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Odin/Loki Lucky Exchange Drops [May 2017]

Hey guys, here I share with you Odin/Loki Sophisticated Sylph Lucky Exchange drops based on 1000 exchanges (event chest). The data was sent in by DeathKnight – thanks!

Please see my report below and I also add for reference the previous report below that.

The possible drops are:

  • 10 or 100 Advanced Sepulcrum
  • 10 or 100 Advanced Mahra
  • 1, 2 or 3 Fusion Chi (1000 of these can be exchanged for 1 Fusion Spirit)
  • 500,000 Gold
  • Odin Sylph Seal
  • Loki Sylph Seal

Note: the data shows that the sylph seals have a very low % chance so some people may get lucky and get it with even small amount of exchanges while others will not. That’s why I wrote “luck based”.

Note 2: In this report the “# Drops” column shows the total of items received.

Note 3: The report is a large high quality image, so if you are not seeing well click on it to load it fully.

Reference previous report

Lucky Exchange Tyre Thor Drops


  • Do you like these Sophisticated Sylph exchanges?
  • Do you prefer to go for the more difficult Light/Dark (500 exchanges for 1 Luck Draw) or the other 2 types (200 exchanges for 1 Luck Draw)
  • If you want to share your own data feel free to post in the comments below. For any large Wartune data feel free to email to me.

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  1. I opened about 350 last time didnt get anything good. A guild member opened 50 and got Freya..

    • That’s really nice luck for your guildie 🙂
      (I also didn’t get with my chests around same as yours)
      – Cosmos

  2. if its soo luck based why 1000 to attempt? high expectations with luck for a turnout. Unlucky exchange…

    • forgot to add, its 1001 exchanges. if it were 1000, it be a 999 exchange due to that fact when reqs. are met the button glows and u need 1 more to reset the table. WT Logic lol.

    • The percentage set for those rare items is so low that 1000 data points is not enough sample size to capture what the percentage is and since a lot of players cannot collect even 1000 then it is all purely based on luck regarding Loki and Odin.

  3. ????

    • Am I supposed to guess what you are asking?
      Very strange…

  4. how to get 1000 chests 😀 😀 😀 i bet he is a casher 😛
    also one more question please
    better to wait till last day of event to collect as much chests as i can then use it at once or use it day by day ?

    • yes that is the general rule with any such chests as theoretically some new opportunity might present itself, but be sure to use them and not fall asleep or lose internet, etc on the last day

  5. wow 1k and no slyphs i used 26 and got a thor…

    • it’s just luck

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