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Good Reward for Pressing 1 Button

Hey guys, this post is more for the beginners out there (also lovingly called “newbies” :P). I have a super easy tip for you with which you can get really nice rewards for just pressing 1 button.

In Wartune (all versions) you get rewarded for regularly entering the game. This system is called the “Daily Check In” system where all you have to do is click on the “Check In” button and that’s it! If you do this every single day (few mistakes are allowed) then you can get really awesome rewards, the biggest of which is the 300 bound balens, which can then be spent in the Shop to buy stuff that you normally cannot buy if you are a non-payer.

So make sure you press that button every day!

I know, sometimes you just don’t have time to play Wartune and there are tons of other stuff to do, so if you are having a day like this or a week or a month, whatever, then in this case just open Wartune, click “Check In” and close the window. This is the most simple thing you can do which takes just seconds and you will get all those nice rewards.

For the maximum reward you need to enter the game 26 times, so February is the most dangerous month 🙂 hehe, where you are allowed to “forget” only 2 times. For other months with 31 days you got several days that you could miss and still collect the rewards, but I would still advise you, just as a habit, on those days that you cant play, just enter, click that button and close the window.

(picture is from the mobile version, but the rewards are the same)

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