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New Jewel Hunt – Wartune Game Update Nov 2015

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the new Jewel Hunt in the upcoming Wartune update which we expect in November 2015 (no official confirmation). The updated Jewel Hunt mini-game has kept the basic logic but has undergone a lot of changes:

New Jewel Hunt Changes:

  • Much wider playing board. Technically I think this is better, i.e. gives higher chance for matching things.
  • Much lower rewards from matching jewels.
  • Much lower rewards from chests.
  • Limit to maximum spending allowed.
  • 1 time per week only.

The 1 good news – Wider Board:

The new playing area is much wider and therefore more interesting and I think has higher chances to find good matches:

Jewel Hunt wide board - patch Nov 2015

New Jewel Hunt Chests:

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 1

Open to obtain:

  • Nickel x5
  • Level 1 Gem Pack x2
  • Soul Crystal x10

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 1 - patch Nov 2015

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 1b - patch Nov 2015

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 2

Open to obtain:

  • Nickel x10
  • Level 2 Gem Pack x2
  • Soul Crystal x20

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 2 - patch Nov 2015

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 2b - patch Nov 2015

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 3

Open to obtain:

  • Nickel x15
  • Level 3 Gem Pack x2
  • Soul Crystal x50

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 3 - patch Nov 2015

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 3b - patch Nov 2015

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 4

Open to obtain:

  • Nickel x20
  • Level 4 Gem Pack x2
  • Soul Crystal x100

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 4 - patch Nov 2015

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 5

Open to obtain:

  • Nickel x50
  • Level 5 Gem Pack x2
  • Soul Crystal x200

Lost Treasure of Antiquity 5 - patch Nov 2015

New Jewel Hunt Video:

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  1. Ummm, the rewards kinda suck a little. But who i am to judge maybe for soe of them they are good.

  2. Thanks for putting in time and effort to inform us on these changes, the gratitude of the players is probably shadowed by the frustration caused by the direction the developers are going.

    In today’s news, 1v1 arena looks like sylph arena’s code has overwritten the skill bar

    • thank you for the kind words 🙂

  3. Got the rewards in chests absolutely suck. This new nickel exchange better be really good.

    • you can see the full exchange already, we posted that even before this, just follow the links at the bottom of the article for all the Nov 2015 content

  4. When are they going to fix that Auto-Capture thing in astrals. It get only 134 astrals at 1 million gold. It should get 250 astrals at least (4 k 1 astral) + astrals after blank astrals are auto-sold. In event i had to use 4 million gold to get 528 astrals. Manually i get 500 astrals after 1.7 millions gold. The bad thing is that you see that error only in event, if you pay attention. Because is no other way to number for real astrals in auto-capture.

    • oh don’t get me started on that, i am also upset with the astral broken capture – it was working really good and then they broke it and never fix it

  5. its the new direction they go : make all things worse so players feel easy to quit the game or spend more money in it to get close to the rewards they had before.

    and still there are too many things that take time by useless cooldown (even when they cut some out of the game)

    seems they forget to pay for this u have to work, too, and to do both is a 15 hour job (job and game) or spend half of the money earned in the game wich is a big BS!!

    my view for future is that more will leave and they will turn when its too late cause all their big casher woke up and decide not to spend any more.

    beter way would be to erase bugs and lag first and not build in more bugs with stupid changes.

    jewel hunt and fishing have been last useful minigames, but the dump devs manage to ruin even these simple things, time they get fired and go back to ruin wow again (im sure they hired the stupid dev teams that ruined wow once , and this is not ment ironic)

  6. We get all these soul crystals, does anyone know when will we get SC exchange?

    • AMEN

  7. Event exchange Chest for Divinity Shard [Hades/Light]

  8. well, I suppose Im quiting too. Good thing is I never spend a single dime on this game. Was good once. Cya.

  9. Hi i saw ur post but i’ve a question
    What is nickel??

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