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Game Support refuses players after telling to make tickets

Hey guys, in a previous post we talked about leftover old items in Wartune (both free and paid), where one of the items was the Rare Ancient Beast Shard.

We informed the players of the announcement / communication by R2 Moderator Whakapono that he has a confirmation of the correct procedure regarding these, which was, quote:

“Ancient beast shards (and Underground Mount Shards) require a ticket, so they can do an exchange on them to beast souls (1ABS:3BSouls). Please place the shards in the 1st slot of your inventory, and send a screenshot of them there with your character name in the same shot.”

Naturally players did as recommended by the R2 Moderator, but then Game Support refused to exchange the items. Here is one example reply:

“Hi, thanks for waiting. We just asked dev. and the answer is negative, Rare Ancient Beast Shards can not be converted into Beast Souls.
Best regards,”

Then R2Games deleted the original forum thread (8 or more pages of forum discussions) so that nobody can see any of the information regarding this subject. The URL of this thread was: /showthread.php?183578-Golden-Road-Rare-Ancient-Beast-Shard or /showthread.php?183578-Golden-Road-Rare-Ancient-Beast-Shard/page8

Discussion Points

  • Why hide information, delete threads, etc – what’s wrong with saying sorry we made a mistake?
  • What’s the point of forum discussions if almost on daily basis posts or threads are deleted? It is a waste of everyone’s time to write all that text.
  • Legal thoughts: you pay money for an item, they make the item obsolete. A contract requires a fair exchange of goods by law. Is this even legal?
  • Reputation damage: Are 30-90 Beast souls worth damaging your relationship with players (especially casher players) who are playing for over a year?

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  1. contact them and let them know that if they do not exchange the item or refund what you spent on getting those item that you will contact the better business bureau and an attorney and take legal action against them they will send your items to in game mail had an issue similar to this awhile back with a recharge event told them what I just told yall i had all items in my mail 2 days later

    • Thanks for sharing, maybe the affected players can use your advice.

      • Thanks for this. I submitted my ticket on Friday, support responded almost straight away (that shocked me) as follows:

        “We will now send your ticket to our higher department for them to grant your request. Kindly help them and isolate the said item from other items or leave it where it is in the screenshot.

        May we ask your patience for our higher departments will not be around until Monday so it is advisable to send them a reminder after Monday if your ticket is remained unreplied.”

        I’ve heard nothing further so far and have just sent them the reminder. I will use your text above if the response is negative.

        Their attitude to your site and the work you do is shocking, Cosmos. Don’t let it get you down. You have many followers who visit you daily and we are all behind you.

  2. Wow…just WOW…I have no idea why they say they “can’t do it”

    I created a ticket a couple days ago, and here’s the outcome of the ticket, and what action was taken.

    Full Ticket –

    The Resolve –

    So I think the GM who said it can’t be done, is full of s**t.

    • Thanks for sharing Chris, this clearly shows that their staff don’t know what each of them is doing. One is helping another is refusing the same issue, so then it is like a lottery, you must get lucky to catch the helpful staff member.

      • That is very true. Its a fine example that some GM’s really don’t care about the game, or about helping others. Thus, I don’t believe they should be a member of the support team.

    • I think thats not from R2’s elves. They usually put “-The R2Games Team” and players IGN

  3. The game could be so amazing if devs and support were… adequate. They tell you to file tickets for problems and then do nothing. Over a few meaningless items, they risk pissing off players. Just have an exchange event where you can exchange obsolete items for newer ones. Simple. But they choose to think of players as the enemy for some reason. Bugs they won’t fix unless it is beneficial to players. I’m just speechless by their behavior. I really only stick around because of the friends I’ve made. But even I have a breaking point. Several of my friends have left and I may follow suit.

    • Ya that’s the sad part. This game could be absolutely wonderful in the hands of professional people, but these jokers are killing the game and good people are leaving every month.

      • It’s quite obvious that there are still many people regardless of their battle rating who keeps spending. I blame anyone who keeps spending on this rotten-runned game for their poor customer service. It’s still clear that too many players are still rewarding r2/proficient city for their behavior.

  4. keep sending the same ticket until you get a LOGICAL reply — >r2
    r2 players reading this, think about the game as a whole and this as a community you are also a part of. you r2 players need to voice your concerns to your ‘support,’ if you are unhappy and still 100m br, say something. youre hurting the game as fragile as it is already. yes, rank #1 is great..or even #40th for the sake of chaos wars, but again, youre effecting the whole game; causing this ^^^ youre ding it to yourselves and others. fix your mindset in-game and the game becomes fun for all again. remain the same and someone like myself will repeat word for word this post.
    have fun everyone!!! have a great summer :)))

    (I am 9m br, mild spender..very light as of late, so I CAN fend for both sides of money and greed. d; )

  5. Heya guys, -again- as i said previously to cosmos, IF you send a ticket to proficient city you could EITHER found a very very nice and competent fellow OR you get a know-nothing care-of-nothing support.

    So DO EXPECT un-related answers from them and try to get to the right person!!!!
    This make A HUUuuUUUUGE DIFFERENCE aka ur problem can be solved.

    I ALWAYS check who answers my ticket…you ll soon find out who’s Good and who’s Not 🙂

    This might sound strange to you, but I did got from the support team A LOT of balens back!!!!!!!!!!!
    – I have a screenshot of a special item that gives you 1000xBalens 🙂 (i had 3/4 of those from them as compensation)

    BTW the process proficient city USE to use, as i followed quite a few times, was to SELL the items you need compensation with -and if you think about it there is no better “screenshot” for that 🙂
    Compensation will follow.
    BUT DO NOT DO ANYTHING prior them telling you to do as explained above 🙂

    SOME people of the support team are GOOD people. good luck finding them 🙂

  6. btw USE google cached pages to access the old thread AND save it somehow 🙂
    so we can keep spamming their forums 😀 😀 😀 😀

  7. i sent a ticket for my left over underground palace shards and beast shards to be replaced by beast souls and they did mine

  8. I’d just like to be able to put a ticket in – wont work through facebook accounts on S46

    • HEY Roo!
      log in at: using the facebook button

      from there, if you click on the left-hand side tab “products”, you can see what is you actual “ID” (mine for instance is [email protected])
      When i send ticket, via , i do state my char name AND my “ID”.
      It works, even if you use facebook. 🙂

  9. Here is my ticket. I really hope I was not the one, who caused this because I mentioned your blog.

    I got already 6 pcs of BS, but deleted pm.

  10. I just did the ancient beast shard exchange a week ago. No issues.

    • Well great for you, no-so-great for other players who were rejected and the whole point is to have feelings of sympathy and support for people who suffer unfairly.
      – Cosmos

  11. I created a ticket for R2 Games in order to get my shards converted into beast souls. It took a few days but thay claimed to do it – although I don’t believe I got 3 Beast souls per shard. I have emailed them to ask what the conversion rate is but thay have yet to respond. They also mentioned the underground palace mount shards are unexchangeable at the moment.

    • Earlier today I got my reply that they would compensate the missing Beast Souls – when I checked my in-game mail box I was compensated the extra beast souls 🙂

      • Great, congrats! Maybe this article made an impact on the game support; we still feel sorry for any player who was refused and hope/propose same rights for all players.

  12. i just did mine also, there wasn’t any problem, they exchanged it right away, well, what I did is just to follow-up my ticket.

  13. Positive result for me:

    “JUN 22, 2016 | 04:54AM CEST
    R2 Brian replied:
    Hi FireAndice,

    29 rare ancient beast shards were deleted from your account and 87 beast souls will be delivered to your account within 4 business days.

    The underground palace mount shard and underground palace map shard are not exchangeable at present and we will let you know if there’s exchange event for them.”

    And they were delivered directly into my mount shop less than 6 hours later

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