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Efficiency Analysis: Clothing Identification Event

Hi everyone! In this article I share my analysis and recommendation regarding the Clothing Identification event, which is the configuration of January 2019 with 3 to 16 identifications per day.

In the table below you see:

  • 1st column: how many times we can identify
  • 2nd: the Clothing Shards we get as reward
  • 4th is the most important column, the Efficiency, which shows how many shards we get per identificaiton

Calculation Table: Clothing Identification version 3-to-16

# Times to Identify Clothing shards given Cumulative shards Efficiency: shards per identify Other: Event Item info
3 2 2 0.67 mini only
5 3 5 1.00 mini only
8 4 9 1.13 normal
12 5 14 1.17 normal
16 7 21 1.31 normal

Conclusion / Recommendation

We can see that in this specific Clothing Identification Event configuration the 16 ID is the best (in a previous config 10 was better).

This means that if you don’t have so many resources it is best to do one times 16 than a little bit every day. And if you don’t have enough to do 16 it is better than you skip this event and collect until you can do 1 x 16.

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