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How Much Holy Forge to Max Orange Equipment

Hey guys, in this short post I share with you the approximate amount of Holy Forging you need in Wartune to max out to 8-10 from scratch a piece of Orange / Legendary Level 80 equipment.

I prepared the image below also to show you, I maxed out one of my artifacts from zero and it took 316 Holy Forge attempts. I did hear in the chat someone saying that it could be around 500, which I suppose is possible with bad luck, but I think a more accurate estimate would be 300 to 400 Holy Cast / Holy Forge for maxing out an orange equipment piece.

You can use this information to help you estimate your “capacity” during holy forge events in Wartune.

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  1. and how many gold ? so, 300/400 x 15 stoves and x5 hammers

    • unfortunately i forgot to record the gold used, but that will be not a fixed number anyways as it will depend on how much you fail and at exactly which point; for example failing several times on few million costs can really add up, while failing on the few hundred k is not a big deal

      • what about gear like weapon how much it be to max it out

  2. note they also changed the number of items you need recently from 30/10 to 45/15

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