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Expert Dimension Exploration for hidden events

Hey guys, I want to share with you my study on the exploration of the Expert Dimension with the aim of discovering hidden events. On the picture below you can see my data of fully exploring 6 sectors of the Expert Dimension. The black dots are the locations of the visible yellow mobs / events which are below Expert or Master Trial. All other boxes have been explored and the hypothesis I had was that if I uncover all areas then I will be able to find all the hidden events such as balen mines, so I started this study to check if my hypothesis was correct or not.

Note: I first fully conquered my dimensions before beginning the study as to not damage my resistance and will crystal income. And normally afterwards one should be spending the energy on hunting down Expert /Master trials, but I decided to sacrifice my energy for the sake of this study and to share it with you.

Results of the Exploration for Hidden Events

In these, illustrated below, 6 fully explored sections of the expert dimension I was able to find 2 hidden grey treasure chests and 3 hidden Eudaemon events (plus, of course, lots of secret merchant offers that I didn’t care about). In the grey treasure chests one would find the familiar rewards such as 500 rose hazels, 50 eternal hearts, 500 soul crystals, 50 dragon essences, 20 bounty scrolls, etc, and, in the Eudaemon events had the same 4 rewards: energy, life, death and the dimensional coordinate chest – these, for me, are not worth the time and the energy cost. I am a lot more interested in the chance of finding offerings or hidden balen mines and I did not find any of these unfortunately.

So the conclusion of my study would be that it is not worth it to search for missed hidden events and that it is much better to spend the energy to only challenge the Master and Expert trials for the chance of getting 10-15 mahra / sepulcrum.

That said, I did hear from my guild chat gossip / chatter that someone apparently found 3 balen mines in the Expert dimension and I don’t know if they simply got very lucky or if they cleaned all the sections of all 30 levels, but I cannot spend more energy on this study to try to find out and have to again focus on conquering new dimensions now :), but maybe other people can share in the comments their results if they did a similar investigation.

Expert Dimension Exploration for hidden events

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  1. I have completed 3 expert dimensions. I have found 0 hidden mines. (I was not clearing to look for them either)

    I did one advanced dimension and found 2 hidden mines (also was not looking)

    I did one Int dimension and found 1 hidden mine (still not looking)

    Odds of finding hidden mines are greater in smaller dimensions, and from what I can tell the hidden mines will not be better in the expert.

  2. i did 1 expert map, i found 2 mine, (ot was on my way, because i didn clear all the spot) both mine exzpert give me 50 bbalen per hour for 24h

  3. i did 1 expert map, i found 2 mine, (ot was on my way, because i didn clear all the spot) both mine exzpert give me 50 bbalen per hour for 24h

  4. i did 1 expert map, i found 2 mine, (ot was on my way, because i didn clear all the spot) both mine exzpert give me 50 bbalen per hour for 24h

  5. I have completed 1 expert dimension and found 1 normal balen mine. I have completed several advanced dimensions and found 2 normal balen mines and 1 rare balen mine. Since the patch went in on our servers, I have found only 2 offering boxes in all the dimensions done. I believe the appearance of balen mines and offering boxes are random. However, I do want the balen mines and offering boxes so I tend to skip all the mobs and hit every square in order to get the dimension finished faster and hopefully find the mines / boxes.

  6. I found a bound balen mine a long time ago in an intermediate dimension, by chance without looking for it. Since then I have not found any more. I have completely cleared out one and a half advanced dimensions and a couple of basics, finding nothing.

  7. i founde rare mine in expert and it was hiden. its 100%

    • i found Rare mine too in Advance Dim. also many mines had been founded from Basic till Adv.dimensions sofar. Under hero lvl 57 and 59 ,i am only able to do 2 dimension at a time,

  8. well maybe doing expert and maybe even advanced isnt worth it to try that specially if you can have 5 dimensions, but for example the non-vip player that only do intemediate and basic probably dont have any problem with that, i search like that not doing any of the other events and well i only found one mine so far but also a lot of eudaemon, but actually the other 2 thing (offering and regular chest) i havent found “hidden” so maybe what people can do is just try to see all what they can in a section to see the normal events and if the person thing is worth it it can start looking for the hidden events, that only the balen mine is really worth it, the eudaemon doesnt really have nive reward anyways 😛

    • just wanted to say that even non-VIPs are much better off now because they can do 3 Expert/Advanced Dimensions plus clean them up which is coming much closer to full VIP dimension income

  9. If u hunt for hearts for u wing better do intermidiate dim. cos u can get 100-150 from each dim. and if u vip by doing x4 a day u almost get 500 hearts a day to upgrade u ring. If u hunt for crystals better do expert in 1-2 days u can finish it and have a lot crystals

  10. hallo guys…im player from indonesia…i was found 1 mine bb in basic..just once in my life..:D:D:D

  11. Found a normal mine in advanced dim. It was near a base on the left side.

  12. Found many mines. Made few full explorations in basic/int w/o finding any hidden mines but found few normal’s (was 1 rare, but not sure if it was in basic/int). 2 days before last maintenance i started expert dim with snail exploration, and found 4(!) RARE HIDDEN mines there and 3offering chests. After maintenance i started new expert dim – 0 mines, 0 offerings.

  13. Just a few tips on this subject….

    Firstly, search is useless unless your a noob with steps costing full. With the old system 900 resist was enough to have steps a 1 cost.

    Now with new patch and 18k resist battles cost only 75 and mini battles 37.

    What I would like to have someone investigate is do the maps stop diminishing once 100% cleared.

    Several experts completed, and it appears random, but you do not need to search for mines, they are visible from the neighbouring squares. So just keep searching leaving 2 squares between lines for best results.

    • ya hehe, search is totally useless, you are right 🙂
      but regarding balen mines you are not 100% correct – there are both visible and hidden mines, i have published examples of this multiple times and so have other people

    • I agreed with your comment !

      • i agreed with Krystallic ‘s results since i have been experiencing same results.

  14. As I do not see anyone that really answered the question the original poster of this thread tried to answer I thought I would post. I also wanted to find out if I needed to explore every square of a dimension to make sure that I did not miss any balen mines. I started to clear all the squares of an expert dimension. I first cleared a level in the normal “leave two spaces” between the path I took to most efficiently explore a level. I then traveled over each square I had not previously explored to “clear” the level. On the fifth level I was in the process of doing the final “clear” and on my second to the last square I ran across a rare balen mine. I would have totally missed it if I had not explored every square. So, yes the “hidden” balen mines will not show up if you pass by them one square away.

    • thanks for sharing 🙂

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