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CORNUCOPIA Item Locations, Rewards & Discussion

Hi everyone! In this article I share the info about item locations to unlock CORNUCOPIA in Wartune + rewards + discussion. At the bottom is also the link to the CORNUCOPIA guide.

Note: Cornucopia is not a regular Wartune feature – it has to be launched manually by the Wartune admins. This also means that they can change the configuration in the future, but I suppose the logic of this guide will remain the same even if they change the items.

CORNUCOPIA Items & Locations

There are 5 items required to unlock Cornucopia.

Charming Pumpkin Carriage

This is an easy item. It is one of the Halloween event items and we can get it easily from Hot Events.

Halloween Candy

Similar to the above, the Halloween Candy is one of the mini event items, also easy to get from Hot Events.

Evil Pumpkin & Pumpkin Carriage Handle

Both are from the special Cornucopia exchange in the Hot Events:

  • Evil Pumpkin: get it by exchanging 5 Large Roasts, which you can get by doing 2 times Campfire (2 x 3 Large Roasts). If regular Campfires don’t happen on your Wartune server just ask your guild chat or friends to open up a Campfire for 1 minute. You don’t have to stay the full 15 minutes there, just pick up the 3 fires and you are good to go.
  • Pumpkin Carriage Handle: This is easy – 2 ways: (1) Do Sylph Expedition to get the Divinity Soul Chests or (2) Especially useful if you already did the Sylph Expedition and by habit already opened the chests to clean up your bag space: go to the Blacksmith Item Synthesis and synthesize the chests from the Divinity Shards which you have hopefully collected over time.

Small Red Flower

Lastly, the Small Red Flower was the one which irritated players the most as it was not clear where to get it from. Then people who work for Wartune informed that players can find it by completing or blitzing a campaign dungeon but Wartune devs/publishers did not want to inform players which dungeon to do.

This was a stupid move because it penalizes a lot of players, especially people who are busy and have limited time to play. They communicated that they wanted people to search around but players are not free to search because of stamina limitations.

Then they communicated that they didn’t want everyone to unlock Cornucopia because the reward is shared among those who unlocked so the more players unlock the less the reward. These people have no idea how to do their job and manage to upset players on a simple happy event.

Anyways, the Small Red Flower:

  • on Day 1 it can be found by blitzing the Normal difficulty of Soulless Tomb level 64-66 (I tried to blitz the Hero mode it did not give the flower)
  • on Day 2 it can be found in Temple of Fire
  • Note: basically it moves around from day to day, so if someone is reading this guide later on just use the logic that it is in one of the campaigns.

Future advice to whoever did the bad job with this event: design events where all players, both active and less active, have an equal chance to participate. And it is not fair to penalize all players if more players participate – that’s stupid. That means an active server will get less rewards than an inactive server.

The Cornucopia Rewards Pot

In this Cornucopia configuration the total rewards are (shared with all participants):

  • 40,000 Books of Wisdom
  • 4,000 Big Pumpkins

So this means that on my server, where 592 players at this moment are participating in Cornucopia, the rewards for each player will be something like:

  • 67 Books of Wisdom
  • 6 Big Pumpkins

Yeeey-NOT! = tons of noise for nothing a.k.a. as explained above these Wartune employees have no idea how to do their job.

Reference to the original Cornucopia guide, which was part of Patch 8.1 guides:

Wartune Patch 8.1 Goddesses Demon Continent Guides with 3 Videos


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  1. is too low reward

  2. Hi I have activated cornucopia yesterday, but after reset I didnt get rewards. When we get the rewards?

    • Memorylane reported it, have not read yet if there is a plan. Maybe we’ll know Monday if it is bugged or at the end of the Halloween event(s)

  3. About this Cornucopia event, how about the players that are not the required level to get the flower from said campaign map? This is a big flaw in this event since everyone SHOULD be able to participate no matter their level.

    This game is so unfair and people behind it are total DAs (read between the lines here).

  4. Totally agreed with you Cosmos, i felt i was stolen by devs. So much group effort for almost nothing. I think we can get more stuff by the another events rather than this scam, besides the lost of lagg implied in this process. 🙁
    Thnaks in advance for your opinion!!

  5. Why even bother, two days and 0 rewards after completing it-is R2 trying to look the part of incompetence.

  6. Hi guys, someone could tell where to find Cornucopia’s flower for 3rd day

  7. for today 28, where can we find the small red flower, please can some one share?

    • Campaign Erandel Soul of Trails

      • Hero blitz

  8. 28.10. flower location on 30-40 lvl campaign Shrine of Sakaiya took me 4 attempts

    • ty good job

      • Shrine of Sakaya 30 40 hero mode 10 runs here

      • used all stamina there, nothing :/

    • Yes, Shrine of Sakaya. But normal, not Hero.

  9. 28/10
    5 runs to get red flower.

  10. I did not get the rewards from yesterday and the day before… Anybody else had this problem?

  11. for today 29 where can we find the small red flower ?

    • Erandel- soul trials

  12. ty

  13. A waste of TIME

  14. This years event item Celebration Corn was found in the Worg Lair on Normal mode blitz, you only need to blitz one time.

    • Thanks for sharing!

  15. Today Celebration corn is in the Deathly Sands – Buradoth’s grave hero mode 😉

    • Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • thx 🙂

      • yw 🙂

  16. Today corn is in Fetid Swamp – Banshee Wetlands normal mode 😉

    • Thank you.

  17. Today corn is in endless path, hero mode !

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