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Bound Balen & Expert Dimension Tips

Hi everyone! In this post I share Wartune tips on doing Expert Dimensions & Bound Balen income from mines. So let’s get going and hopefully one or more of the tips will be useful to you and/or perhaps some people may add more tips in the comments below.

I am aware that some players may know some of the information but I am sharing it to make sure you have all info and for those players who do not know it.

2-3 Bound Balen Mines possibility

The first piece of info is that it is actually possible to get 2-3 Bound Balen mines in an Expert Dimension, which is one of the main reasons why it is attractive to do. On the below picture you can see an example of mine with 2 Rare Balen Mines.

Naturally the chance is low, but it does happen. An Expert Dimension has 3 rooms where there is a possibility to have a portal to the secret floor and if you find the portal then there is a 50% chance that it will have a mine. You can refer to my Balen Mine drop rate analysis article for that information.

You can conquer Expert Dimension on 1500 Energy

Next, an important point is that it is possible to conquer the entire Expert Dimension using 1500 starting Energy. That means one could clear 1 Expert per day (for maximum balance of shard income and Mine chances)

On the picture below (2nd row) you can see I have 100% Progress with 100% Resource Amount which serves as proof that it was fully occupied in the same day. And although it could have been done in morning and evening just take my word that I did it in 1 run or 1 go starting with the 1500 energy.

There are 2 main tips to make this happen:

  1. You will have to occupy all floors without using any of the powers (so don’t pay 100 energy to clear barriers)
  2. You may need to gather the 200 Energy and 250 Energy to unlock the full 100% (see below)

Killing the Tower and finding the Gate

While clearing barriers with 100 Energy makes things much easier, for maximum efficiency this must be skipped. This will result in irregular map clearance as shown on the picture below. But that is OK – you just want to find and kill the Tower and find the gate to the next floor.

The only exception are the special floors where you must find the keys and the final tower reward (that costs 75 Energy to attack).

Note / Tip: Towers are usually around the center – never the edges.

Tip #2: the map types are fixed so once you do dimensions a lot you will already have a good feeling / knowledge in which direction to go.

200 Energy Reward

Clearing Towers (and whatever blocking mobs on the way) gives you the opportunity to earn the 200 Energy Reward. This is not super required, but is a welcome bonus to help clear the entire dimension:

250 Energy Reward

The 250 Energy reward comes from the final Silver Chest which is opened using the Silver Key. It is a good amount of extra energy, however it is located at the end of the Dimension while the Key is before, so you will need to sacrifice some Energy to find the key on the specified floor (key icon on Dimensional Map).

The location of the 250 Energy is shown on the picture below – bottom right gold highlighted circle. So you should first go get that Energy before you clear other floors to make sure that you have enough Energy.

Basic vs. Expert Dimensions & Balen Mines

An important question has to do with choosing between doing Basic Dimensions or Expert Dimensions. Here are the pros and cons:

Basic Dimension daily runs


  • Maximum chance for Mines.
  • Very fast to do.


  • Very annoying to do every single day.
  • Need to buy a lot of coordinates with gold.
  • Only 1 mine possible per 1 dimension.
  • Does not help with Battle Rating.
  • Limited to 500 Gate Energy (= 50 runs)
  • Do not generate enough shards for Crystal Synthesis events.

Expert Dimension runs


  • Can do 1 time per 5 days.
  • Generate the highest amount of shards for Crystal Synthesis events.
  • Gives a significant amount of additional power / Battle Rating.
  • Can have up to 3 Bound Balen mines per dimension (low chance)
  • No problems with the 500 Gate Energy
  • (Casher only and/or very active players) Spending 50 million gold per day on 50 Dimension Coordinate Chest (from Guild Shop) can give sufficient coordinates to run dimensions. This opens the possibility of doing 1 Expert Dimension per day for the purpose of maximum balance of shard income and Bound Balen Mine chances.


  • Blocks the chance or the opportunity of getting new daily Balen Mines.
  • If going for 5 day shard collection then chance for finding Bound Balen Mines is low.
  • On the day of doing it the Expert Dimension takes time to conquer the whole thing.
  • It’s a lot harder to find / get an Expert Dimension coordinate item compared to Basic.

Is a Balanced Approach Possible?

Yes, certainly and you should adapt your choices based on your lifestyle:

  • If you are busy you should learn towards Expert Dimensions.
  • and if you are less busy you should learn towards Basic Dimensions.

This is because if you are not in the mood to do your Basic Dimension runs then you will lose all income:

  • You will not get the balen mines,
  • You will not earn any resistance or will shards,
  • And you will not enjoy and boost to your Battle Rating.

So if you know you will be busy or there will be a possibility that you are not going to be in the mood then you should choose Expert Dimensions, because with these you have at least a guaranteed income of resistance for 5 days as well as an increase in BR.

Mix for balance

Another possibility, which I have started to do recently is to do 50/50. That is half Basic and half Expert. So for free players that means 1 Expert Dimension to generate the shards for the Crystal Synthesis event and some chance for Mines and 1 spot for running and re-running Basic Dimensions for the maximum chances of finding Bound Balen Mines.


I hope my work in this article was useful to you. Some final points & discussion:

  • Do you do Dimensions every day?
  • Do you like the Dimensions as they are right now in Wartune or you would like them changed and how?
  • Remember if you like my work please support via Patreon or
  • Visit my DolyGames Shop and buy something you like.
  • And finally do you have any additional tips to share with other Wartune players so that we can all benefit from each other?

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  1. one thing to note is that the final tower of a basic dim (or any other dim) has a chance to give, 10 lvl 2 will crystals, 10 lvl 2 res crystals, dim energy, or more revives. if trying to use up all energy on basics, with a little luck you could get comparable crystal income. but it takes awhile, and any free revives is a waste.

    • thanks for sharing

  2. Also worth remembering, if you are doing an expert, complete all but the last room on the first day, then finish it the second day. You’ll get an extra day, with almost full rewards. Around 18% more total daily rewards, and you don’t have to run them quite as often.

    • thanks for sharing

  3. Expert coord chests also available in adv. guild shop for 500 guild boss items.

    • and Archaeology
      thanks for sharing

  4. what will happen to the bound balen mine, if i delete the dimension in which it was found? will it be still there or will it disappear?

    • if the dimension is destroyed before the mine had time to generate the balens then you will get in the mail only the amount it managed to generate
      if you destroy yourself i think it is lost – i am not 100% sure on this one as i have not risked doing that myself (the above i have done)
      the balen mine needs 24 hours and you can see how much time is remaining in the Mine Rewards window so once it generates all balens you are OK to destroy the dimension if you want
      – COSMOS

      • ty cosmos

      • Yes, I accidentally did that myself, deleted a dimension that had a mine. You lose all rewards, or at least any that aren’t collectable.
        You have to be careful, since the game won’t show you which dimensions have mines unless you go into them. When doing basics, I only complete ones with mines, so I can safely delete anything less than 100% complete.

  5. You want us to be Patreons, but you have no ideea about new upgrade/patch. I read more good and real time info on forum of Wartune, than here, where you should give in front info. Not after. Now you will copy-paste from forum and put on this website. LOL Also you will delete comment because you not like the truth. Go work, pay Government taxes.

    • Dear evil person,
      I am not a God to know everything. I already spend many hours to bring to players everything that I already deliver.
      On this patch they decided not to inform me in advance – there is nothing I can do about that.
      As for your other immature and uneducated insults – they are not worth replying to.
      Good luck with your insults and in thinking that people are your slaves,
      Have a nice day,

  6. There’s also a trick i thought many know at this point but whatever.
    You can press Esc key when any reward card pops, if you do it before clicking any card to reveal what you get, it just goes into your mailbox with an expiration date of 30 days. Don’t click it there yet, just check the icon and don’t touch it if it’s energy until the day you need it or it will go from 30 days to 3, otherwise grab non-energy items like normal.
    Very usefull to stockpile on energy replenishment reward you get from gold key holding mob (silver gives normal non-energy items) and final fort (100 and 200), for those moments when you have no time to do dim runs and know you will sit at 1000+ for that day, might as well save for later farming days.

    P.S You can’t save silver chest obviously, it’s an instant pick up.

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