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Sylph Loki Conversion to Odin

Hey guys, after the 13th of August Maintenance, a small update for the sylph merge system was added. Many players were concerned that they couldn’t upgrade their Light and Dark Sylph, Loki. Well…now you can refine (convert) your sylph Loki to Odin. Big thanks to NotoriousBAG for sending this info.

Loki to Odin Refinee

To refine (convert) your Loki to Odin, you need the following items:

  • x5,000 Moon Dust
  • x5,000 Moon Rock
  • x1,000 Light and Dark Emblem
  • 50 Million Gold

The good thing about refining Loki is that you don’t have to spend extra Balens. 🙂

Moon Dust:


Moon Rock:


Light and Dark Emblem:

Light and Dark Emblem

Upgrading Odin:

Once you refine your Loki to Odin, you will be able to upgrade your Orange Odin with Advanced Mahra to red quality as well as enchant it with Advanced Sepulcrum.

Loki to Odin Stats

If you can’t make Odin yet, conversion of Loki to Odin will probably be your best chance to have an Odin Sylph in a cheaper way. Even though Moon Rock/Dust is pretty common these days but collecting 5,000 of each might be a hard task. On top of that, the Light and Dark Emblem, a new material that just came out will be hard to acquire, but over time, like any other material, they will become common. Hope this article answered some of your questions about the sylph merge system and be sure to comment below or ask questions. 😀 .

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  1. Why donțt you say something about the 60k balens needed to upgrade it??????or is it only for some servers???

    • If you payed attention more, this info is from Chinese Wartune not OUR Western Wartune.

  2. hey, I see the strenght of loki and a maxed Gaia or Athena is the same with the difference of being able of casting both light and dark attacks.

    But I would like to know if you have some info about resistance.

    What Kind of resistance does this Light/Dark pet has against all the other 6 pets?

    • Hi, they don’t have any special kind of Resistance.

      • Hi, but he should have some base resistance.

        Dark and Light are “weak” against each other with a -200 resistance, +50 vs other element and +100 vs same element.

        How does loki base resistance look?

  3. To go from orange to red how much advanced mahra do you need on these new sylphs. To max enchant it looks like around 20k adv. spec. so far ive seen 80k points to get to moons but need to know how many to get to red after that.

  4. can someone plz explain me something? how many balens do we need to fuse 2 sylphs? right now without all items it sais 60k … if i have all the items required it will demand less balens? if yes how much?

  5. This is a good thing for the non cashers really otherwise it this not funny anymore all non cashers see odin and so and they don`t can get it

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