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Video: Unlimited Resistance Crystal Synthesis + Lvl. 10 Crystals

The resistance crystal synthesis event was split into limited and unlimited parts this time, and people including myself took advantage of this. I went a little overboard and made full sets of level 10 resistance crystals, but the results were quite awesome!

Check out my video for all the details, and here are a couple of my notes on the event:

  • Hoard, hoard, hoard – Now that we know that this event will probably be unlimited in the future, rewards from dimensions become even more valuable! Do what you can to collect resistance crystals and keep them under level 3 until this event comes around again.
  • Don’t push for more than 18 of the highest level resistance crystal you’re willing to make – Not everyone is willing to make level 10 crystals like I did, but even if you only want to make 9s, don’t make more than 18. You don’t need extra sets of your top quality crystals, unless they’re level 8 or lower. Who knows when they’ll give rewards for making level 9 or 10 crystals, but if the gem and clothing events are any indicator, they will change things to raise the bar in the future.

VIDEO: ➜ Wartune Event – Unlimited Resistance Crystal Synthesis | Full Lvl. 10 Crystals!

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  1. “Don’t push for more than 18 of the highest level resistance crystal you’re willing to make –”

    Why not? I went ahead and made 36 level 8s, then upgraded one set to 9s with one of those being a 10, and I’m very happy with it. No longer having to pay for converts, thus wasting time and gold has been a great joy, and should they add 9s to the event list, I still have plenty of 8s to work with as a result.

    • I specified later “unless they’re level 8 or lower,” but sorry if this wasn’t clear. Makes sense to make plenty of 8s; it’s very nice to have a set of each resistance. I’m saying for level 9 or greater, don’t make more than 18, in case there are events to make these in the future.

      • ahh, ok. Yea, that makes much more sense, hehe. I mean, I’m sure some ppl just got it like that and don’t feel the sting either way, but yea, its nice being able to get as many free 9s as u can if u can wait till its added to the event 😛

      • and btw, very nice resists there man.. Gimme! lol

  2. I currently run 4 Adv & 1 Expert at all times. It has been quite profitable with the Soul Crystals. I can make full 9’s also. The mistake I made is that “Will Crystals” give you rewards for the same level as the Soul Crystal that you make. Next unlimited event will be so much better.

  3. they will either give out 9s and make it limited again or let it stay unlimited and 9s wont show for atleast 6 months. no chance in hell they are going for unlimited and 9s cuz that would break the game. 8100 res crystals nets u 2x 8s, thats hardly a challenge to get daily , especially since top dogs have always 2x expert dim running. oh and altough loving this i kinda dislike the 10min bg fights if both toons are set up corectly

    • i meants 7s lols

  4. well i did made set of level 9’s so thats fire/water/wind/electro/dark/light and im pretty positive with this step , i could make 2 sets of level 10 on top of it but so far i will hold with this move , even if that dark level 10 sound so lovely!
    anyway you need
    81 level 8 stones to make level 12
    486 level 8 stones to make one set (6 gems) of level 12
    1458 level 8 stones to make 3 sets of level 12 gems
    2916 level 8 stones to complete whole 6 sets of level 12 stones , unless they decide to add dual resistance gems some time later =p

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