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Beginners Guide CS Dungeon for Devotion

Hey guys, in this post and video Eowuclya gives a nice explanation / guide for Cross Server Multiplayer Dungeon for Devotion in Wartune:

Devotion & CS Dungeon

Getting to 300 devotion a day can be a chore 🙁
Some tasks are easy while others take time to do. Doing Cross Server Dungeon gives you 15 points towards your devotion! This can be made easier to get by using these few tips.

  • You get the devotion for matching in a multiplayer dungeon
  • It is best to form a 4 party team from your server
  • The fast invite button allows you to post a link in your server
  • The fast invite button, cross server tab, puts a notification in all server’s world chats. This is NOT a link to be able to click on. However, it lets the other servers know that you are in a dungeon and you wish to enter it. In order for others from another server to join in the run you must hit match while they are matching.

It’s good to know:

  • If you do not match, you will not get your devotion!
  • There is a glitch that can cause your character to freeze in the dungeon. To get around this, uncheck your attempt. Go into the dungeon under cross server and leave once you enter it. That way, you do not lose any experience, items, or lose your run. If a player gets stuck, the only way to fix it is for that player to be kicked out of the room. With a player stuck, the last boss is unable to be attacked. So, it is best not to use the cross server mpd as your mpd run for the day.
  • If you take the chance with your cross server as your mpd, the bosses are easier to kill when matching instead of hitting start.
  • Cross server matching is only open 2 times during the day. One about an hour before first world boss and one half an hour after guild battle starts.

Video: Beginners Guide – Cross Server Multiplayer Dungeon for Devotion

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  1. Also, for best matching across servers just for devotion, use the Nether forest (easiest map). Once you have matched and level starts, then just leave. You don’t need to beat the map for devotion. The longest I’ve ever had to wait to get matched on nether forest is 2 minutes when I was all alone in room.

  2. I think as long as you have a full team, it will not be bugged at least from my experience. I had a bad experience trying to help someone in a cross server ef hell. I got stuck in battle at the first boss, was not able to kill both bosses because I could not select skills, use runes or awaken, only oracle kid was doing damage. I was not even auto attacking. Got stuck in there for a whole day, I might have messed up too since it was late and I decided to log off and figured the next day, I would be out. The problem was I was out of battle but everything was black except for hot events bar, could not see the exit button. Finally figured out I could create a cs mpd room and that pulled me all the way out. Got no help from r2 at all on this. They really need to add a suicide button to avoid stuff like this. Maybe I would have died if I stayed in battle but my kid kept healing so that might have took a while as well.

  3. I have done all the different maps for cross server and I have seen a glitch in all of them. May just be something we experience on my server, I am not sure. But wartune gives out compensation if it glitches and you put in a ticket.

    • Don’t forget to advertise through the fast invite if you are missing people in your party. Otherwise, people that might need won’t see there’s a group waiting for them! — Airriaanna

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