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[Poll] Do you participate in Cloud Adventure?

Hey guys, recently we did a poll on Kitten Club and saw that the vast majority of players skip that completely, so in this post we are making a poll about Cloud Adventure to find out if people like this feature and participate in it or completely skip it like the Kitten Club.

I (Cosmos) will start off the poll by voting that I do not participate because it takes a longer time to finish it due to the self-duels and the rewards have been very small, which is when I decided to completely skip this. Also when it sometimes happens that you go forward and backward several times in a row was highly annoying to me.

That said, I enjoy the game, just this feature I choose not to participate in. What about you?

Do you like and participate in Cloud Adventure mini game in Wartune?

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  1. Remember when cloud adventures was good? It had great rewards, no shadow fights, and no backwards dice. I avoid at all costs because the rewards (if any) are terrible and having up to 7 shadows fights for a few nickels is awful. Why is it when something good arrives they have to nerf the hell out of it? When they read positive comments, they nerf it.

    • Still can have decent rewards but near impossible to finish any more. I dont bother with it no more

      • meant to add…
        With nickles in digs who needs game box at all?

        350 BBs today just from nickles i got from digs.

    • So so true. They come up with something great then totally f-ck it up so no one wants to do it any more. I spend so many hours every day trying to gather resources for this that and the other. How about just being able to PLAY!!!!!

  2. I agree with UlrickIII they totally destroyed cloud adventures.

  3. I stopped doing CA shortly after it changed to what it is now. Just a complete waste of time for the rewards you get. I am actually amazed at how many people still do this every friday. And now after next patch, we can do it 3 times a week instead of once. What a joke, why couldn’t they make fishing or JH 3 days a week? Because they know what they are doing.

    Maybe we need to start praising everything that is bad and maybe they will actually make it better. It seems the more we complain about something, the worse it gets.

  4. I have not done CA since they ruined it.

  5. I do but i dont like it anymore. Better forget about those days.

  6. im realy good now and i dont need avents 8 mill br but the game for me was all about events i miss them that much im thinking of leaving ,its just to much if its just a pay to playgame ,we also need rewards otherwise its to mega expensive .thats why i cant carry on

  7. you need to buy magic dice most of the time to finish besides the ridiculous self fights and backward moves. I seldom even think about it let alone do it.

  8. use to be fun now just irritating….bring back old style

  9. i do it for the sake of doing it

    but the rewards sux and the dice roll sux…the “?”tile also sux…mostly make u do moonwalking

    likely unable to complete CA without buying additional dice…so is annoying

  10. I will do it on occasion, but don’t buy any magic dice any more.

  11. It eats my hp and my trops.. bcuz i m non vip and non casher, for 1200k hp it takes alot gold to refil more then rewards.. so self dule is v v v bad for hp

    • you can refill HP by swapping sylph around (no HP pots needed).

  12. i totally agree it’s (ca) totally ruined, if the rewards would be something like the old ones and the style would be like before (they ruined it)- it would be much much more fun to do it. i only do it every weak for the bad low rewards! but its for free (until now) so take what you can reach – if all (free) rolls are used, i also skip and say, maybe next weak…
    not really fun!

  13. was 50/50 before depending on luck and some ballens to spend to finish but has a chance to get more than spend, now its just a big piece of sh..t.

    rewards suck, gettin thrown back sucks even more (and u dont even open the field u get thrown to what sucks even more)

    but this is how they ruin every mingame they “change”

    -fishing was a chance to get some vip token to make the vip wheel token for noncashers abit useful (of course they changed it before could reach the needed lvl), still they cheat in fishing : 50% of fishes u get get not the rewward they should

    – underground palace: thx a lot for deleting it 2 shards before gettin the fkin mount (could at least changed the palace shards into beast souls so they are not completely worthless

    -jewelery: rewards been lowered that much that its useless

    o a general poll would show that most players are pissed from the changes they made within minigames

    • i absolutely agree with you

  14. Hate Hate Hate….Cloud Adventures. Wasn’t great before but now its horrible. Avoid it at all cost. Never do it, not worth the trouble.

  15. I used to enjoy Cloud Adventures when there where different fights, but fighting yourself ruined this game and the prizes went down hill during the change.

  16. Waste of time now, they messed up a great mini game. I used to even spend balens to get extra spins for free wands. Skip it now.

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