  10. I get this is what you get for sticking around wartune too long… A flashy game that promises nothing at all to players when the game system just change every month to how ever they like it.

  11. yuck fou

  12. What happened to the original story line? They keep on adding all these mini games that doesn’t even go with the theme of the game, but we do it, for some of us literally years to reach certain levels…. then they just change everything and you basically back to square one. Why fix something that’s not broken? Why not updating what really matters? Like cross server guild battle rewards for one.

  13. i dont care fish, im too bad in it, in almost 2 years my fish thing is just lvl 17.To me there is something good, it is can colect nickels for get soul beast, im very unlucky getting mount from events( just 2 in almost 2 years), then this is a oportunity for activate my useles stables. Bad thing is that is just 1 time at week.

    • I only was lv 5 of fishing, never liked it…

  14. total nerf, im almost level 40, spent a lot of time to get to where i am, getting good usuable rewards, something i actually need, and after patch, getting nothing usable…some nickels which take a qty to get 50 bound balens….wooohoooo, let me lubricate it myself r2, you probably dont even do that…

  15. I can only speak about Demon Slayer (German version): We don’t have level anymore, but my mainaccount (was at fishing-level 28) gets 60 nickel for the best fish. Another account (fishing-Level 0) only gets 10 nickel for the same fish. Looks like the fishing-level still helps even if it is not shown!

  16. My fishing level was 30 and i get 70 nickel from fashion shard fish. Seems levels still matter but are not shown also nickel cap is 999 i got 1400 nickel from fishing 🙁

    • I’m not playing Wartune, but a European version of the game. Here we also had the same fishing change and we get 10 * ((fishing lvl / 5) + 1) nickel for fashion shard fish, 5*((lvl/5)+1) for luckstone fish and so on.

      So rewards seem to be the same as in Wartune.

  17. After a long hiatus, I return to this. At first the fishing level removal seemed good but they removed the decent rewards from the fish. To top it off, nothing has the same function as it used when I was on last. When did AFK disappear, why is there a malfunctioning Hide button and why can’t I see my avatar’s skills panel in battle?

    • can’t see AFK nor skill menu in certain areas

  18. wild fish give’s you 5 more nickel.

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