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Exchange Whips & Adv. Mahra for Crowns or not?

Hey everyone! In the Crown Chest exchange there are a number of resource trade-ins possible and while some like Hoof/Mahra/Sepulcrum are a no-brainer some players may hesitate about 2 exchanges in particular: Whips and Advanced Mahra. So in this article I ask the question: Is it a good idea to exchange Whips and Advanced Mahra for Crown Chests Crown Chest icon Wartune Events 19 JAN 2018 ?

6 Trade-in Possibilities

For 1 chest For 30 chests
150 Whips for 1 chest Mount Training Whip icon Wartune = 4500 Whips for 30 chests
30 Hoofs for 1 chest Mount Hoof icon Wartune = 900 for 30 chests
50 Adv. Mahra for 1 chest Wartune Events 25 Dec 2015 = 1500 Adv. Mahra for 30 chests
50 Adv. Sepulcrum for 1 chest Wartune Events 25 Dec 2015 = 1500 Adv. Sepulcrum for 30 chests
100 Mahra for 1 chest Wartune Events 24 Dec 2015 = 3000 Mahra for 30 chests
100 Sepulcrum for 1 chest Wartune Events 24 Dec 2015 = 3000 Sepulcrum for 30 chests
  • Wartune Events 24 Dec 2015Wartune Events 24 Dec 2015 Mahra/Sepulcrum are really aplenty and people have been throwing them out for a long time, so exchanging these is a no-brainer for most players.
  • Mount Hoof icon Wartune Same applies for Hoofs. In some cases they can be even more plentiful than the Mahra/Sepulcrum. No problem to exchange.
  • Wartune Events 25 Dec 2015 Adv. Sepulcrum is already more difficult to “throw out” for lower BR players but still most active players should be able to trade-in 1500 of them without much issue.
  • Wartune Events 25 Dec 2015 Adv. Mahra however is a harder choice. It is no problem for top BR as they have a lot, but for other players still upgrading their sylphs it could be tough.
  • Mount Training Whip icon Wartune Whips are actually one of the oldest resources which are still very useful today because most players still have a long way to go to upgrade their Stables and Magic Mounts. As it is a useful resource we also have to consider this one.

So how do we decide? Well let’s look at what we would get for 30 chests and see if the expected rewards are worth 1500 Adv. Mahra or 4500 Whips:

Quantity Expectations for 30 Chests

  • About 10 Blue Pouches
  • About 16 Sylph Soul Orbs Sylph Soul Orb icon Wartune Patch 6.5
  • About 45 Clothing Refinement Stones
  • About 90 Smelting Stones Smelting Stone icon Wartune 1
  • About 56 Polishing Orbs Polishing Orb icon Wartune Patch 6.5
  • About 45 Cast Stones Lord's Trial Cast Stone icon Wartune
  • About 9 Essences of Zeus Essence of Zeus icon Wartune

Looking at this list I would say most amounts are negligible and I only see maybe 3 items as OK-amounts, i.e. 90 Smelting Stones, 45 Cast Stones and 45 Clothing Refinement Stones. Are these amounts worth Wartune Events 25 Dec 2015 1500 Advanced Mahra or Mount Training Whip icon Wartune 4500 Mount Training Whips? I think not.

There are only 2 things which can shake this judgement.

  1. If you are close to collecting a Rare Item drop and this is the only way to do it. Which could be an extra 40 Polishing Orbs for example. But then again even with this extra amount I’d say it is still not worth it.
  2. And 2nd, which is I guess the main tough point – is if you think you might get lucky to win one of the mounts with 30 or 60 chests. But that’s a rather high price to pay. The chances are certainly against it as the mounts have zero point something percent chance of dropping – probably 1 in a 1000. But on the other hand if one does not participate then the chances are certainly zero.

POLL: What will you do? Cast your vote:

Will you exchange 1500 Adv. Mahra or 4500 Whips for 30 Crown Chests?

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  1. I exchange for whole 180 crowns. i always like those lucky exchange so try to maximize chances for that “gamble”.
    But the most important thing is i get that scarab card, so I think those resources did pay off 🙂

    • Oh you got the mount? Congrats 🙂

      • I exchanged all and got the scarab mount plus a good mount of orbs so was very much worth it in my opinion. –KingTimmy

  2. i exchanged all till end of max too and got the ice mount not the sscarab ^^ greetings zeppe

    • 🙂

  3. yes i did for 180 chests ty for ask 🙂

  4. I so lucky,i give two frost unicorn cards😄

  5. Nice analisys cosmos. But you forgot a factor:the turn around ….. I.E. The time in wich we get back the resources invested. Based on the fact that whips are fast to collect again …. It worth to try to be Lucky for the mounts. Not the same for adv mahara that is hard to collect. So i will do the mount Exchange…. But not the adv mahara

  6. After last maintaince they added Adv Mahra/ Sepulcrum to guild shop 50 a day 20Con each ( you can get 1500 Adv Mahra and Sepulcrum in 30 days with just 60 mln gold – very cheap i would say !!!)
    My oppinion – it’s worth if you are gamble person – and vise versa if you’r not :).
    Hope some of us also get that nice mount cards !!!

  7. I exchanged and no get mount ;/

    • I exhchanged 180 and i no get mount ;/

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