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Life Rune, Rare Ancient Beast Shard, Underground Palace Map Shard and Epic Miraculous Shard

Hey guys, if you have been playing Wartune for years then you probably have some older items leftover in your inventory from old times. In this post I highlight and comment on 3 items: Life Rune, Underground Palace Map Shard and Epic Miraculous Shard.

Life Rune

This is something really old, maybe from 3 years ago, a lot of players and newer Wartune employees might not even know about this item. Life rune was not a rune like we know them today but could be used during battles to heal 20% of HP, which was rather powerful. Still have 11 left in the bag ūüôā

Rare Ancient Beast Shard

Rare Ancient Beast Shard Exchange was a system to get mounts before Beast Souls ever existed. However, they were hugely more difficult to get than Beast Souls which can be gotten for free as well as via cashing rewards. I recently received a question about this item and we tried to find some older info about it, which I could find in one of our July 2015 event posts: I recon they are at least 3-5 times more valuable than Beast Souls.

Update: comment from Moderator Whakapono:
> Ancient beast shards (and Underground Mount Shards) require a ticket, so they can do an exchange on them to beast souls (1ABS:3BSouls). Please place the shards in the 1st slot of your inventory, and send a screenshot of them there with your character name in the same shot.
Update 2: comment from a Player that Game Support refused to exchange:
Quote: “Hi, thanks for waiting. We just asked dev. and the answer is negative, Rare Ancient Beast Shards can not be converted into Beast Souls. ”

Underground Palace Map / Mount shards

Since the removal of the Underground Palace the Underground Palace Map shard and the ability to get the Underground Palace mount completely disappeared from the game. There was never an announcement from the Wartune Team about this.

Epic Miraculous Shards

These shards are not old, they still work in the game, but these 56 that I have are very old, maybe from 2 or 3 years ago. The Epic Miraculous Shard Exchange event is old though and completely uninteresting / outdated. They still keep running it simply because they ran it in the past so they keep doing it, which also shows that the working people over there have no idea what’s going on.

What to do with old items?

Over the years the Wartune Team has never made an announcement about such items, but we have indirect information that players can create tickets and game support will or will not compensate the player. So, if you have such items you can either just delete them (not my style :P) or create a ticket and try to get help from game support.

Have you already made a ticket?

If you already had an experience with this via making a ticket and receiving a compensation from game support please post in the comments and let us know what was the result so everyone can have a better understanding on these items. Thanks in advance.

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  1. The Mount Shards That i have atm and the thread that they are being talked about in:

    • Thanks Darrkin, your link was broken I fixed it and I updated the article with the Moderator recommendation.

  2. with the new patch maybe u can use them in the new harbour voyage cosmo if it allows u too

  3. Hey what if you motivate people to send tickets about DI timer?
    I am really annoyed by the time frame we get as not everyone has fast internet or good pc yet they are strong enough to beat all lvls just no time in between lag and spins :'(

  4. Underground palace map shards can be exchanged for bs too. Same ratio

    • I sent in a ticket for the underground palace mount shards and got this reply: Sorry.We do not have this exchange event.But we have reported it to our r&d department and hope they can consider it.Thank you for your support.

      • I did the same and got the same answer, about all the items listed here

  5. U forgot about the coins. Err… Coin anchestry?!? I have 20 of them.

  6. hi what about of coin of ancestry fragments?

  7. They gave a trade for coins and shards a bit ago and said it was last chance

  8. ya still got those mount shards ūüôĀ

  9. I still have also 52 energy stone for Sky Adventure event, Coin of Ancestry and Coin of Ancestry Fragment in my vault. Do you think I should send tickets for those as well?

  10. The most frustrating thing is that I had 24 UP mount shards and was stuck on that total for several UP events… And then it was removed… Apparently. They never ever announce when they completely remove events like that.

  11. the beast shards and the miraculous shards are still in active use and part of events at the german wartune clone legend online ^^
    well the gfx are in use, the names are obviously german

  12. GameFuse:
    Hi, thanks for waiting. We just asked dev. and the answer is negative, Rare Ancient Beast Shards can not be converted into Beast Souls.

    Best regards,

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