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Advice on using War Remains in May

Hi everyone! In this article I discuss the usage of the special event item in Wartune – War Remains. Usually in Wartune event items are not repeated. It does occur but rarely. Recently, War Remains event item appeared to be in this “re-used” category, but there was no announcement about it so Wartune players cannot know if it will come back after the current event cycle is finished or not.

I created a poll on DolyGames Wartune Facebook page asking players if they plan to use all the War Remains or keep some for later. Below is the poll and the voting results:

Question: “Will you use all your War Remains in this event or will you keep some for later (no guarantee if it comes back)?

Most players who voted (from a total of 158 votes), 72%, voted on that they will use all of them in the current event cycle and not keep for later. However, also a big portion, 28% said that they will keep some for later.

My advice:

I understand both arguments. There are good reasons both to keep and to take a risk for later. However, I want to break this down a little bit and give a recommendation to Wartune players as follows:

If you are a High BR player who has all the Mount Shop mounts:

Then you probably should take the risk and keep the items for a possible future event where you could get some items that you don’t have. If such an event does not come and you lose some Beast Souls then it would not damage you much as you already have all the mounts and/or already have a lot of extra Beast Souls.

If you are a Low BR player missing a lot of mounts:

Then you probably should use all War Remains and get as many Beast Souls as you can right now. Theoretically you might miss some future rewards if some good event comes, but gaining Battle Rating today should help you grow stronger and faster in Wartune which should generate more rewards for you from various events. This can even be something very indirectly connected such as making your Willpower / Eudaemon stronger via getting more Battle Rating yourself which might lead to doing 1 extra level in Endless Abyss.

If you are in the middle of the above 2:

This category of players is where I believe the toughest choice is. For this category I suggest to use War Remains in lots of 1000 to make sure you get the +200 mount from the “Rare Item” drop. This will yield 800 Beast Souls assuming you already have this mount. I have used 2 lots of 1000 on my main character already which I believe belongs to this group.

For the remaining amount of War Remains below 1000 – here each player of this group should make a decision based on their personality of being a risk taker or a safer player. This amount is probably going to be something like 200-400 War Remains, so if those are lost it is not the end of the world. On the other hand these might yield 500 or so Beast Souls which you can have guaranteed today.

So for this remaining amount I leave it up to you and for all other cases I gave my recommendations above to the 3 groups of players.


  • Did the poll result surprise you?
  • Do you agree with my recommendation to Wartune players regarding War Remains event item?
  • Do you have other info/suggestions on this topic?
  • Do you think War Remains will keep on coming back regularly in Wartune as a means of helping non-cashers to catch up a little bit with mounts (if that’s indeed what their plan is)?

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  1. I put a stack in the vault. Worth the risk IMHO
    will use the rest.
    don’t have all the mounts, but frustrating that the ones I don’t have never show up

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