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Best Level in Sylph Upgrade Event – 14 Feb 2016

Hey guys, in the 14 Feb 2016 events which we published you saw that there is a Sylph Upgrade event coming up, so in this short analysis post I want to share with you what is the most efficient level for getting the most event chests at the lowest cost. This information is useful especially for players who do not have easy access to daily 3000 Mahra.

Analysis: Best Upgrade Level for Lowest Cost

Thanks to Croxes and Insomnic for catching mistake.

Red Wine Chest
Cumulative Event Chests Mahra return from Unlimited Cum. Mahra return from Daily Real Mahra Used Mahra cost per Event Chest
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 20 times, to receive: 1 1 5 5 10 10 Mahra for 1 chest
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 100 times, to receive: 3 4 25 30 45 11.3 Mahra for 1 chest
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 200 times, to receive: 5 9 50 80 70 7.8 Mahra for 1 chest
(acceptable to do 200 daily if lack of resources)
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 500 times, to receive: 10 19 125 205 170 8.9 Mahra for 1 chest
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 1000 times, to receive: 20 39 250 505 245 6.3 Mahra for 1 chest
(most efficient is to do 1000 daily)
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 3000 times, to receive: 50 89 750 1505 745 8.4 Mahra for 1 chest
(inefficient – high cost – avoid this unless you have tons of Mahra)

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  1. bad calkulation u use 3000 mahra get back 2255 mahra
    so 3000-2255=745
    so 745/89= 8.37 mahra/ cheast

    • thanks, corrected, wrote thanks to you

      • yw always 🙂 i like u and ur blog 😉

  2. > 20 mahras = 10.00 mahras per chest.
    > 100 mahras = 11.25 mahras per chest.
    > 200 mahras = 7.77 mahras per chest.
    > 500 mahras = 8.95 mahras per chest.
    > 1000 mahras = 6.28 mahras per chest.
    > 3000 mahras = 8.37 mahras per chest.

    This taking into account the mahras u get back.

    • thanks, corrected, wrote thanks to you

      • np, glad to hel, you help us always with this blog. =)

  3. If you only have 3k Mahra to begin with I believe it is still better to do 3k first day, for which you get automatically 1k Mahra. Then on the second day do 1k and on the 3rd one whatever you have left. This way you would get at least 128 chests just from day 1 and 2. Instead of just 117 chests from using 1k
    during 3 days.

    • i absolutely agree n i do just the same,when it happens

  4. Just get in dimensions adv/expert and find your mahra. Freebie players should have no problem getting it if you spend your time in dimensions

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