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New Cloud Adventures – Wartune Game Update Nov 15

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the new Cloud Adventures system in the upcoming Wartune update which we expect in November 2015 (no official confirmation). Bad news – the new Cloud Adventures are horrible – a major nerf compared to what we have today! There are 4 awful changes made to it:

  • The #1 worst thing = major nerf of all rewards and there are no bosses to kill so no more holy water for refinements
  • The #2 bad thing = it seems you get to do it 1 time instead of current 2 per week
  • The #3 bad is = it’s much more based on luck so more often you will not get to the end of it
  • The #4 bad = it can take more time to complete because every battle is a battle against a mirror copy of your character/kid/sylphs – like 1 old TOK every battle

So let’s start with the worst – the awful final rewards:

New Cloud Adventures Final Rewards

Example rewards roll #1:

Example rewards roll #2: (20 nickel is like 2 Mahra)

Example Cloud Adventures final rewards:

Update: Another example of rewards:

Example rewards roll #1: 10 insignia and 600k gold:

Example rewards roll #2: 120 insignia:

Example Cloud Adventures final rewards:

New Cloud Adventures – more luck based

The reason I explained above that the new Cloud Adventures are more luck based and that players will more often not reach the end is because of a new system where by chance you can move forward or backwards for so many steps and what happens in the case of a backward move that you might fall again and again on the backward move wasting dice and failing the Cloud Adventures:

  • You will move 6 step(s) backward.
  • You will move 4 step(s) forward.
  • You will move 2 step(s) backward.

Rewards During Adventures

The mid-adventure rewards are nothing exciting at all as you might have gotten the picture already. Here are some examples:

  • 100,000 gold
  • a more rare 500,000 gold
  • 50 Insignia
  • 2 Nickel


So to conclude, if you had a dream where they nerfed Cloud Adventures I would wager that you would not even come up with the level of destruction that we have here 🙂

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  1. I hate CA with a passion…because the rewards are OK to great (luck and/or balens dependent) or you don’t get anything really useful at all.

    With this you just plain don’t get anything useful at all.

    Do they actually WANT us to not pay them?

  2. bc we dont already have enough reasons to quit.. I swear to god, they’re trying to outdo their own ignorance.. WTF is this crap??

  3. Why the feck do they wanna ruin a good thing. this is one of the things i actually love to do every week. this sucks

  4. how Bound Balen is still up for grabs

  5. This reminds me of a story in Thomas Aquinas’ work “Political Ideas”. Basically there is this old woman who prays that the current tyrant stays healthy despite everyone else wishing for his death.
    When the tyrant asked her why, she said that when she was younger, twice before she had wished for the tyrant’s death and a harsher one rose to power.

    Each iteration of cloud adventures and minigames gets worse, so I guess I should be wishing that the current one stays because who knows how big a nerf is coming.

  6. Totally agree with you SineniF, anyone would think they are trying to make the game better, and sometimes they do, other times they really make it bad. They are confusing us so much! Lol.

  7. Every 1 just just drop doing it, the rewards make it not worth it….

  8. Are there still bbs in the final spin? Do the chests still give a chance at extra dice?

    And perhaps more importantly, is the ‘board’ at least smaller to compensate? It’s tricky enough to make it to the end when the game strings together crappy rolls, if you can now go BACKWARDS on top of that, then there’s really no point in playing.

  9. Thanks. One less thing to do.

  10. Like the only way to get bbs and now its gone. I already don’t pay this isn’t convincing me. Maybe if they improved the game I would. But this is just bull.

  11. coming soon

    2016 wartune close all servers
    no players in the game

    -_- im out, wartune is —– now
    2 years for nothing

  12. Wow. Just another big f*ck you to us non-cashers. I really wanna know who on the dev team thought that nerfing CA to this crap would be good idea? They’re making it into a mini game that would only be good for someone just starting out but with this chance of going back some steps it makes it not worth even doing coupled with the crap rewards we’ll now get for possibly reaching the end. In the words of Gordon Ramsay, damn.

  13. i quit!ive had enough of this BS

  14. fuck

  15. No more time waste on cloud adv! yeah!

  16. Nice one R2! Considering your hard work on making the new patch, we’ve prepared the following pack for you:

    Open for a chance to obtain one of the following:
    500b recharge x 0
    1000b recharge x 1
    2000b recharge x 1
    5000b recharge x 1
    10000b recharge x 1
    20000b recharge x 1
    50000b recharge x 1
    100000b recharge x 1

    plus one of the following:
    most players quit x 1
    all players quit x 1

  17. Nerftune. Yeah, exactly, one less thing to do.

  18. Gonna skip this on for sure

  19. i guess they have at least 3 dev teams who are in competition wich one does the most useless or worse changes in a patch and they get payed for every players leaving the game so their big goal will be reached: no more lag, cause there are no more players.

    sometimes it seems there are some good changes (raising stacks for items; removing useless items from game) but as soon u think they do something good, they turn around 180° and turna ll into useless shit, if if u expect them doin the worst u can imagine, they can still top ur imagination and make it even more worse than u ever thought.

    gj r2 u really know how to piss players

  20. no balens ?

    • no, the design has changed, see this article and the Game Box article

  21. i have done CA maybe twice never was worth the effort. BBs from ca not seen any now from dims yes from underground palace yes. In fact i got 2 spirit covens in 2 days and 200 bbs Plus all the other minor rewards and cata keys even got a vip 24 hour ticket.

  22. the changes that have been made so far as I can tell really do suck. but since I have not been able to log into the game all day, who cares. the more the make changes the worse it gets. took me all day to figure out what to do in sylph atoll yesterday.

  23. boycott the new game box patch. It does no good to complain, action speaks louder

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