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Kitten Club with Luxury Items

Hey guys, in this article I will share with you the info about Kitten Club with Luxury Items in Wartune. If you want to see my comprehensive guide on Kitten Club please click here, otherwise here we focus only on the luxury aspect.

After searching for some time I was able to find a player with full Luxury furniture and toys in the Kitten Club. I think this was good luck (and my invested time) that I managed to find it so I want to share it with you as well as the mini-analysis that I do on it:

Kitten Club with Luxury Items: Facts & Analysis

Below i have compiled a picture of all the information including the balen cost of furniture and toys, the gold return (although cat type not possible to be visible) and the luxury names of all the items. Doing a mini-analysis I calculate that this player spent in total of 2660 balens to get all these luxury items, because at this stage it is absolutely impossible to get all the required materials for free. After spending all these balens, which amounts to $26.60, the gold yields are presented on the picture and if I add them up they come up to a total of 9.8 million gold. Next, no matter on luxury or not, there are always 2 attempts at collection after which the items will vanish and you have to re-buy them again, so this player will be able to collect roughly 10 mil gold income 2 times in total bringing his total income to 20 million gold. Bearing in mind that this is in exchange for an investment of 2660 balens or $26.60 any experienced Wartune player will immediately say “Fk” and “You” in response to this.

Conclusion on the Casher Kitten Club

So this fact finding and mini-analysis job that I did yet again confirms all my findings, calculations and concluions in my comprehensive Kitten Club guide. I maintain that this is a stupid feature having nothing to do with our game Wartune and not even interesting purely from gold income perspective. I am sure there will be cashers who will still use it, so it is not like they will not make any profit from this feature, but it confirms again with a 100% certainty that whoever is managing the Wartune is not experienced in Wartune and has no idea how to generate profit from the game while making it fun and exciting for the players at the same time. If they by any chance read this article I advise them to hire experienced professionals like myself to guide them not to waste resources on the programming and implementation of nonsense like the Kitten Club but to use the same resources for an exciting feature which both free players and cashers can truly be excited about.

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  1. Thank You for your time and effort on this analysis. I completely agree with you. This is a feature I don’t put much effort into. There are other ways players can obtain in-game gold for free. In fact, in-game gold should not be costly to obtain at all and I believe you have done some previous comparison analysis on Western server gold drops in items vs. the Chinese server gold drops. Quite eye-opening and disappointing we don’t get the same. Gold should be a relatively free feature of the game. Again thanks for the time spent and research.

  2. Hi! i just want to say we can use Bound balens to buy the items for furniture and toys.

  3. I believe tha cat (stupid mini feat.) will yeld you some gold if you will keep an eye on it.
    I started finding materials for different stuff by just repairing, so I got planks and ropes (so far only that).
    But i HOPE in the long run, you ll slowly get better and better items for better cat toys.
    So,IT MIGHT HAPPEN, that we will all end up like the guy in the picture above from which we can yeld 20mil gold a day.

    It is way too early to tell if it is completely useless.

    Or…. am I missing something here?

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