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Dragon Huntress vs Anubis vs Frost Wolf

Hey Everyone! This is a poll competition between 3 Wartune mounts: Dragon Huntress vs Anubis vs Frost Wolf. Which one do you think is the coolest mount among these three? Place your vote on the poll below.

Dragon Huntress Mount

Dragon Huntress DolyGames Wartune

Anubis Mount

Anubis Mount DolyGames Wartune

Frost Wolf Mount

Frost Wolf DolyGames Wartune

Poll: Dragon Huntress vs Anubis vs Frost Wolf

Which of these 3 Wartune Mounts is the coolest?

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  1. All suck lol

  2. I don’t own any of these. first place – Anubis. second – Dragon Huntress, third- frost wolf.

  3. I better like Frost Wolf better than other mount, why cuz Frost Wolf can flight going anywhere in city. It remind me of pokemon legendary dog “Suicune” its close to it. hehe

  4. The flying whale!

  5. hey cosmos next time you should ask people how many mounts did they get from event chests i got 5 mounts and i have been playing wartune everyday for the past 3 years!!! 😀

    • nice, congrats!

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