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Newly Activated LOKI Sylph Stats / Condition

Hey guys, over time I’ve received questions about the stats / state / condition of newly activated merged sylphs like Loki, Tyre and Freya. So in this post I show you what exactly what is the state of a newly activated Loki as at Wartune version Patch 6.5.

New Loki Stats

As you activate the Loki sylph seal for the first time you will see:

  • BR: 84571
  • Growth: 2578
  • STR Aptitude: 2434/7249
  • Armor Aptitude: 1533/5178
  • INT Aptitude: 2434/7249
  • END Aptitude: 2448/8840
  • Intelligence, Armor and Endurance: 2555
  • Strength (the “main” stat): 2950


On the upgrade screen you will see that you cannot use any additional Mahra even though the sylph is Orange and maximum for sylphs is Red. For this you will have to refine the sylph.

Loki Enchanting

This is, I would say, the main part of it where you can get additional power. There is plenty of extra room to fill in with Sepulcrums. The numbers I already wrote at the start. Orange sylphs use regular Sepulcrum so this would be relatively easy to complete.

Refining Loki to Odin

And finally you have the possibility to upgrade / refine to the next Tier. I already published about this topic and all sylph costs in this article.

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Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. if u merge red hecate & venus both full enchant with adv seps… ull get full stats red odin? (red odin with max adv seps?)…

    • Hi, you are mixing things up a little bit. You have to have red for that – it is not an option, it is a requirement. So once you have the (minimum) requirements you can merge and get your Odin and then you still have to fill him up with Sepulcrums.
      Cheers, Cosmos

    • No,if you merge 2 red sylphs into a sophisticated merged sylph it’ll have room for around 8k adv seps (8311 for Odin as example).

  2. There seems to be a difference between opening the sylph seal and merging athena and gaia… merging gives the following stats: 7222/7249; 5178/5178; 7222/7249; 8729/8840.

    • PS: BR = 191758

  3. ty vm for the info about enhancing with sepulcrums

    when i see that it was maxed in mahra i thought it will be the same to sepulcrums so i didn’t check

    what would i do without you Dolygames ♥

    • 🙂

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