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Dual Resistance Crystal Guide

Hey guys, Chinese Wartune just got a nice update with a special feature called Dual Resistance Crystals.

Disclaimer: We may or may not get some of these features on our servers. If we get some of these features in our western servers, there may be changes to it.

The awesome thing about Dual Resistance Crystals is that unlike Double Attribute Gems, the stats are not nerfed. That means after dualing two Resistance Crystals, you won’t loose any RES. Here are a few example:

Level 10 Resistance Crystal:

Level 11 Resistance Crystal:

Level 12 Resistance Crystal:

What is that potion needed to dual two RES Gems?

The little potion, called the “Gem Solvent” is used to dual two res crystals in Chinese Wartune. Here is the thing, this same item is used to dual gems in Chinese Wartune and when we got the double attribute gems, they did not require the Gem Solvent. More than likely when we get the Double RES Crystals patch, the system might be the same as our double attribute gems.

Double RES Crystals Combinations:

Here are the combinations of double res crystals:

  • Fire + Water RES Crystal
  • Fire + Electro RES Crystal
  • Fire + Wind RES Crystal
  • Fire + Dark RES Crystal
  • Fire + Light RES Crystal
  • Water + Electro RES Crystal
  • Water + Wind RES Crystal
  • Water + Dark RES Crystal
  • Water + Light RES Crystal
  • Electro + Wind RES Crystal
  • Electro + Dark RES Crystal
  • Electro + Light RES Crystal
  • Wind + Dark RES Crystal
  • Wind + Light RES Crystal
  • Dark + Light RES Crystal

Double RES Crystal Preview:

Wind + Dark RES Crystal:

Wind + Light RES Crystal:

Wind + Water RES Crystal:

Wind + Fire RES Crystal:

Wind + Electro RES Crystal:

Water + Dark RES Crystal:

Water + Light RES Crystal:

Water + Electro RES Crystal:

Water + Fire RES Crystal:

Dark + Light RES Crystal:

Dark + Fire RES Crystal:

Dark + Electro RES Crystal:

Light + Fire RES Crystal:

Fire + Electro RES Crystal:

Light + Electro RES Crystal:

Pretty soon with the help of those awesome dimension rewards, we will be able to have level 10+ RES Crystals and possibly level 12s with the help of events. If you get there, don’t stop making more level 10/11/12 RES Crystals because if we get the Dual RES Crystal feature, players with extra RES Crystals will have a great RES boost.  Hope you enjoyed this guide and be sure to ask questions on this new feature.

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  1. Wow! I want this now! Any idea when it hits our servers?

  2. We will probably just get a Light+Dark, a Fire+Electro and a Wind+Water gem and no ‘gem solvent’ thingy. Fixed synthesis like the human gems. Chinese players can use that gem fusion pot to make any human gems they want like patk+charisma hell maybe even patk+matk lol. Here you posted this some months back, //

  3. so when we get that we wont be too worried about which resistance crystal we should have, cause technically you will be able to have one of each element per shield, but probably people will do it to get a lot mmore of an especific resistance like having all ???+Dark or something like that

  4. when is the double resist coming to server 398

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