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Guide: How to Get 5 Expert Dimensions Completed at the Same Time

Hey you guys, I’ve been asked quite a few times about how I had 5 expert dimensions completed for last month’s Class Wars finals. Here I layout what is needed and give a schedule similar to what I did last month (it’s more ideal than what I did last month, where I made a couple of mistakes).

Preparations / Assumptions

In order to complete everything successfully and in time, the plan I give for doing this assumes a few things about your hero and your time:

  • 5 Expert Dimension Coordinates
  • Level 9 VIP
  • 2100 Bound Balens; use 300 each day as necessary, to buy 1000 more energy
  • 3000 starting energy (more is better)
  • 910 of the appropriate resistance (this is very easy now after Patch 5.0, more is better)
  • Patience not to run into too many mobs, or else this will eat too much of your energy
  • Enough time each day to clear 20+ dimension levels. Really don’t underestimate this part; it eats up a lot of time.

Daily Schedule

Day 1 is 6 days before whichever competition you want to have 5 expert dimensions completed for at the same time. For those of you preparing this for Class Wars Finals, this means the Sunday before the finals competition. Doing this for a preliminary round seems pretty excessive, but if you want to, you would need to start the Friday before the preliminary round. I use letters A, B, C, D, and E to indicate the 5 different dimensions.

  • Day 1: Open Dimensions A, B, and C and claim the first 9 areas of each (Note: the 1st day you will have the most energy, so it’s possible to clear 27 levels; this is much harder to do later on)
  • Day 2: Complete Dimension A
  • Day 3: Claim Areas 10 through 20 of Dimensions B and C
  • Day 4: Complete Dimensions B and C
  • Day 5: Open Dimensions D and E and claim the first 10 areas of each
  • Day 6: Claim Areas 11 through 20 of Dimensions D and E
  • Day 7 (GOAL): Complete Dimensions D and E

5 Expert Dimensions Calendar

This is the table I made when I was thinking all of this through. The plan I give isn’t only about how you can get all 5 to fit in one day, but also about trying to maximize the daily rewards you’ll get back. It’s not perfect, but I think it will do the job!


Please let me know in the comments if there is any confusion and I will try to adjust things to make them more clear 🙂

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  1. Or u can save 300milion contribution and open 300 chests all in one time. I opened 100 then 230 chest and was lucky

    • You sort of missed the point of this article…its to complete the dimensions, not just obtain them.

  2. You didn’t drop a line about dim energy saving.
    Just press escape on the keyboard after fort fight and you will get a reward in your mail.
    It can be revive attempt, will crystal, res. crystall, or – YES – dim. energy (100, 150 or 200 – it depends on fort quality). In several minutes you should check your mail, get all except energy and delete letters.
    With luck and patience you can claim 2 or even 3 dims per day. If you are a maniak, you can claim even more.
    At the moment I have 12 pages of saved energy but too lazy to use it.

    • This is a great tip, thanks for sharing. I’ll add it to the blog post soon and do a video on it too 🙂

    • Have you tried this lately? I don’t think this works anymore unless I am doing it wrong. If I hit escape once the cards are up, they just go away and no rewards.

      • Yes, I just have tried it. Please read carefully: reward appears in your mail IN SEVERAL MINUTES.
        Just wait. And yes, refresh doesn’t help. – screenshot

    • Escape button trick doesn’t work 🙁

      • To do the esc trick your screen can not be on full screen

    • Even if you have energy in mail and pick it up, it doesn’t adds it to your dimension energy balance even if your dimension energy is zero.

      • In an ideal wartune,
        one single expert dimension requires almost 6000 energy and 90min to complete at least (60min to run out of 3000 energy in 20 levels + 30min to run out of 3000 energy in remaining levels up to lv30), considering it takes 250 energy to search and win 1 area after level 10 onward.
        in order to complete 5 dimensions in a 1 day (7.5 to 8 hr) blitz would require 30000 dimensional energy and a much higher energy replenishment rate of 50 to 100 energy replenished per minute instead of current 100 energy replenished every hour.

  3. Wartime is good

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