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Wartune Patch 8.1 Goddesses Demon Continent Guides with 3 Videos

Hey everyone! In this long article I share videos / guides about Wartune Patch 8.1 which is specifically focused on Goddesses and Demon Continent. Please see the contents table below which summarizes the various headings of this article and share any extra info in comments. Also just to say I have lots of RL issues I try to battle so I’m posting articles as fast as I am able to; special thanks to those players who support my work and help pay my monthly costs (see my Patreon if you wish to help).

As this is a very long Wartune article please check back later – I might update / add information either if something new comes up or from player comments or emails.

Table of Contents

  1. Patch implementation timing
  2. 3 part Video guides which I posted on my YouTube channel last Sunday.
    • Part 1: New GODDESS System Guide
    • Part 2: New DEMON CONTINENT System Guide
    • Part 3: Activating GODDESS guide + New VOYAGE system
  3. Related official guides created by Wartune devs & sent to Wartune publishers.
    • Goddesses
    • Demon Continent
    • Optimizations
  4. Any other info / guides.
    • Golden Ram
    • Cornucopia
    • Other

Patch 8.1 implementation schedule

  • Launch on Preliminary selected servers: 6th of September, 2018
  • Launch on All Wartune servers expected: 13th of September, 2018

Wartune Patch 8.1 Video Guides by COSMOS

New GODDESS System Guide – Part 1 of 3

New DEMON CONTINENT System Guide – Part 2 of 3

Activating GODDESS guide + New VOYAGE system – Part 3 of 3

Wartune Dev Guide: Goddesses


Take arms and summon Goddesses to cleanse the evil that infest Demon Continent!

Feature Entry / Unlock Requirement

Players can start the Goddess unlock quest after class advancement.

Goddesses Guide

  1. Summoning, and Goddesses: collect enough Goddess Shards to summon the respective Goddess. Click the “Activate” icon¬† to activate the Goddess’s protection.
  2. Level Up: Use Wave Crystals to level up Goddesses and gain attributes which boost your main character.
  3. Advance: Use Goddess Shards to advance the quality of your Goddess, and each advance has a Goddess level requirement that must be met.
  4. Devotion: Use Prayer Scripts to raise the devotion level.
  5. Goddesses do not take damage from enemies, and accompany the player in battle until victory.
  6. Skills: each Goddess has a different Blessing Skill and Dynamic Skill.

Goddesses Skills

  • Dynamic Skills: are based on the Goddess’ advance level, and they can be used whenever Faith is full. The higher the advance level, the higher the skill damage and the faster the Faith recovery. Example (maxed out):
  • Blessing Skills: are based on the Goddess’ Devotion level; each Goddess has 5 Blessing skills, and each Devotion level unlocks a Blessing Skill which are used automatically in battle, they can be Buffs, or seals enemy Titan skills etc. Example (maxed out):

Obtaining Items

Goddess Shards, Wave Crystals and Prayer Scripts required for the Goddess system can be obtained from Hot Events, and Demon Continent.

Wartune Dev Guide: Demon Continent


This is the continent of demons with its beautiful coasts, mysterious Goddesses as well as the Duskin Arena that reek of death. It’s time, warriors, to summon these Goddesses and cleanse this land of Evil!

Feature Entry / Unlock Requirement

  • For players after class advancement
  • Find NPC Valbrota in the Cloud City, click Demon Continent

Demon Continent Guide

  1. There are 30 stages, each stage made up of 10 dungeons, click the stage and select a dungeon to begin battle.
  2. Each challenge costs Goddess Tears.

Normal levels are 1 to 4 and 6 to 9, while BOSS levels are the 5th and 10th.

  • You start with 3 BOSS challenge and Blitz attempts, and once you’re out of attempts, you can use Balens to purchase attempts 3 times per day.
  • Goddess Tears restore every hour, and you can spend a bit of Balens to restore your Goddess Tears to full, these kind of purchase attempts have a daily limit of 5 times.
  • Only the first successful challenge provides extra rewards and enables Blitz. Blitz afterwards provides random rewards.
  • Even if you fail a challenge, you can repeatedly challenge until you win. Only then can you move on to the next stage.
  • Every time you pass a stage for the first time, you earn a star. Earn enough stars to unlock a chest which gives a one-time reward.
  • You can get different Goddess Shards from different stages, collect enough Shards to summon that Goddess.

Demon Continent Rewards

  1. Goddess Shards: used to activate and advance goddesses.
  2. Wave Crystal: used to level up goddesses.
  3. Prayer Script: used to raise goddesses’ devotion level.

Wartune Patch 8.1 Optimizations

Adventurous Voyage

  • The main change is a revamped Adventurous Voyage v2.0
  • Added Catch feature: Send your fishing boat between 12:30 and 13:00 everyday. Gained items can be traded at Sky Haven. (here i suspect players might complain because of the very specific time of the day leading to many unable to do this)
  • Added more quests: Each Haven now provides 3 quests, and players can take up to 3 of any combination of quests from all Havens.
  • Added more Quest types for Voyage Trade.
  • Voyage Shop adjustments:
    • Daily purchase attempts increased to 6
    • Added more item types for purchase
    • Lowered the price of some items
    • Voyage Shop still refreshes for free every 4h, and manual Refresh adjusted to 100 Balens each

Minor change: no more tattoo attribute requirements when switching Skills and Talents

  • After Knighthood, players can switch Skills and Talents freely at no requirements to tattoo attributes.
  • Before Knighthood, the tattoo attributes requirements remain unchanged.

Wartune Patch 8.1 Golden Ram


Try your luck with the Golden Ram event! Click on it as soon as you see it, and see what you get!

Event Entry

The icon near the top of the screen will notify the players of the first time in the day the event icon will appear.
Unlock Requirement: Anyone may join

Golden Ram Guide

When the Golden Ram pops up, players can click it to try to grab rewards, the total amount of rewards are fixed and the number of players who can grab it are limited. Players receive a random amount of rewards.

  1. Tips and announcements in yellow will pop up 10 minutes before the start of the event.
  2. Before the Golden Ram appears, clicking the Golden Ram event icon will provide a notification like below.
  3. 1 minute before each round of Golden Ram, tips in yellow will announce that the Golden Ram will appear soon, and announce the best obtainable rewards.
  4. Each round when the Golden Ram appears, the Golden Ram icon will flicker and will notify content as below.
  5. Each Golden Ram appears for only 8 minutes, all players can try to grab it as fast as possible until the items gained have exceeded a certain amount. An announcement will then congratulate the players.

After a Golden Ram has appeared for longer than 8 minutes, it will no longer be up for grabs, and tips in yellow will announce that this round of event has ended, and will congratulate the players.

Wartune Patch 8.1 Cornucopia


Collect materials and activate the event items to sound the horn of plenty, it’s harvest season!

Feature Entry / Unlock Requirement

  • During the event period, click the event icon on top of the screen to enter.
  • Anyone may join

Cornucopia Guide

  1. When the event is unlocked, a message that includes the start time will be visible in the form of a scrolling announcement in the center of the screen, as well as in the chat box.
  2. Click the button to open the events panel, players must find a way to activate all 5 event items. If the player already possesses enough items in the inventory to active an event item, click on the red [Activate] button; activated items will be displayed as a green [Activated]  button instead.
  3. After activating all 5 event items, a message will announce that this player has activated all event items, in the form of a scrolling announcement in the center of the screen, as well as in the chat box.
  4. Your current amount of activated event items will be displayed at the bottom left of the event panel.
  5. A message will declare the end of the event in the form of a scrolling announcement in the middle of the screen as well as in the chat box.
  6. Players who complete the item collection can get their share of rewards from the Cornucopia Pack at the top left corner.
  7. Players will get their rewards via in-game mail after the end of event.

OK that’s all for now, as mentioned, I will add / update more information if / when needed / possible (please check my videos above for more details). Please share in the comments below any Wartune Patch 8.1 info that’s not here or that you think will help players.

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  1. 1 ? if your character does PDME should your godess do the same?

    • I don’t think we have that kind of information, so I cannot say for sure at present.

  2. when doing your video wouldn’t it be better to mute the background music so we can hear what you are explaining?

    I know I have a hard time focusing when there is music going on while viewing and listening to your videos.

    Thank you

    • Hi, thanks for the feedback. Generally people request background music – i think the problem in these series was that i somehow messed up the volumes and the background was a bit louder than i would want to, so in the future i will try to get the balance correct so that there is something playing but less loud so it’s easier to hear the commentary.

  3. Hi Doly.
    I saw that you unlocked all the goddesses.
    Which is better for a warrior? one with PDMG skill?

    • Hi i have not done analysis yet on Goddesses

      • Will you be doing a similar comparison as you did with the artifacts… That was very useful, comparing the skills / stats / etc…


  4. Goddesses have just ruined the game for me. The lag in Athena Wars makes it unplayable. If you lag at all, this abomination will make the game unplayable for you. The giant goddess graphic appears and for some reason you can’t turn it off unless you rest the goddess. You can turn off skill effects, but goddesses and their giant image popping up can’t be turned off. Either they need to fix that, or I just might quit if they can’t fix the awful lag situation. I’ve been playing for over 4 years and adding something that makes even more lag to battles… What were they thinking? Maybe if they got rid of titan skills, which causes most of the lag in battles, that might make the difference.

    • Very good points. For now I think you can just turn off the Goddess completely since the effect from her is negligible and hopefully they will fix these problems by the time Goddesses get stronger.
      – COSMOS

  5. I can not understand when its start golden ram and cornucopia, or this event not work yet

    • I believe those are manually launched events, so we have to wait until the Wartune Admins decide to open them.
      – COSMOS

  6. if goddess not take damage, why have pdef, mdef and hp? lol should have only attack and penetration

    • Those Stats only help you once equip the Goddess, If max level the Goddess in Upgrade. The Goddess Stats (Hero Bonus) is added to your Hero Stats.

      Goddess can help you fight depend how much stats on hero Bonus. Doesn’t matter PDMG/MDMG its just almost same as Willpower anyway.

      Best Part choosing a Goddess with you its depend there skill or you looking for raise BR, look on Hero Stats that Goddess showing you in Grey (All Max Star, Max Level 280 & Skill level 41). Than you know which Goddess you might want.

      Me choose Illiya cause she can stun if reading the skill. even it show Hero Bonus doesn’t give much but it fine at least I have her do dmg & stun depend on the chance.

  7. which goddess good for mage class

  8. what wrong with Wartopia?… is it not come back or what

  9. But still this Goddess stuff almost like LoA in first Version (giving back-up support and giving hero stats bonus on to your toon stats to become stronger in BR) :p

  10. Illiya stuns bosses too. Wonder if that is a glitch or intentional. I hope it’s intentional because it’s very helpful in the incredibly hard higher levels of demon continent. It works on emeraldia boss too, messing up their ultimate attacks. I stayed alive entire time and killed it. Wonder the br it takes to beat demon continent. Must be at least 60m+ at this point.

    • Thanks for sharing, I’ll try to include your feedback in my next Goddess article.
      – COSMOS

  11. In your next Goddess article, if possible could you let us all know which res reduction is needed from lvl 20 upwards?
    totally stuck on lvl 21, even with pots 7 scrolls & milk i get killed. tried swapping some res crystals around but makes no difference.

    • Hi, RES Reduction is for attacking, you probably mean just RES. They never reveal any info to us and we cannot see boss’s stats. However, I do remember from the past that in PvE battles only the highest resistance is taken in calculation, so unless they changed something without telling us I’d suggest to have 1 very high resistance of any type.
      That said, all efforts should be on fast offense – it is not practical to have long battles in this system.

      • Thankyou for your clarification Cosmos…one other thing, on the Goddess map, on the left side are six symbols below the ‘Seal’ which have red ‘X’s thru idea what they are or do as there are only 5 goddesses???

  12. Why is the Golden Ram and Cornucopia events not posted in the forum guide?

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