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Advanced Runes Experience Table

Hi guys, thanks to DZmage’s data collection effort and everyone who helped we have a full table for the experience required for Advanced Runes, so we share that with you below and also recognize the people’s support at the bottom of the post.

Advanced Runes Experience Table

Level Adv. Brutality Adv. Blood Rune Adv. Guardian Adv. Healing Rune

1 10x Advanced Runestones 10x Advanced Runestones 10x Advanced Runestones 10x Advanced Runestones
2 2,200 2,200 2,200 3,200
3 3,200 3,200 3,200 4,800
4 4,300 4,300 4,300 6,400
5 5,300 5,300 5,300 9,500
6 6,400 6,400 6,400 11,200
7 7,400 7,400 8,500 12,700
8 8,500 8,500 10,600 15,800

Thanks to the people who supported to get this data completed:

Aisté Stugyté (facebook user)
Harry Bond (facebook user)
Dominic Moore (facebook user)
Infinity Prof. City – S195
Neuva Prof. City – S195
Dennis D.

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  1. how about the other runes ?
    rage , it’s important for mage knighthood
    and heal is good for all

  2. i ment what’s the eefect of the runes in the advanced lvls :))

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