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Wartune Patch 7.0 New Experience System Guide

Hi everyone! This is the Wartune Patch 7.0 New Experience System guide. This guide combines 3 elements: (1) A video demonstration / explanation by me, (2) short text created I believe by the game developer and distributed to their various publishers and (3) Additional information and pictures from me. So check it out below and if you have any questions or comments put in the comments below.

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.0 – NEW EXPERIENCE SYSTEM Guide – Tasks /  Quests / Achievement

And you can refer to the video playlist for Wartune Patch 7.0 here:

And now the developer’s guide with some modifications:

Wartune 7.0 Experience


As a new landlord, you’ve probably been quite worried about the destructive creatures roaming the land. Thankfully, the goddess Sophia has made it her mission to help everyone out with a comprehensive insurance plan. She calls this plan “Experience”. Follow her instructions to become an elite landlord in no time at all!


“Experience” can be found by clicking the [Experience] icon above the [Inventory] icon.

Unlock Requirement

Experience unlocks at Lvl. 10.

Basic Intro

You can collect bountiful rewards for completing Experience quests. Sophia also puts special packs in the Experience panel to help you achieve your goals more quickly!

Event Panel

Gameplay Info

Ⅰ. Quest System:

The Experience system consists of 4 sections: Growth, Exploration, Sylphs, and Eudaemons. Growth and Exploration unlocks at Lvl. 10, Sylphs at Lvl. 50, and Eudaemons at Lvl. 70.

Collect corresponding rewards after completing the required quests. Discounted packs can be purchased here to help you finish quests faster. Please be aware that you can only buy a specific pack according to the quest you are on, so once you choose to collect the rewards for a quest, you will no longer be able to buy that quest’s pack.

Ⅱ. EXP Rate:

EXP Rate is a way to record and measure each landlord’s growth. You receive EXP Rate for every Experience quest you complete. EXP Rates are required for collecting the packs at the bottom.

Ⅲ. Gift Pack System:

Apart from the discounted packs in the Quest System, Sophia offers multiple supplementary packs. As long as you fulfill the requirements, you can collect supplementary packs to support your growth. Gift Packs are divided into Daily Packs and VIP Packs.

1) Daily Packs:

Daily Packs can only be collected on a day by day basis. Here are the respective requirements for the 3 Daily Packs:

  • Daily Pack 1: When your EXP Rate reaches the required amount, you can collect this pack for X days in a row.
  • Daily Pack 2: Spend a few Balens to buy this pack and then collect it for X days in a row.
  • Daily Pack 3: When your EXP Rate reaches the required amount, you can spend a few Balens to buy this pack and then collect it for X days in a row.

Daily Packs reset at 0:00 and can only be collected once every day. If you do not collect a pack on a certain day, the pack will remain valid, until you collect all Daily Packs.

2) VIP Packs:

VIP Packs are exclusive packs offered by Sophia. Here are the respective requirements for the 3 VIP Packs:

  • VIP Pack 1: You should reach the required VIP level and raise your EXP Rate to the required amount to collect this pack once.
  • Daily Pack 2: When you reach the required VIP level, you can spend a few Balens to buy this pack and then collect it once.
  • Daily Pack 3: When you reach the required VIP level and your EXP Rate reaches the required amount, you can spend a few Balens to buy this pack and collect it once.

Additional Info

Here I add more info and pictures:

There are some really nice offers or rewards. Here is an example of something for all players: a one time reward of 5 Crypt Keys simply for completing 5 Orange Bounty Quests.

As you get higher up in the various experience tasks the rewards grow as well. Here is an example of level 5 and level 6 resistance crystal rewards for socketing one crystal, which is relatively easy to do.

If you have some balens to spend there are several special offers such as this one shown below giving a 30 day VIP for only 199 balens, which is significantly lower than the normal VIP price.

Finally, as you complete more and more tasks then more Experience / Quest windows show up with various new tasks and rewards:

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  1. This looks like an expansion of the newbie chest stuff that went in a couple years ago.

    How does the old stuff work for those of us well established in KH?

  2. i need to now will using vip cards and reaching 100 points allow us to collect vip chest

  3. This “experience” feature is not for all wartune websites. I checked on my R2 games accounts and none of my accounts had it. Also I asked my friends and is not valid. But when I checked in on my account that I use almost everyday now it works. Especially on the other server on that same account that I remain mainly inactive. Is this a glitch for R2 are they supposed to have it. Or are they not? Thank you.

    • This patch isn’t live for all servers yet. Most servers get this update on June 8.

  4. the spirt convenant in the vip it a 7 day or more or less? ANYONE KNOW?

    • The Spirit Covenant is for 31-days

  5. all is good, but have not seen the lvl 4 vip discount, which was for 2399 balens and lasted 6 months, its a pity that such a good offer has been discontinued

  6. who knows how to complete the “Join the spire (normal) once”?? i created a party, i join someone’s party but nothing

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