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Enchant Sylph Equipment Event Reward Tips

Hey everyone! As you may know we regularly have the Enchant Sylph Equipment event in Wartune and, I believe, most people are doing just 30 equipment enchants to collect the 1st two tiers of rewards. Players do this for 3 reasons:

Doing 30x

  • 30 is relatively easy
  • Not enough enchant items (Magical Moonlight Magical Moonlight Sylph Equip Refine icon Wartune and Glint of Magic Glint of Magic Sylph Equip Refine icon Wartune)
  • Don’t have more items to enchant.

However, if you do have a lot of Sylph Equipment Shards Sylph Equipment Shard icon Wartune then what you can do is just create a whole bunch of new sylph equipment items just for enchanting and then sell them.

Doing up to 500 enchants

This is summarized on the picture below. Basic equipment is pretty easy to obtain by doing Sylph Arena every day and collecting Sylph Equipment Shards. The Magical Moonlights and Glints of Magic were more rare but since they made the changes in the Dimension Offerings you should have lots of them like me (if you do Dimensions more or less regularly and do your 3 x Sacrifices per day of Offerings).

This allows you to collect the top 2 tiers of the rewards for that event which are significantly larger (talking about the event “chests”) with 10 and 20 for 300 and 500 enchants respectively. So that’s an extra 30 event chests per day for 3 days making a total of extra 90 event chests!

Enchant Sylph Equipment rewards and tips 1

Rough Item Estimates

  • 1 basic equipment item is about 50 enchants, so for 500 you will need roughly 10 of them.
  • Each costs 400 Sylph Equipment Shards so that’s 4000 shards per day x 3 days = 12,000 shards (which looks like a lot but we gather a lot in 1 month)
  • 1500 enchants is 1500 x 3 = 4500 Magical Moonlights and Glints of Magic. This amount is a lot so either do daily dimensions or do 1 x 500 or 2 x 500 instead of max.

When Finished

At the end just sell those items or equip on lowbie sylphs if you wish (but really no need for that). The good news is that they do give some decent-ish gold back here shown 6 items being sold for 515k gold. Nobody will lose sleep over this gold amount but it is certainly better than selling items for 1, 10 or 100 gold as some items are.

Enchant Sylph Equipment rewards and tips 2

So as usual with good planning and preparation of resources and daily activity even free players can squeeze out extra rewards to benefit from in Wartune.

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  1. saw R2Games do have Veteran’s Welfare… when do get that?

  2. I think since they removed cloth shards/beast souls from lucky exchange drop, it makes no sense to spend materials for those who already have red sylphs and better to save them.
    Now the lucky exchange is a “made dish” with a 90% of garbage.
    e.g. I’ve done enough exchanges, but I have only 50-70 of each willpower skillbook since they were introduced.
    The Christmas event was a good source of wisdom books so they are uninteresting too.

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