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Beat Sky Trail Bosses with Dimensions

Hey guys, this post is dedicated to the simple strategy of beating Sky Trail bosses with the power of dimensions, which allow you to kill bosses you would never be able to before dimensions were introduced.

On the image below I tried to consolidate all the information illustrating this basic strategy. This, naturally, works a lot easier for VIP players since they can open up to 5 dimensions, but even non-VIP players can do it partially.

Here, I was stuck at a very difficult boss (for me), which is the Sky Trail Level 4 Stage 10 Light Element boss and for a long while I could not beat him. Then, slowly but surely, I started working on light dimensions – always starting with a couple of basic ones to get the RES up so that the cost per move drops down to 10 points per movement. The tougher the boss the more powerful dimensions will be needed and here you see with 4 Basic light dimensions and 1 Intermediate I was able to boost my Light RES up to 940, which was good enough to allow me to beat this boss and, surprisingly, also get an S rating.

What to do if you don’t have the right dimensions element?

If you don’t have the required quantity or quality of the needed element dimensions then you have to exercise patience while you farm existing dimensions for shards for chests. The more chests you open the more chances you will have to find the dimension element that you need. See here the drop rates report.

Sky Trail Level 4 Stage 10 killed with Light RES

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  1. Come to higher sky trail, even full resistance wont help you. Since bosses buff really quick and deal a ton of damage. Its a good strategy but not really effective in higher lvls. What matter next is attack mostly then everything else.

    • Hi, this strategy was for low to mid range players including myself at around 950k BR. At higher levels requirements change into defense as it becomes impossible to kill bosses in time, so have to be able to resist the boss’s crazy damage with Triton / Poseidon healing for example. – COSMOS

  2. You wont ever need to up resistance above around 800(90% damage reduction), over 900 is overkill for anything ^^

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