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Sapphire Whale Achievement and Tips

Hey guys, in this post I share my achievement of getting the Sapphire Whale, a +400 mount and other points. This was not a luck drop from a chest, but it was done completely free way by gathering Beast Souls for a long time. It costed a whooping 6240 Beast Souls which took months to gather and it was both tough and exciting to press the buy button, because I did not want to “lose” that large amount I gathered 🙂

Funny Comments / Mount Design

In-game I saw a bunch of funny comments about this mount, which surprised me because my original impression when I rode the mount was that it looks big and sort of pretty. But some players talked about the mount looking like a certain body part [:)] or even a large blue women’s “toy” [ooOOo]; we had a good laugh 😛

RE: Mount Shop Buying Strategy

I put a couple of links in the references below related to my strategy of buying mounts as a reminder. I think the strategy is still valid and actually even more valid since lower stat mounts became easier to get via event chest / mini item exchanges and small recharges. I believe (but don’t have proof) that as the game develops and releases higher stat mounts (+400, +500, etc) then they will give out the lower stat “old” mounts for free or nearly for free.

Picture and References

Below you can see the picture I prepared showing Cosmos mounted on the Sapphire Whale, which actually is a flying mount (a bit weird for fish to fly :P) and also showing the Mount Shop cost, the system announcement and Deep Sea Goliath title.

All mounts reference
Buying Title Mounts in Mount Shop
Beast Souls and Nickel from Archaeology

Sapphire Whale Short Video

Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


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  1. Deep sea devil fish ans broom would ne the netter choice.

    • “Be the better” of course

    • hey moah, better in what way? total stats you mean?
      (also note that they have to be on sale to buy them)
      – Cosmos

  2. congrats! sapphire whale is my favourite mount, i think its very cute. p.s. you said its weird for a fish fly, however whale is a mammal not a fish 😛

    • hehe

  3. Which 1 you think it’s better the sapphire whale or the lava Pegasus?

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