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Wartune’s Crystal Dress vs Cinderella Blue Dress

Hey guys, I saw this Wartune clothing (Crystal) in Team Arena which looked familiar so I googled for Cinderella Blue Dress and made this comparison for you:

Wartune Crystal Dress vs Cinderella Blue Dress

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  1. hahaha…disney gona sue them

  2. Main reason reason I have never worn that outfit.

  3. prooves they cant think of new items and new events only rip off other ppls work

    if they realy thought about making new stuff and brand new events wartune would be good

    but all ive seen past 3 years is ripping off other ppls work and designs and events are similar to other games

    nothing new at all

  4. dont look alike

  5. Different dresses indeed. Wartune’s has more room for the wearer’s fat ass, and it provides more exposure for the boobs. This is because, as we know, Wartune is mostly about boobs. And when it isn’t it’s about fat asses. :-p

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