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Efficiency Analysis: Holy Forge 600 Event

Hi everyone! In this article I share my analysis and recommendation regarding the Holy Forge event, which is the 10 to 600 forges per day configuration (2018 / 2019) with some forge materials and event items as rewards.

In the table below you see:

  • 1st column: how many times we can do holy forge
  • 2nd: the Event Items we get as reward
  • 3rd: cumulative amounts of the event items
  • 4th is the most important column, the Efficiency, which shows how many event items we get per holy forge

Calculation Table: Holy Forge version 10-to-600

# Times to Holy Forge Event Items given Cumulative shards Efficiency: items per forge
10 2 2 20%
30 4 6 20%
50 6 12 24%
100 10 22 22%
300 20 42 14%
600 50 92 15%

Conclusion / Recommendation

We can see that in this specific Holy Forge Event configuration the 50 forges is the best at 24% efficiency (closely followed up by 100 at 22% efficiency which I think is more optimal compared to the resources we usually have).

This means that if you don’t have so many resources to do the maximum (600) each day you will be happy to learn that the top 2 tiers are actually the least efficient options. Even doing 10 or 30 is better in terms of efficiency than 300 or 600.

So I recommend targeting 100 per day in general and only doing the higher holy forge tiers if you don’t have inventory space to keep materials or have too many of them.

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