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New Game Box – Wartune Game Update Nov 15

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the new Game Box system in the upcoming Wartune update which we expect in November 2015 (no official confirmation). The Game Box is a new system which brings together and makes changes to all Wartune Mini-Games.

The New Game Box System

The Game Box drops the system of individually loading mini-games, which we currently have (1 mini game per week with Cloud Adventures on the weekend) and instead combines it into this one window shown below. Note that the arrows do not reveal more games, they simply cycle between what you see, which means that they dropped the Goodies Link game. The new timings are:

  • Monday – Fishing
  • Wednesday – Jewel Hunt
  • Friday – Cloud Adventures

So as you can see there has been a MAJOR NERF of everything.

  • We get many less days of all mini-games
  • All good rewards have been removed from everywhere
  • Giant nerf of Cloud Adventures (as well as others)

Game Box Rewards

Nickel is the new currency of the Game Box which you can exchange for 4 useless for most players rewards (but good for someone who is starting to play Wartune).

And as i said above, you can also see on the picture that all rewards have become trash:

  • Cloud Adventure: Nickel, Gold, Insignia
  • Jewel Hunt: Nickel, Soul Crystal, Level 2 Gem
  • Fishing: Nickel, Bounty Scroll, Shadow Crystal

Game Box Exchange Items

50 Nickel Exchanges

50 Nickel 1000k gold
50 Nickel 500k daru
50 Nickel 100k kyanite

100 Nickel Exchanges

100 Nickel 5 Mount Hoofs
100 Nickel 20 Mount Whips
100 Nickel 10 Beast Soul
100 Nickel 10 Mahra
100 Nickel 100 Crypt Tokens
100 Nickel 100 Insignia
100 Nickel 400 Sylph Equipment Shards
100 Nickel 10 Sylph Sepulcrum
100 Nickel 50 Bound Balens

High Cost Nickel Exchanges

700 Nickel Engagement Ring
900 Nickel Cross Server Bullhorn

The Exchange items refresh every day.

Game Box Window:

Game Box Video

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  1. Man, if they don’t start showing their players more love and quit fkn ruining everything, theres gonna be nobody left.. Thank you for playing, here, as a token of our gratitude, have a box you have to pay to open, while we ruin the few things you actually like, all the while NOT FIXING THE GD LAG… Get ur head, out of your greedy asses r2.. jesus chirst

    • christ*

  2. I’m going to assume this is an elaborate prank, or that the changes are misunderstood and not as bad as reported. They f%[email protected] me over the first time they changed fishing by making it weekly when I was 6 weeks away from 30, now I’ve once again jumped through their hoops and am a day away from making 30 the hard way and FINALLY cashing in on the vip cards they robbed me of the first time, and they’re nerfing it again?? If this is true, along with all the other garbage changes, I’m done.

    • buddy i haven’t slept in 2 days almost working on many things for many hours, so come on, it is not a prank, i am doing my best to bring top quality info to all players and for sure i can understand and share your frustration

      • I don’t think anyone thinks you’re pranking us. I think Wartune is pranking us…trying to see who will be stupid enough to stick around after this latest pile of poo they’re serving us.

  3. So the in-game rewards like the chests at 300/700 points in jewel hunt have been removed??

  4. I hate the fishing, goodies link isnt that much fun either but how dare they to ruin my jewel hunt, its the only one together with the cloud adv that i realy like because of the goodies and just the fun with it. They realy want to take away all the nice goodies out of the game.

  5. So no more fashion shards from fishing? What is going on with this game? Are they trying to make people quit? If so, I would say it is working.

  6. this game is supose to bring players in the their player base but with these new stuff they actually saying dont come to this game we gonna close it soon but to get rid of players we doin daft events they dont like to make them quit

  7. Well trying to stay positive. The only good thing about they making all this mini games with bad rewards is that I would not even care to do them. So, more free time!

  8. Man so many questions I have about this game box system!! Does that mean we will literally only get to do each event once a week? Also what about underground palace? Will it continue on as just a random event or will it be done away with? Also what’s up with the rewards?? Cloud adventures is my one chance to have a chance at earning some balens. I’m not looking forward to the update if this is what they’re gonna do to mini games that help me get some good rewards.

  9. Not meaning to sound dense here, but… how the hell can they reward THREE items for 10 different fish?!? Personally, I finally got to fashion shards and they changed it to once a month! Instead of possibly earning 60 cores per month, I was reduced to 7!!! Now, I won’t even have those?!?

    WHY did we waste so much time and frustration to progress to where we are just to have them snatch it away? Simple, they want players OFF their game servers. Well done, developers, I think you’ve finally managed to fix that lag issue… no more players left to complain about it.

    • Man so many questions I have about this game box system!! Does that mean we will literally only get to do each event once a week? Also what about underground palace? Will it continue on as just a random event or will it be done away with? Also what’s up with the rewards?? Cloud adventures is my one chance to have a chance at earning some balens. I’m not looking forward to the update if this is what they’re gonna do to mini games that help me get some good rewards.

      • I’ve only gotten a ‘good’ balen amount in CA once. My best resource for balens is in dimensions… run 3-4 basics at least per day, step-by-step… you’ll get them, too… until they nerf that up.

  10. We can get engagement rings with Nickels? Does that mean free players will be able to marry?

    • Hi, no, as i explained in my one of my videos, this is just to get engaged, you still need to pay for the wedding.
      They actually used to give these rings for free, which actually makes a lot more sense.

  11. Any knowledge of what happened to Underground Palace?

    • best current guess is that it went under ground ’cause we can’t see it anywhere

      • If the underground palace will be out of the game, how can people get the palace mount shards to get the mount? It will be add in the mount shop so you can buy it there?? So you can sell all your saved underground shards. Nice job pfff

  12. second time they ruin minigames with their changes:

    change from every day to weekly changes was 1. step into useless minigames (of course changes appear when most of the big cashers had all their maximum rewards from these games, so they might complain less after changes).

    and now that even some lower players get close to vip and fashion cores from fishing they ruin it again with the new system.

    esp the rewards suck: engage ring (useless for free and cash players that want to do marriage (cause they already did), and crossserverbullhorns ?? a joke and not even a good one, never seen any1 use such bs.

    but im sure that the new “nickel” will take a slot in inv, so after beeing a crap reward it will take inv slot needed for more important things.

    when do they wake up and start doing important things in their patches ?? do something about lag, remove all cooldowns on arena, sylph arena and fishing (oh they do remove it on fishing, cuse noone will do it when they go on like this)

    wartune loses a clear line of what will happen (not that they ever had one, but changes havent been that worse like last patches in the last 2 years played this), all they will get from this are more players will leave game because of frustration and hey they will solve lagh problem with this, so they can merge all the remaining servers into one last one: problem done: no more players >> no more lag

    but there are good changes, too. more eudamons to lvl /not that u can get them with their bs random system, but when u get them it will take another 6 months to lvl and upgrade them to become a bit useful, and sure there will be another so u will need more slots for inv to store all the euda skills u cant use right now.

    resume: if patcxh is really that bad as it seems its time to quit this, and if enough players do this devs will wake up or get fired for their lausy work (hope so cause they suck in nearly everything they do)

  13. just face fact game all about the cashers everyone who plays for fun just gets bent over time and time again

  14. umm your wrong about the token exchange rewards on my end for all 3 days it looks like this : [ bad URL ]

    • [ bad URL ]

      • my end you exchange:
        100 tokens for 100 crypt tokens
        100 token for 5 horse hoofs
        100 tokens for 10 mahra
        900 tokens for 1 cross server bull horn

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