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Wartune Item Graveyard #2

Hey guys, over time a bunch of items in Wartune became obsolete, stopped being used and/or disappeared. Here are a bunch of RIP items (feel free to post in the comments other RIP items that you might have):

Underground Palace Map Shard [RIP]

Those playing a longer time may remember the Underground Palace in Wartune.


Last version:

Adv.Dimension Resource Chest [RIP]

Pic from Legendfluff.

Ancient Spirit [RIP]

Pic from Legendfluff.

City Protection Token [practically RIP]

Although not technically dead it is practically useless / dead since nobody cares about a bit of gold / kyanite for a long time.

Signet Training [RIP]

We used to be able to recover some part of rewards from missed events / dungeons using the Signet Training. Unfortunately that system was taken out after bugs were found, i.e. instead of fixing the bugs they just removed the whole thing as that was easier.


Here the previous post with:

  • Life Rune
  • Rare Ancient Beast Shard
  • Summon Shard
  • Dimensional Essences
  • Eternal Light
  • Divine Light
  • Guild Treasure

Wartune Item Graveyard

Do you have other Wartune items in your inventory which are obsolete?

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  1. Berdum’s wine to get treasure hunt maps xD

    • ­čÖé

  2. the shadow crystals (those green who give daily exp)

    • Those are not obsolete, they still work.

      • yes but are useless for most players since most of us are lvl 80 / KH

      • No, the EXP part might become useless but you still get gold/contribution + it is one of the trade-in items in Voyage, so it is an active/working item – even though I agree with you that it is not super useful it is not a RIP/obsolete item.

  3. Refinement Locks gone and no place for sale or in the game at all….

    • They are not gone. I still have some and they work just fine. There is just no more way of getting them.

  4. [fireworks] i can use it but i can’t remember when i got

    • at marriage

      • oh i didn’t know because when i got this i was alone, i didn’t marriage

      • i didn’t marry* (sorry for this)

  5. Heaven horn. Cant get them anymore and no longer usrful for original purpose

  6. city protection is still in game on guild spin i had a few last week

  7. Coin of Ancestry

  8. Lets not forget that players who were lvl 20 on the ‘Wheel of Fate’ dumped all their stones….then lo and behold R2 raised the level to 30….only took 5 years lol

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