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Easier Sylph Upgrade & Refine via Dimension Offerings

Hey everyone! There was an unannounced Wartune update where they added a whole bunch of Dimension Offerings (Lesser, Greater, Ancient) in all dimensions, which may have been a “bribe” to get players to play more or do more dimensions (see recent poll on dimensions). Whatever the reason, we are happy to have more rewards! 🙂

The offerings contain all sorts of items and I have previously posted a bunch about Offerings which you can find via the Search Box. In this article I focus on the rewards which help to upgrade / refine sylphs.

One important thing to point out is that giving players “unlimited” Offerings is pretty much useless because there is a daily limit of 3, so even if you have a million of them, you can only open 3 per day. That said, I know some players use their Ancient Offerings and keep or throw away the Lesser ones.

Those who ask if we should keep them or not I’ll say that currently there is no evidence or info that we will be able to use all of them. But pack-rat players will keep everything anyways just in case :), however, there is definitely a logic to keep the higher 2 and discard the Lesser one.

Here are 3 Ancient Offering rewards which I got yesterday that I want to share, all of which are excellent support for making sylphs stronger:

100 Advanced Mahra @ Ancient Dimension Offering

Easier Sylph Upgrade & Refine via Offerings - 100 Adv Mahra

100 Moon Rock @ Ancient Dimension Offering

Easier Sylph Upgrade & Refine via Offerings - 100 Moon Rock

100 Moon Dust @ Ancient Dimension Offerings

Easier Sylph Upgrade & Refine via Offerings - 100 Moon Dust

These are pretty solid results and the rewards add up with other game activities making it easier for players to upgrade / refine their sylphs. The amounts are nice as well. 100 Moon Rocks/Dust is equivalent to 10 event chests and 100 Adv. Mahra, i believe, is even better than that.

I do wish these Wartune companies would start acting professionally and communicate ALL their actions & game changes with players, but anyways, it is what it is. I am glad for this positive change in Wartune even though it was silently implemented – what about you?

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Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. It wasn’t exactly unannounced really. It was in the release notes. The sheer volume of them on the other hand was not expected, but is welcome. Let the farming begin!

    • To clarify 2 things:
      1) I check announcements every day as i make event posts every day and that information was not in the maintenance announcement and was added later.
      2) Anyone who has ever worked in marketing / communications or even using common sense can recognize that good communication and good relations come from clear/transparent and in advance communication and not a short line added at the last moment in a place/location where majority of players do not read.
      – COSMOS

  2. They went from one extreme to the other. Now we just need to get them to put the new Willpower items into the game like Willpower Warpath Crystals.

  3. Personally, I think they’ll dial them back and if you don’t do dimms every day, having stock in mail means you can open whatever.

    Make sure your inventory is full before you go in and anything that can’t stack goes to mail. sort your inventory when you are done and stuff will restack, then take the oldest large ones you have in mail and leave the rest. Assume using the escape key goes automatically to mail still too but haven’t tested

    we all used to do that with energy, works here too

  4. about saving them i thing there are 2 things that could happend:
    1st they either increase or remove the limit so we can use more of them daily
    2nd they decrease dractically the drop rate to maybe even the one of a mine and we can get them in such large numbers as now
    either way personally i think dont throw any is the best option

  5. Not sure how it is easier…The rewards are random and you have 3 chances…

    Going through the events is still the easiest…Almost 1500-1800 chest and you can get the sylph faster this way….

    • Well, if you dimensions every day, you can get 3 ancient offerings a day. Let’s say 1 of them has either moon rock/sand. Each 100 stack is worth 10 event chests on the mahra cycle. In the 21 day span off of the mahra event cycle, you can save 210 chests that you would otherwise have spent, and instead get clothing shards or something else.

  6. I wish they had added advanced henna in the offerings

  7. Hey cosmos, i wanted to inform you and if u could inform others that there is a hacker with 1group invite that doesnt go away, the person who did this he has somehow put on auto u leader and leave party. Few people have already reported this problem as i have been told. Check nameless wartune latest video, i have posted of ehat he did. I was on my other browset friends account talking to guild, they said try cleare chace but it doesnt allow to do that on my main screen but it allows on my friends. I already reported this and please spread message.

  8. This by far one good chance to get free stuff in big numbers.. but you know how evil they are when something implented is working good for players (less spending in some cases).. they nerf all!
    Just wondering when and how bad is going to be. Probably they add more attempts but nerf the rewards.
    Happened before with some old “free stuff” that now are useless.
    Just a question of time.

  9. They are reducing the number of offerings we are getting dimensions from August 2nd. So make hay now while the sun shines, for soon they will be gone!

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