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6 Pumpkin Carriage Drops & Tips

Hey everyone! In this Wartune article I share with you good planning and preparation work done by Aquavita which resulted in a very good luck of 6 Pumpkin Carriage Drops. I would argue that a lot of the time both in life and in games that you make your own luck!

I will first share with you the picture and then give you some extra information and tips:

Pic: 6 x Pumpkin Carriage

(1 activated + 5 in the bag)

Info & Tips

As some players might say or think that this is all just luck – why did I say that you make your own luck?

This is because Aquavita did a great job in planning and preparation in order to do a maximum amount of events and earn a large amount of event chests. She did:

  • A whooping 3k Holy Forges.
  • 30k Advanced Henna cleansing into Tattoos.
  • Maximum Mount Training Whips used.
  • As well as maximum on all sylph events every day including Advanced Enchant.
  • 1k Fun Coins.
  • And all the rest of the events.

This yielded Aquavita a whooping 1800 event chests and therefore I say that she created her own luck in almost certainly guaranteeing that she would get the mount. Statistically speaking there would still be a tiny chance that she would not but the odds were definitely in her favor that she would get the mount. And she did, not 1 but 6.

Mount is Non-Recyclable

Unfortunately, as the mount is not possible to recycle, all the extra 5 are basically junk 🙁

When you double click on them nothing happens. Otherwise they would be worth around 10k Beast Souls total.

But why would she continue to do that Exchange if she already got the mount (and I am assuming also the clothing)? Because, as I posted in my previous article, there are more rewards in the exchange which are nice:

Halloween Exchange Drop Rates – Always a winner?

And of those she got for example 700 Clothing Shards which will be very useful next time they launch the Clothing Exchange in Wartune.

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  1. Thanks so much for your great advice, Cosmos. I had been doing the Halloween II exchange but switched to Halloween I at your suggestion. So far, I have gotten 228 new clothing shards. I’ll be able to snag two new outfits on the next clothing event!

  2. I did hallowwen I once and II 5 times and not 1 mount. But others are getting it 2 or 3 times on my server. Fed up with how these mount events go all the time.

  3. i gota 2 mount but o wins open 1200 chest in halloween I

  4. mount can be recycled,we only need to wait for event to end.atleast it worked like that so far

    • Thank You, I will hang onto my mounts and see if I can recycle later. Lucky they recently expanded guilt valut 🙂

  5. 1100 chests for the first exchange an 200 for the second, not a single mount.. Feels rigged. At least got plenty of clothing shards.

  6. most of the servers been down can you explain

    • Please don’t spam the blog with the same comment in different articles.
      To my knowledge servers are working fine. Clear your cache / cookies or try a different browser.
      – COSMOS

  7. Buy one alt who is very very lucky got to mounts and then I did the Halloween one exchange once got five sets of wings in one spin what are the odds

    • And I got no wings 🙂

  8. Good work! I spend 1200 chest and i get no mount;/
    I hope u know if u keep these cards some days after u can recycle them..and no sell them already.I do that in past.

    • Thanks, will hang on to them 🙂

  9. why do you buy so many boxes? you must have bought really many to get all those mounts…i think its a waste of balens because all those mounts are useless…

    • I didn’t buy any, COSMOS took the time to explain how i got them all for free 🙂

  10. Thank You so much Cosmos 🙂

    The reason I continued lucky exchange was as you mention the good drop rate of cloth shards and smelt stones. I got around 700 cloth shards and alot of smelt stones. But also I never got wings, so ofc I continued 🙂

    PS I hope the comments about recycling mounts later is true, that would be terrific!

    Thanks again, appreciate all the work you do for us players 🙂

    • Its true, i keep a golden cuckoo card some months back and after some days i try again and PUF i recycle it!I don’t remember how many days, but was less than a week, maybe after next maint…

    • Pumpkin Carriages can now be recycled! Yippee!!

  11. Have done around 1k chest exchange and no mount but at least got wings and lots of clothing shards.
    Well done and congratulations to Aquavita!!! Not many people know it might take from 3 to 6 month to save that amount of Coins, and the Holy Forge – i won’t even mention how slowly materials gatehr 🙂
    Must agree you can *make your luck* if we are talking about all the usefull drop materials – clothing shards, clothings mount etc, but concerning Only mounts you can work hard like Aquavita and Increase chanses – ‘caz there’s still a possibility, smal but existing, u get no mount even with 1800 chests – ‘caz it’s luck and u can’t easy count it ^_^
    Well done Aquavita anyways – hurray!!!

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