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New Weekly Dungeon – Tara Temple Guide

Hey guys, in the 5.0 patch, a new weekly dungeon called “Tara Temple” will unlock once you reach Class Advancement.

If you haven’t watched the Tara Temple Gameplay, please be sure to do so.

Tara Temple

There is only one reward attempt for Tara Temple but you can enter Tara Temple multiple times without rewards. Many players were worried about only being able to run one of the two weekly event dungeons with rewards. Well, there is nothing to be worried about because there is one reward attempt for Tara Temple and one reward attempt for Narrandera Remains.

Choose Tara Temple

The Dungeon:

The Tara temple is divided into three floors/maps. Each floor has a BOSS which is required to kill in order to move on. The first and second floor only have one BOSS each, no mobs. The last floor has 2 mobs and a BOSS.

First Floor – Water BOSS Payton:

Payton BOSS Look 1

On the first floor, the BOSS Payton is a water BOSS. This means you will need a decent amount of Water RES which should be around +1,000. Once you enter the battle with Payton, you won’t be grouped with your team anymore but you will be fighting the same BOSS.

Water BOSS Payton

Each time a player dies, a buff that increases the BOSS’s attack by a certain amount of percentage is added and cannot be dispelled, so it will make it harder for you and the other team players. This is not something to worry about since this Water BOSS is fairly easy to kill.

 Rewards from killing Water BOSS:

  • x100 Vulcan’s Hammer
  • x50 Titan’s Stone Shard
  • x50 Titan Iron Shard
  • 5 Million Gold

Water BOSS Payton Kill Rewards

Second Floor – Fire BOSS Hakam:

Fire BOSS Hakam

The second floor BOSS who is also known as Hakam is a Fire BOSS. You will need around +3,500 Fire RES against this BOSS.

Fire BOSS Hamak Outside

When you are in battle against this BOSS, after 2-3 rounds, Hakam will summon 4 Fire Elemental Mobs. After four rounds, the Fire BOSS will eat one Fire Elemental Mob one round at a time to gain back a certain amount of HP, so make sure you kill them just in time (Rain of Fire, Whirlwind, Meteoric Destroyer and Lunatic Fire should help).

Fire Elemental Mobs

Fire BOSS in Battle

Rewards from killing Fire BOSS:

  • x300 Vulcan’s Stove
  • x50 Titan’s Stone Shard
  • x50 Titan Iron Shard
  • 5 Million Gold

Rewards from killing the Fire BOSS

Last/Third Floor – Dark BOSS Arbiter:

Like I said above, in this floor there are 2 Dark Mobs you can kill for some good rewards. These mobs are a bit hard to kill but 5,000+ Dark RES should do the job.

Dark Servant

Each mob gives the following rewards:

  • x300 Vulcan’s Clamp
  • x50 Titan’s Stone Shard
  • x50 Titan Iron Shard
  • 5 Million Gold

Rewards from Killing Dark Servant

Last but not least, the final Dark BOSS which can give a rough time to players. A total of  5,500 – 6,000 Dark RES is recommended to fight against this BOSS.

Dark Arbiter BOSS

Dark BOSS Aribiter in Battle

This BOSS can take control of a team player for a few rounds. The BOSS chooses a team player randomly and once the BOSS takes control of a team player, they cannot choose any skills, runes, sylph awaken, etc. The team player then will attack the other team players which can be risky. The bad part is that you can’t dispel or reverse the control. If you have a good balanced team, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. I wouldn’t recommend having only one good strong team player since there could be a high end possibility for the BOSS to take control of them.

Team Player being controlled

Rewards from killing Dark BOSS:

  • x300 Vulcan’s Clamp
  • x50 Titan’s Stone Shard
  • x50 Titan Iron Shard
  • 5 Million Gold

Rewards from Killing Dark Servant

Overall, this dungeon can be easy with the right RES and Team Player. The rewards are not as good as the Narrandera Remains but it does give a decent amount of Vulcan’s Clamp which is important if you have Red Equipment. Hope you guys enjoyed the Tara Temple Gameplay Video and this article. Be sure to share your opinion on this new weekly dungeon or ask question.

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  1. Just as a reminder, under the new res paradigm, 6xLVL8 res crystals = 4380 res, 6xLVL9 = 6540. BR will obviously matter as well (tho its hard to tell how much w/o knowing how OP krishna’s guildie was in the vid), but at least res-wise, by Krishnas estimates with full lvl9s you’re already good to go, and full lvl8s you’re probably fine too.

    Not sure what to think about the loot. Theres a video on yt, , where it looks like the loot is mostly stoves rather than clamps. I’m hoping for stoves — I need thousands — and I really hope its not random.

    In any event, TT really does looks very easy.

    Great info, as always 😀

    • Do we know what effect raising the Res #’s actually have?

      • Not yet. The percentage reduced displays in battle now, so it should be a “simple” matter of testing different res values. The cynical side of me still believes that the numbers were inflated in order to hide an overall nerf, but won’t know for sure til we can all dive in and see (unless someone on the test servers does the legwork before next week).

        Krishna seemed to be getting ~30% reduction in the video, but it didn’t show the actual res values.

      • I will start recording damage averages and see if I can compare. I’m currently rocking all 10’s. Next Res event, I should have all 11’s and 1/2 12’s to play around with. I believe you are right with the nerf. What better way to hide than with bigger numbers.

  2. How much BR do the team players have?
    Krishna’s toon barely has 600k but what about the other one?

  3. Not sure if some of the drops are random, but on my run this past week right after patch. I only got stoves from everything, BOSSes and mobs, so about 1200 stoves from one run

  4. so there is no doubt we will be able to run both weekly mpds within the same week?

  5. added

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