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Learning From a Top Free Player – Maeybe!

Hey you guys, today I wanted to highlight a character from my server, Maeybe, who I think is one of, if not the very top free player in all of Wartune! Where big cash players can recover from mistakes with money, free and low cash players have to make very careful and smart decisions about what they do with their materials. I think there are some important things we can learn from players like Maeybe about where are priorities should be.


Having a focused direction for which stats you’re building is critical to not wasting your materials on stats that have low-impact on your hero progress. It sounds really basic, but Maeybe focuses on attack above every other stat, followed by defense and then HP. A big pitfall for some players is being tempted into high HP builds, since HP gives so much BR right now, but really of your equipment, HP items should be the absolute lowest priority.


I didn’t touch on this in the video much, but since it’s more difficult for free players to have a lot of sylph variety. Maeybe’s main sylph has been electro since electro sylphs have been a part of the game. Hers is now Zeus, and only once sylph materials became easier to get in the game did she start building up a dark sylph (Gaia right now) and other elements for some PvP variety. PvE success should always be a priority over PvP prowess for free and low cash players, so building a strong attack sylph (electro or fire) is key.

Resistance and Will Crystals

Dimensions, dimensions, dimensions. It’s time-consuming. It’s one of the less eventful things to do in Wartune. But it’s absolutely critical to your PvP AND PvE success. Especially since free players don’t have the real balens to open the 6th battle protection shield, having high level crystals makes all the difference in defending against elemental attacks. Will crystals are absolutely vital to hitting hard in World Boss and other PvE events, and to making big impact in PvP fights. Maeybe sets the bar for free player will crystals; my guess is she’ll have 3 lvl. 8s soon, and I think that’s a healthy number (but always pushing for more…).

Daily Task Prioritization

For top free players like Maeybe, the time they put into the game is a huge part of their advantage. I think Maey probably does all or at least close to all of the following on a daily basis, with only a little exception. That said, I’ve tried to order each task by priority in its category. I don’t realistically get all of this in, except for maybe on a very free weekend. For me, on a busy day, it’s just Dragon Invasion, Tower of Kings, dropping into Nirvana Hell for the first two bosses to get the clamps, and blitzes.

  • Gold Income – on top of all the other stuff I mention, a huge part of why Maey is leaps and bounds ahead of most players on my server on her holy forge and red gear upgrades is because she has one of the best gold incomes on our server. Gold directly translates to BR, and the more of it you can save for holy forge and not waste on other nonsense, the better off you’ll be.
    1. Dragon Invasion
    2. World Boss
    3. Bloody Inferno
  • Dungeons with Large BR Return
    1. Daily/Weekly Multi-player dungeon – equipment synthesis/upgrading/forging materials
    2. Tower of Kings – Mount whips, mount card shards
  • Sylph Materials
    1. Sylph Expedition
    2. Sylph Arena
  • Resistance Crystal Income
    1. Dimensions, dimensions, dimensions
  • Honor/PvP Points – admittedly trickier to prioritize, it depends a bit on what you need most
    1. Group Arena
    2. Guild Battle
    3. Battleground – highest priority if you really just need honor/PvP points, but has the worst prizes as far as “other” items go
  • Blitzes
    1. Purgatory Maze
    2. Tormented Necropolis
    3. Catacombs (higher priority than Necropolis, if you haven’t completed Necropolis)
    4. Solo Campaign

Just In Case . . .

I hope this shows that free players can do great stuff in Wartune with time, patience, and sound strategy! And just in case there are any skeptics, I have these screenies from Maey 🙂

This poor game is still trying to get her to recharge for a lvl. 20 piece of equipment 😛 Click to enlarge.

VIDEO: Wartune Character Highlight – Maeybe – Top Free Player

Check out all the details as I discuss Maeybe in my character highlight video of her 🙂

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  1. beats by 25k br my mdef and pdef far higher I do have vip but that’s it since lvl 48 think I would beat him in pvp fight

    • i believe kingKermit u will not beat her cause i’m a bit casher and i can’t handle her with her same br.

    • free? I doubt it i am at 2 million and i put in a few hundred bucks and i play from start of game and i never miss a day event and spend 10 to 12 hours per day on here

      • So you are saying because you were inefficient with your toon,its impossible for anyone else to be much higher than you?

      • I’ll reiterate part of my comment to Yoshi… I don’t know how much more blatantly clear it can be that she’s genuinely a free player than the screenshot showing she still has the “First Recharge Reward” available to her…
        At the risk of sounding harsh, if you’ve really been playing the 3+ year lifetime of the game, I’m surprised your BR isn’t higher. The only thing I can imagine is either you’ve made a few blunders in your decision-making, or that you camped a level less than 80 for a huge portion of that time.
        Regardless, there’s always room to improve your strategy and goals for the game, and that’s what the post is hoping to make people think about.

      • I am not VIP, never recharged money, but i am level 3 VIP. Interesting, no? 🙂 Also others were never VIP, but recharged hundreds and thousands of USD (probably not this case, but others do). In 8 months i am over 1.9 mil BR (i play around 3-4 hours a day). So i dont want to think why you after all most 4 years are only 2 mil BR. I see other players that if i want to tell them how to upgrade VIP without money, or to tell how to get Spirit Staff (sylph weapon) or other advanced items in just 4-5 months of free play, they start argue and tell they are old players, i cant teach them nothing, and they stay at level 35, 45 long time. After a while they go to 80, but with BR 600-800 k. So in my opinion is not important how long you play, but how you use what you know. Old man 90 years is not necessary smarter than young 19 years. 🙂 Have a nice day.

      • Back in the day of this game of CHANGE the way 90% of new people coming on were taught to play was to camp in the 50s and then again in the 60s etc. That strategy went out the window about a year a go with patchs so there had to be change. We all do it differently. I dumped my Mage a new lvl 80 and went to an Archer and flew to lvl 80 and have over 2 mil BR. I could have done that with my mage and be over 3 mil now but have more fun with my Archer. My choice.
        This game is about change and adjusting to that change with each patch. 5.2 patch I understand is supposed to have some more big changes. Of course some good and some OMG REALLY? lol

      • its kinda weird that you said that you have been playing for the beggining and cashed a little and only 2m br, i have been playing for almost 2 years and most of the time i´ve been camping, just this 7 i leveled up to 80 and im at 1.7m so with some events like holy forge ans maybe souls seals i could get really close to your br

      • that might be your fault…u dont know how to play the game

  2. You basically summed up what my play style is, even though I no longer qualify as a free player, more like a light casher (no vip other than free cards, but bought the final slot, wedding and a 1-2k balens or so on other things, thanks to the fact I was able to recharge Wartune from my spare cell phone money), except lastly I don’t really want to do all the events, including important daily mpd, dimensions or tok, spire and bi.

    Unfortunately Wartune is very time consuming, especially since you don’t have access to any VIP or spirit covenant features (though I have few spare covenants/vip cards from underground palace and events for times when it’s needed).

    I’d also like to point out of the importance of hot events and the decision of what to do with chests. I made a few decisions I regret that tend to linger behind me before I can “catch up” and make up the losses. And don’t forget the importance of cards, especially for pugatory and dungeons unless your strength is enough to beat purgatory and your daily/weekly dungeons with any team you run.
    It’s also wise to sacrifice some BR in form of red astrals for favor of the percentage based ones.

    • Think you’ve mentioned a few good points here. Maeybe has had the good fortune of running with a strong team for a long time, so MP card bonuses aren’t a huge deal, but cards may have helped with Purgatory Maze and such. Also you’re right that making good decisions with your event chests are key, and can be very tricky; I think everyone’s messed up this bit a few times.
      I’ve been a big proponent of percentage astrals over BR astrals since… as long as I can remember, so I’m glad you agree 🙂

      • I slowly replaced pretty much all my astrals with the percentage ones over time 🙂 I’m a knight, so first it was Goddess Blessing, Guardian Angel and Will Destroyer. As soon as I got strong enough I ditched Will Destroyer for Determination. Later on went for Illusion as it’s low initial proc % can be boosted to a really nice levels eventually (especially with slot refinements) and started to like Deflection that although have a low proc chance can be a gamechanger when it does. Finally got the Regeneration astral as well, as I wasn’t scared of 10% chance on it, and it does help 🙂

        In the end the only red astrals I wear are Sacred Gemini, Holy Vigor, Holy Force and Holy Sniper’s Edge and the rest is orange.

        What I also like is the fact that the orange astrals are faster to upgrade, which is important if you aren’t a long time player, especially now that holy forge uses all the gold you gather ^^

  3. have a hard time believing she is a free player with over 3mill br she must be really lucky on mount drops other then that i doubt she isn’t paying and same with all gold sylph gear they only recently started giving those out for event box exchange

    • I don’t know how much more blatantly clear it can be that she’s genuinely a free player than the screenshot showing she still has the “First Recharge Reward” available to her… Some of Wartune is about luck, but getting lucky and obtaining a few extra mounts is not the difference between Maey’s success and other’s. The extra time and effort she puts into getting rewards, especially gold, from the game each day and the good choices she’s made about events and building her character are what set her apart.

    • Gift of God was a possible drop in old dimensions and could be bought with bound balens in the new wild shop. I think the few event packs/codes Wartune community gave over time might have had some, and she is playing Wartune for (almost?) the beginning which is huge.

      Plus with all the materials she gather every day she can get a ton of free chests from doing pretty much all the events to the max.

      It’s extreme dedication, not the money, I’d say.

    • im a free player with 6.8 million (included dragon chant)
      i do have free VIP vouchers that let me become vip for 1 hour or a week.

  4. Wow, just wow.
    A true dedication here. I’m absolute positive that she’s a free player. First recharge still active clearly proves it.
    But, I’ll add a few points here.
    First – marriage. Even if her partner paid for it, it makes her “guilty” of involving into a casher stuff.
    Second – a good team. I believe her team are cahers. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a good team.

    • Wow is a word I use for Maey a lot lol 🙂
      I think the marriage and good/casher team stuff is a product of her hard work, not that people just threw money at her, or else they would have recharged her account by now. Running with a regular group that’s very strong didn’t happen by accident for her. She plays actively, is a smart player, and is a nice person. Being a jerk in social/cooperative games doesn’t get you very far, or costs balens to get things that you’d otherwise obtain for free. Making people want to play with you is also skill.
      I don’t see the point of holding running with or marrying cashers against her. Non-cashers shouldn’t have to only run with each to maintain their non-cash purity lol.

      • I never underestimated a good party.
        After a week of playing I understand that I need a party for arena. After 2 weeks I had such a party.
        In my party everyone cash differently.
        For example, me, the biggest casher in party and other person, the lightest casher have a 10 times difference in VIP points. Guess who has more BR. Wrong. His BR is like 1.3 times bigger than mine. But guess who usually wins a friendly duel ;).
        I’m just talking that I’ve seen similar persons w/o ring.

    • On the marriage side, who wouldn’t want to marry a very active player that can always run dungeons with marriage boosts with you and gather so many satisfaction points from various sources to allow you upgrade your wedding ring whenever you have materials for it and have higher benefits from boosts/wedding heal/revive :)?

  5. I love your blog, but thats not a free player for the following motives (not for battle rating, it could be): the screenshot of vip means nothing. i have never activated vip but i recharged tons of balens in game so i am a casher. be a casher no depends from vip but more from balens.
    the other screenshot with recharge for legendary weapon is fake, because its showed only in large screen and there is not little icon for it above screen. photoshop art.
    she has those wings who for exchange in hot events cost a lot, plus complete set, so another thing which isn’t possible.
    marriage ring is too high level and has too many mounts so she must be very lucky to take 1 mount every event or that’s cash.
    other people say is no a free player for br, but actually thats the only thing could be free lol. she has too much red equipment as well, it means win a lot titan wars and class wars so high br and so cash. sylph also is too high and refined too. materials to refine it are in big spender events. and i repeat, a casher you don’t see from vip or no vip. its a pity to add this fake page because the other things of blog are very nice info.

    • The icon is there. Its the Recharge Gift Pack 6th icon at the top. The wings don’t cost lots. They are only 120 pies. I already have 360 pies from events.

    • Red gear is only a matter of time. Narrandera Remains ring any bells? Check this blog, COSMOS done 6 red gears at once. Mostly for fun and good picture. And he is clearly not a big casher (not completely free, a very light casher). Same for evol. You were able to get refinement materials in previous events (COSMOS also made a zeus from that event).

    • I pitty the people that have to comment out of jealousy, while they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about…No more saying needed.

      • Ingame I am married to a free player. She plays for 8 months now and has close to 2M BR. She never spend a single balen, but in several aspects she is better then me. She has 6 lvl 11 res crystals of every element, and even 6 level 12. Also her res reduction is better then mine, because she does the following: dimensions, dimensions, dimensions. So all I can say is: good job Maeby, keep up the work!!

  6. “Resistance crystals dimension dimension dimension” you wrote lol. You don’t even know they are not only from dimension but from maps and events too.

    • Enlighten us.
      Maps are not even near to dims. With good playing (still suboptimal, but good) you can gain like 3k crystal shards from dims per day. I assume only 2 expert dims active daily.
      Cards give you 960 at max. Events give only of you have something to create.

    • Maps are almost a completely irrelevant source of crystals. Dimensions dwarf maps.

      • Hard to disagree, but they are still a valid source, especilly when done regularily. Will crystals can also be exchanged for league points or taken as a reward from titan war.

      • Will crystal from a league shop is really a bad choice. You can get like a 3 lvl 2 per month. With expert dimensions, you will get like 12 lvl 2 per day.

  7. This is really impressive. Congrats Maeybe.

  8. actually i dont know if its good to prioritize bg cause actually if you arent that strong you wont get to many kills so maybe is better gb or group arena, only for people like maeybe that is strong enough, cause im only 1.7m+ br so i dont get to many kills

    • I talk about our version, correct me if I’m wrong.
      You gain honor only for 5 kills per entry (22 kills to hit 6k limit), so it is not a big deal. All you need is a dryads. You either start by killing a few mobs/goblins, or rush and get killed by someone strong 2-3 times. Also you can go carting, this gives dryads too.
      As of our version, we gain PvP points only from arena, so many people having trouble getting saturday’s chest.
      Also, you can gain honor by consuming medals. And medals seems do drop just everywhere possible.

      • The 5 kills limit no longer applies as one of the (not so) recent patches (at least in Proficient City, but should be the same for R2). Medals are from hot events (login and arena), Steel War and I think either Glory Crystals or Titan Crystals, but they are indeed a lot of them being given out 🙂

        The servers are branched now, so the newer servers (like the one I’m playing at) won’t match with the older players. Combined with the fact that there are a lot people hitting 80 and trying to cart as there’s no SFT anymore, I find a lot of (unfortunate) weaker people to kill at even if I’m not in top100 in cross server BR-wise.

  9. Probably she sent you a screenshot photoshopped or after she spent all balens she had (i see 0 balens in screenshot). However free players can’t get marriage, and not so many mounts too, so that is not a free player. Plus, i can tell you in my server many people, the top player too, tell always is free player just because want others appear less intelligent than him and just because has no vip activated lol. Almost everyone says is free player when isn’t.

    • You really assume the worst in others lol. Wow. Just wow.

    • hmm free players cant get marriage? well my in game wife is a free player. you realize it gives the option to pay in full or split cost right? as for mounts i’ve seen free players get 2 to 3 of the same mounts before. so yea saying maeybe isn’t a free player because of a “photoshopped” screenshot that you didn’t take the time to actually look at just makes your jealousy amusing.

    • Free Players can get married. “Hybrid” player (very light cash, mostly free) married a person in my guild who is a free player. I paid for the wedding and my wife is semi-active. Also you can get the items to upgrade your wedding ring via Dimension War. They are rare drops but they are there. I got my ring to Lv 5 that way. VIP has always been for debate over on our server whether or not its a sign of being cashy. Some say yes while some say no.

      Maeybe does have a high BR but I got to agree with the rest as well that this is suspect. Not by cashing but by other means. Hacking. There are stories on the Net via google search on some players hacking into Wartune and bragging about it. Saw a few suspected instances like one mega casher in DI roll a 6 for EIGHT straight times (odds are that actually happening are really astronomically low, almost equal to winning the lottery if you want to think about it that way) so yeah I kind of want more proof to

      • At this point it’s a little exasperating defending her over and over again. I think that anybody that knows Maey will find all this suspicion about her absolutely comical, as do I. Skeptics are always the loudest, and that’s the only reason why there’s a disproportionate number of people claiming she’s photoshopping, lying, and hacking here. Everybody else will take this at face value instead of succumbing to the internet’s constant obsession with conspiracy.

  10. Good job! One big problem with Wartune is, whatever you achieve, you wont get much credit for it because you can buy unlimited power for BR. If you cash a lot, people will say, he bought his BR. If you are a free player, people will be sorry for you, because you are a weak punchbag, who wasted something even more precous than money on this game, your time. Maeybe has an awesome BR for totally free. But most people will never believe Maeybe being totally free (although the proof is pretty obvious), and the rest will feel only envy, because they spent money, even a lot, and has less BR.
    So the morale of the story is, never play to be first, because whatever you achieve, no one will care. Play only if you have fun. And if you want to have fun, you must spend at least some money. Because it saves a lot of time which you could use for much more useful things than Wartune. I spend like 100-150 USD per month, and I could kill Maeybe easily. Now imagine how strong Maeybe could be if spent some money.

    • I think you’re right on pretty much all your points, but I think Maey has plenty of fun without spending money.

  11. you should put this post under “fun/funny” and not under “character overview”. you can imagine the motives. lol

  12. Congrats for the luck, i never get a mount for free from boxes and if i ask to top players to run with me in mpd they answer they don’t spend money for me. She can be good player, but she’s lucky too, that help a lot. Keep up good work, very nice br! 🙂

    • I imagine Maey has had some luck with mounts, but I wouldn’t say her luck is any better than the average player. This is a result of an exceptional amount of time, effort, and careful/smart play on her part.

  13. you say she is the top free player but your showing that she has two toons one of witch she is spending on and a mount strength of 21k on the toon that she supposedly not spending on. when most free player barley have any mounts and in your defense is a first time spender pop up witch could be easily been photo shopped by anyone other then that its just your word. nothing about her toon says she is a free player.

    • In the video I make it pretty clear that I think the mount strengths are incorrect as they’re shown, and they are. Midori has a little over 26k mount strength and Maey’s is just over 21k. The first recharge is not photoshopped. The Special Pack icon at the top is where it’s from. I talked to Maey about getting the screenie and she sent it to my email within minutes, so if she photoshopped it, that’s some very fast manipulation to put in the special pack, overlay the recharge pack, onto a screenshot that has the guild chat and everything I was seeing at the time we were talking…

  14. u are such a fool arent u? may i remind u how many times i ve seen free players getting max help from ultra donators bringing em in all mpd from early days of joining the server?

    U seriously think that player got no help and went there? if u are old and “pro” player u should understand what i say. And trust me there is no other way to build up faster as f2p.

    • so stop the “wow” will ya? pff kids ……

  15. I am 3M br also played more then 3 years mount strenght 21100. All res cristals level 12 and all level 8 will cristals. Level 8 clothing and wings.
    Orange sylph gear on main sylph. All 6 sylphs are orange quality. I play more then 6 hour everiday.
    All astrals level 10.I got level 9 marriage ring.I can go on and on but my point is with time invested you can archieve a lot.About dw yes free player can have 2 only but you can delete and open new 1. Daily shards are small amount. Level 2 will cristal is alone 900 shard already you get from posts.
    Gl all in wartune and keep up the good work dolygames team 🙂

  16. To say that mae couldn’t have reached such high BR without cashing is a joke. In my server, a free player, cocacola has more BR than mae. Plus she is in top 40 and takes part in chaos war. So anything is possible. Have fun.

  17. Such a shame, so many unbelievers.. I would say, well done on that char. im a light casher, i have lvl 9 vip, and think spend around 50k balans in total, i have now a bit over 3m br, and im in top 20 of my server, at this moment there is only one very light casher above me, he only has recharged for 6th res lock. my server isnt 2 years old yet. and mount i have ca 21k, not very lucky with boxes, also always wait for events. I always runned my daily runs with own br party, till 3 months ago, now i have team with one big casher, normal casher and another light casher. invested in eud (gear and diamand one time) and my first 2th evolved sylph, there wasnt boxes exchange at that moment. To keep up its hard work, do all daily, including things like circuit quest, atol etc.

    So keep up the good work, and hope to see and learn more.

  18. People who don’t believe are just bad at the game. I will hit 3mil br in next holy forge event and my toon only 1year and a few days old, all free.

  19. not bad for a free player

  20. What’s her BR now?

    • Just asked and she said 5.82 million without dims. So with a couple expert dimensions going, close 6 million.

      • Is she still playing? If so, is she KH and how

  21. If she is free player how cud she manage Marraige??

    • Someone else bought the marriage and then she just got ring upgrade materials from dimensions.

  22. Seriously speaking as a free player i can’t understand how she manage to do it….hardly believable
    plz dnt get me wrong, out of frustration saying this..

  23. I kill most casher without 1 cent you all are noobs.

  24. hmmm…and where is the begginer’s mine? maybe im a bit oversuspicious but i cant believe this is made 100% without the use of the ballens

    • why not?? I was comeback to game before 4 months I had 90k br now I having 1.93 mil u need time and very hard work I ll hit 3 mil probably in next 2/3 months I don t paying cent for it 🙂 u need start hardcore playing and on new servers u may get off small cashers only with your hard work I know some of players having game just throught wallet but some of cashers re willing to help free players too so everything s good for something have a good day 🙂

  25. hmmm…and where is the begginer’s mine? maybe im a bit oversuspicious but i cant believe this is made 100% without the use of the ballens

  26. The free player from my server is lot stronger..

    • This article is over 6 months old…

  27. Someone could have bought stuff for her like wings clothing etc.. you can gift anything in shop… sooo yes she’s free player but she might have gotten a ton of stuff from others

  28. 1 thing u saying that hp s useless when your def sucks I admit with it but not everywhere for example at sylphs mdef pdef re totally useless for everyone (it makes effect only for expedition sylph arena) mtak ptak on sylphs re not bad idea but not very effective cause these 2 makes effect on passive sylph attacks every 2 turn and when u awake sylph it s not bad but at all it gives just small amount of dmg and effect s not certain because u cannot have awaken sylph all time of battle but hp s simple hp u ll get 50k hp just for refining rare sylph iltems with 3 x lvl 40 hp stats on all iltems and lvl 3 sylph gems this s reachable for everyone later u may get 300/400k hp from this if u do high stats gems and legend refining with hp stats 🙂 have a good day 🙂

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