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KITTEN CLUB GUIDE, Cats and Analysis

Hey guys, here I share with you my guide on the Kitten Club feature of September 2015 Wartune patch 5.0 which has been presented to the players with no or minimal explanation and has been welcomed by players with some strong emotions (love / hate and from what I saw it was more on the hate side). So I will try to present, analyze and explain as much as possible regarding the Kitten Club to help everyone.

Kitten Club Basics

The logic of the the Kitten Club is as follows:

  1. Player buys 5 different pieces of furniture and toys, which are made of the following 5 item categories: Furniture, Cushion, Teaser, Ball and Box. You have to buy different ones for placement because the game will not permit you to place 2 of the same type of furniture at one time.
  2. Player places / installs them using the Arrange window.
  3. The furniture/toys will attract cats – wait 6 hours for cats to appear for the first time.
  4. Cats appear and after a while turn into gold coins which the player collects (roughly speaking 2 times per day for those who can login more than 1 time)

Factors influencing the basics

  • The higher the quality (a.k.a. level) of the furniture/toys the higher quality cats it will attract.
  • The higher the quality (a.k.a. level) of the cats the more gold the player will get and the more chance of getting materials (only for higher quality cats)
  • Furniture/toys do not last forever, actually after 2 uses it is totally gone and you have to buy new furniture/toys.
  • Furniture/toys will get damaged over time and if they are not repaired by your friends (similar as farm) then you will get less income.
  • You can get materials to buy higher quality furniture/toys via balens or through a small chance from repairing many times the Kitten Club of friends (when repair hammer is available next to their name in the list).
  • It is important to note that higher grade / quality / level of furniture or toys does not guarantee you to receive cats of higher quality but rather increase your chances of receiving them.

Kitten Club’s special Balen cat – the Auspicious Cat

You have the possibility to spend 2000 unbound balens or 5000 bound balens to purchase the special Auspicious Cat. This is not a cat like others and it does not remain on the screen with you, but is more like a buff / power-up style feature which permits you to yield gold income immediately from whatever furniture and toys that you have. I do not advise you to buy this when you have low grade or low quality items. Think of this feature as a “multiplier” type of a thing where you will have a bigger return if your investment was big. So if you have top quality furniture and toys maybe you can give this a shot and get a large amount of gold and perhaps materials, otherwise forget about it.

The Kitten Club Shop

You will be buying all your furniture and toys in the Kitten Club Shop. The shop is made of 3 pages of the 5 categories I already described: Furnitures, Cushions, Teasers, Balls and Boxes. The higher the grade / quality / level the more it costs.

The most basic items can be purchased with 150,000-210,000 gold and all higher items cost only materials. The color coding is similar Wartune design of white (common), green (uncommon), blue (rare), purple (epic) and orange (legendary).

The materials in the kitten club are:

  • Plank
  • Hemp rope
  • Flannel
  • Newspaper
  • Cotton
  • Feather
  • Catnip

The cats of the Kitten Club

Here are all the cats I have gathered – it is not all of them, but I did my best to gather as much data as I could find on our server:

White Cat – 70,000 gold

Black Cat – 70,000 gold

Tabby Cat – 150,000 gold

Calico Cat – 150,000 gold

Siamese Cat – 450,000 gold

Siamese Cat inside of a Nice Box:

American Shorthair Cat – 450,000 gold

Leopard Cat – 900,000 gold

(Thanks to Vincent)

Civet Cat – 900,000 gold

(Thanks to Vincent)

Cats Table and Gold Yield per cat type

White 70,000
Black 70,000
Tabby 150,000
Calico 150,000
Siames 450,000
American Shorthair 450,000
Purple rarity cats
(Leopard cat, Civet cat)
Orange rarity cats 2,100,000

Examples of getting materials:

Here you can see the example of me getting a Plank from repairing furniture / toys of friends:

Here is an example of Elia getting a Hemp Rope when she used the 5000 bound balen Auspicious Cat on basic furniture / toys:

Kitten Club Gold Income Analysis

The most common situation in the Kitten Club in Wartune is of not spending any balens and purchasing the basic furniture and toys with gold. This will cost you:

Humble Furniture 210k
Humble Cushion 210k
Humble Cat Teaser 150k
Humble Ball 210k
Humble Box 150k

Following this you will most commonly get a mix of White/Black cats and Calico/Tabby cats and can collect gold income 2 times before all the items disappear. Here I will assume that you took the full 100% income and not damaged furniture income, but if your friends do not repair your items or if you are on a less active server you will also get less than standard income.

Analysis Scenario 1:

With 3 x 70k cats and 2 x 150k cats and collecting 2 times you will have a total income of 510k x 2 = 1020k while your cost for this was 930k. So for a whole lot of clicking and unnecessary and boring headache you end up with a profit of lousy 90k useless gold and if your furniture was damaged you will even go into a loss.

Analysis Scenario 2:

You helped some friends, got some materials like some Planks and some Hemp Rope and got yourself one or two green or blue quality furniture / toys. In this case we have 2 versions:

Version 2A:

You got unlucky and did not attract a 450k cat. Then your income/loss will be again totally horrible and a major waste of time.

Version 2B:

You got lucky and attracted a 450k 2 times, so we will work with the case of 1 x 450k cat + 2 x 150k cats + 2 x 70k cats (again 2 times collection in total). In which case your gold income will be 1.78 million while your cost was now lower amount of gold since you used materials to get 2 items so we will use 2 x 210k + 1 x 150k as your cost as with Plank / Hemp Rope you can only get yourself Teasers (the cheaper one) or Balls (the 210k ones), so your cost will be 570k cold making your income in this specific case 1.21 million gold which is again a totally stupid amount in the current game climate when we need hundreds of millions of gold to pay for things.

So what I think will happen is:

First of all I think people will get tired of clicking a lot of things just for some stupid amount of gold so I think a lot of people will stop using Kitten Club completely.

More determined and Wartune-addicted players will still use it and will try to gather materials to buy high quality furniture / toys as green/blue quality is just not worth it. The problem here is that materials seem to be arranged in order of difficulty to find, so Planks on the left side are most easily found (you see I have 9 in few days even after using some) and probably Catnips are the hardest to get as you need them to buy orange / legendary items. This means that without balens even purple quality is probably not possible to get, which means that even these very determined players will only take maximum a couple of million income, which in the current stage of Wartune is a meaningless number (i just spent 200+ million gold just for 100 holy forge clicks).

What I honestly think about Kitten Club:

While as you know I am generally a positive and calm person, in this little paragraph I really want to use a couple of lines to express my anger about Kitten Club in not-so-friendly (but still trying not to use strong insults in an article) words:

< Start of anger >

  • Playing house-house with cats has nothing even remotely in common with our game: fantasy MMO Wartune.
  • Whoever designed this absolutely boring and useless feature specifically for our game, Wartune, is an uncreative and totally disconnected from Wartune designer, but worse than this:
  • Whoever approved this feature and the costs for programming and implementation is an unqualified, totally disconnected from players, lacking any business sense about how to make profit from players in Wartune, undeserving the position of a manager or director, person.
  • I don’t want to sound arrogant here, it is totally not coming from ego, but if R2/7Road had any business sense they would hire someone hugely experienced like me to evaluate / propose / feedback on such issues before they waste money creating something totally horrible and instead, be guided to use that money to create something fun and interesting for the Wartune players with a much higher profitability. But hey, instead, they ban us, do not support us and waste money to create things like Kitten Club for angry players and push more people to quit the game.

< End of anger >

Analysis: Estimates for Cashers

UPDATE: Please also see the article I published called: Kitten Club with Luxury Items

Based on the gold income structure of the Kitten Club I estimate the following gold income values per quality type:

White 70,000
Green 150,000
Blue 450,000
Purple 900,000 gold 
(fact; thanks to Kitty)
Orange 4.5 million 
(estimate revised)

So over time I think cashers will get their hands on higher grade materials via a mix of luck and rewards from Spend/Recharge events and I optimistically estimate their absolute highest possible income to be 4.5 million gold per top cat yielding 22.5 million gold 2 times per day = 45 million gold. I estimate this would be the highest possibility of everything maxed out, which is of course much more impressive than a million gold, but it will most probably only come as a result of a large quantity of balen spending.

There is a small possibility that they start putting these materials into monthly chests, in which case even free players could gather them over time and, sure, a couple of extra million or even an extra 10 million gold will not hurt anyone, but just imagine what amazing and fun things they could have created for the same money instead of this boring and anti-Wartune feature, because at the end of the day, we want to play to have fun…

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  1. Hi
    from purple toys u get 900k gold only ;(

    • Thank you Kitty, I added that and lowered the maximum estimate and wrote thanks to you in the article.

  2. Well said COSMOS I agree with all u wrote and I just want to say thank you from not only me but from all us players for the amount of time you put into these posts;)

    • Thank you very much!

  3. Auspicious cat is permanent?

    • explained above in the article, please see the heading: Kitten Club’s special Balen cat – the Auspicious Cat

  4. I find this a little odd but repairing nets more gold than your own kitties.

    • i know what you mean but that’s becoming not true as well as some servers are less active and not enough people setting up Kitten Club and active servers getting sick of it and not bothering, so then if they don’t buy the items there is nothing to repair

  5. I’ve definitely noticed that a lot of active players on my friends list haven’t even bothered with kitten club. I tried it once and haven’t since. I agree with you cosmos. Just the fact that it doesn’t fit in this kind of game and it’s just unnecessary. They could’ve spent their time adding a much better feature than this.

  6. I just don’t get this kitten club. Why make use waste our time with this when we only get a minimal gain and many times a loss. Just another feature that is all about luck where some might never get the better cats or item drops.

  7. Orange level cats give 2.1 million gold.

    • Thanks i’ll add it

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