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Wartune Patch 7.0 Gift Box / Gift Party Guide

Hi everyone! This is the Wartune Patch 7.0 Gift Box / Gift Party guide. This is a new feature inside the Magic Inn. This guide combines 3 elements: (1) A video demonstration / explanation by me, (2) short text created I believe by the game developer and distributed to their various publishers and (3) Additional information and pictures from me. So check it out below and if you have any questions or comments put in the comments below.

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.0 – GIFT BOX Guide – New Magic Inn Feature

And you can refer to the video playlist for Wartune Patch 7.0 here:

And now the developer’s guide with some modifications:

Wartune 7.0 Gift Party


Lack Magic Inn gifts? Friendliness never seems to improve? Then join Gift Party to win all the gifts your heart desires!


① Click [Gift Party] in the Magic Inn panel to enter.

② Click [Gift Party] in the Time Box to enter.

Event opens daily from: 12:00-12:30 and 18:00-18:30. (Event time may be adjusted, please stay tuned.)

Unlock Requirement

This feature unlocks at Level 32 after unlocking the Magic Inn.

Gameplay Information

1. Event Panel

① Party List. When you have the required shard for a party, you can click the [Join] button to begin.

② Page up/down icon

③ Remaining attempts to join Gift Party. The image shows there are 3 attempts left.

④ Current Shard. The shard shown is a Common Shard (C).

⑤ Refresh/Sell icon

⑥ Party creation icon/party info

2. Party Constitution

A party consists of 3 members. Each member’s shard should be different and a party should contain one (A), one (B), and one (C) shard. Before you join a party, you can click refresh to change shards. Refreshing 1 time costs 25 Balens. You cannot change your shard once you join a party.

3. Reward Info

When all 3 eligible players are ready (Party Leader is ready by default), the Party Leader can start the party.

Shards are divided into Common, Epic and Rare based on quality. Party rewards are based on the party’s cumulative shard quality. The higher the party’s shard rating, the better the rewards. If you haven’t joined a party, rewards for selling a shard will be based on the single shard.

Each player can only receive rewards up to 3 times every day (party up or sell).


Magic Inn Gifts that can only be gifted to Magic Inn NPCs.

Additional Info

Here I add more info and pictures:

You need to have the correct shard type (A, B or C) in order to join the party. The order is from left to right by the letters, so if the first slot is missing then the A-type is required. The color or rarity of your shard does not matter for joining a party, but it does matter for determining the final rewards.

Reward example (3 purples):

Example: selling an orange / epic shard:

  • 1 Ice Cream Gift
  • 1 Kite Gift
  • 1 Sweet Chocolate Gift
  • 1 Lantern Gift

Example: selling a purple / rare shard:


  • 2 Ice Cream Gift
  • 1 Kite Gift
  • 1 Sweet Chocolate Gift



I think this is a great feature for all players, because it is all additional rewards on top of whatever we already have. Also players can do this 100% for free or if they wish to spend balens for a bit higher rewards there is that ability also. Do you agree? Put your thoughts in the comments below on this new Magic Inn feature – Gift Box.

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  1. I think they need to make new cards. I want something to do with the 100k magic dust… not this crap. How about a card system for titan temple or time portal… or maybe a NM run for holy sword and matching cards so I dont have to run it 100 times a day to help guildies? They are so busy inventing new ways to waste time they forgot to improve the game we players originally signed up for. In fact I barely remember why I started to play and am quickly realizing why I shouldn’t bother anymore. Every event is really how much do I have to spend to get more BR than my adversary.

    Just my Humble opinion… Sir Adam

    • Hi Adam,
      What you said is one of the reason why I started designing free games to play on DolyGames, because they have forgotten what a “game” means (and I won’t even mention that some of these companies are pure evil). And I hope with people’s support I can grow to bring more games for people to enjoy.
      – COSMOS

  2. gift box seems horribly useless for 90% of players.

    i’ve all the npc to lvl 4 and 2 close to max level…

    if give only magic inn items will be a really useless news. i’ve maxed all the cards… and i’ve + 30k magic dust

    • yeah

      I would call it the stupidest addition in a very long time

  3. anyone know if imperial war : yamara coins expires?

    • Normally they are defined as “permanent” – here is a picture for you: //
      But that does not mean that those companies cannot wake up tomorrow and change it with a click of a button. That said, I think a lot of players are just gathering them as they have nothing to spend them on.
      – COSMOS

  4. I think they should make the fifth card available to players before they start putting more useless things into the magic inn

  5. I agree that these time wasters for miniscule gains detract from the game. The most enjoyable elements are group pvp battle activities and bring back class wars.

  6. I have a diferent opinion, this is great for all players, grabing 50 moon dust, moon rock per day is really good specialy for non cashers, not to mencion the adv. mahra and sepulcrum. Agree that they could have done something to the cards but it doesnt mean this is a bad thing.

    • Me too, as I had written in my conclusion. Extra free daily rewards – what’s there to complain about? Even if I don’t manage to find party on my server (often) – can just sell it for less rewards, but still it is all extra and free.
      – COSMOS

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