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First War of Eternity Guide, Rewards (22 May 2016)

Hey guys, the first War of Eternity is scheduled to begin on the 22nd of May 2016 in Wartune after a long time of not functioning. Below you will find the info about this event and the shop, but note that this event is for married couples only so not everyone can participate.

War of Eternity Info

  • War of Eternity is a cross server event but for married players only (and their Eudaemons) and requiring a minimum of level 50.
  • It is structured in 3 sections like Class Wars: battle, wagers, spending in the shop
  • Initial ranks and allocations to groups is done based on the total Battle Rating of the married couple. So players will be allocated to Diamond, Gold, Silver and Iron groups based on BR. Ranks are: Top 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30 and 31+
  • Although the initial ranking is by BR the ranking gets re-evaluated based on actual battle performance where top 2 winners get moved up a group and top 2 losers get moved down.
  • Wagers will not be for top spots but for a random ranking for one of the couples of the Diamond Group.
  • Eternal Crystals, similar to other events, will be reset after 3 days, so gotta remember to spend them relatively fast in the Eternal Shop.
  • Inspiration, similar to Titan War, exists for balens only with a maximum limit of 10 (5% x 10 = 50% buff).
  • Matching of couples will be based on the quantity of wins.

War of Eternity Window

Sign up timing & Structure

  • The first War of Eternity sign up time is between 5/19/2016 10:00 and 5/22/2016 10:00.
  • It is divided into the Preliminaries and Finals and goes for 4 weeks duration (4 Sundays).
  • Battles start at 19:55 like Class Wars.
  • Each Sunday there will be 9 battles each having a 5 minute duration.
You need to be in a party to sign up but do not be in a party when you enter into battle. It works like Titan War where you click and enter the same room.

Sign up 2,000,000 gold

Eternal Shop

Shop Item Eternal Crystal cost Opinion
999 Roses 2000 meaningless item
Titan’s Heart Shard 10 not expecting anyone to buy this
Sylph Sepulcrum 5 cashers usually do not need this
Rose Hazel 1 probably will not buy, can get for free from dimensions
Premium Refinement Crystal 10 interesting
Insignia 2 not expecting anyone to be interested in this
Empire Truncheon 10 interesting
Book of Wisdom 10 interesting

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  1. Premiun ref crystal.hmmm what is that.maybe better ref equip

    • i believe that’s the item for refining the orange artifact/halidom
      – Cosmos

      • for refining Red artifact/halidom.

      • oops I did mean red hehehe, thanks Rat
        – Cosmos

  2. but we can do the event with the engagement ring? or is really an event only for the cashers?

    • for married players only

    • To be married you, one player/partner needs to buy the ring which cost $40. Many would call that player a “casher”.

    • To be married you, one player/partner needs to buy the ring which cost $40. Many would call that player a “casher”.

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