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Halloween Exchange Drop Rates – Always a winner?

Hey everyone! In this post I share with you my observations and an image I prepared from one round (199 + 1) of item drops from the Crazy Halloween Lucky Exchange (#1) which is currently running in Wartune (still 2 more days).

Which Halloween Exchange to do?

I have seen various Wartune players going for Crazy Halloween #2 because of Willpower or higher level items. However, I really prefer and recommend the Exchange #1, even for high BR players for 3 main reasons:

  1. The Willpower or “higher level” items are not really in large enough quantities in Crazy Halloween #2
  2. The Crazy Halloween #1 drops Clothing Shards which you can gather and later exchange for full sets!
  3. And it also drops Smelting Stones which are always needed.

Halloween Exchange Drop Rates Example:

Here I have done one round of exchanges, which is 199 event chests + 1 more for the final prize. And from that I have made this consolidated image showing the results.

Here are my key highlights for this:

  • This was a bad or unlucky exchange, but I still feel that I win even in this exchange even if unlucky.
  • The bad #1: only one piece of clothing dropped – no wings, no mount
  • The bad #2: many of the item drops are in insignificant quantities that most players would not care about.
  • The bad #3: even the final prize was almost the worst one.
  • However!
  • With all that bad stuff I still got:
  • 66 Clothing Shards
  • 52 Smelting Stones
  • 410 Books of Wisdom (310 + 100)

Although the books and stones are not in large quantities those amounts still help but the main reward i feel are the clothing shards which are almost half of what you need for a full set.


What do you think?

  • Do you agree that even an unlucky Crazy Halloween Exchange #1 is still good?
  • Do you prefer to do Crazy Halloween #2?
  • Do you think Wartune has done a good job for this Halloween in general?

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  1. Done 2 full 199 lucky exchange, got the mount the and as for the cloating set it only didnt gave me the helme.
    Think this was my luckiest lucky exchange, on last day ill spend the rest on lucky exchange but will leave appart some items to get the helmet if it doesnt drop there, better then spending 150 cloathing shards on a set where we only need 1 piece of it for the tittle.

  2. Yes agree, especially because these cloth shards were unexpected. 1k chests has given me approximately 400 cloth shards, and I will be able to trade in at least 3 costumes on friday, so very pleased, alltho I have not gotten any wings yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. i’ll do in stead the exchange that cost 30 items.

    • i agree, i also do that at every event so i’m sure to get the clothes

  4. done 3 full 199 exchanges got no mount but still have 2 more days hope to get it and still need the wings and hat for the clothing

  5. I did the 2# 199 twice,got the mount twice on 1st exchange & all clothing pieces besides cap between both & a few willpower items.will probly do the 1# 199 one more time since itโ€™s harder to get eudemon items now then focus on 1st exchange for shards.

  6. I went with the #2 exchange and got wings as a final prize. I did the regular exchange 3 times to get rest of clothing. I chose the #2 exchange because of the polishing orbs. For the #1 exchange, I would have considered it if one of the final prizes wasn’t 100 sacks of gold. I won’t mind the books of wisdom, it’s just the gold.

  7. I did the lucky exchange doing 199 items two time I got the wings,helmet and the clothing except the weapon and the mount

  8. I never get mounts. I haven’t gotten a mount in an event since I got the metalic shrimp thing. So I don”t really expect to get 1. I did the 199 once and got all the clothing, over 500 books of wisdom, 100+ smelting stones, 85 clothing shards and some other stuff.

  9. I have done already 2 times x199 exchanges,and got full set + mount.I have exchanged at The Crazy Halloween#2,got alot of polishing orbs and animation stones!Yeah i know clothing shards are needed too,but this 2items i cant get it,bcs my higher sylph has 400k br….TP not for me ((

  10. I get 2 cards in the Halloween II. Maybe more chances to get the card in the II? I don’t know, but I guess yes.

  11. I have done both 1 & 2 4 times total and still no mount. It is falling for everyone else but me on my server. Some getting it multiple times. How it always works for me.

  12. i got the mount 4 times but in case you didn’t know Cosmos i inquire about why we could not get beast soul for it. they said only ig gotten through lucky exchange but keep it in inventory they are planning to allow it eventually.

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