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Advanced Mahra Table & Chart for Upgrading Sylphs

Hey everyone! Periodically I get asked “how much Advanced Mahra do I need for XYZ?” and so here is a nice clear article to answer all those questions and help Wartune players plan their sylph upgrades.

This article includes:

  • Brief Basics introduction
  • Advanced Mahra table including calculated estimates
  • Visual representation of Adv. Mahra requirements in a chart
  • Screenshot proofs from my account of the data

Brief Basics

  1. Advanced Mahra is only used on sylphs which have achieved Tier 3 upgrade. For example Iris (Tier 1) becomes Triton (Tier 2) who becomes Poseidon (Tier 3).
  2. In the Sylph window you will see the EXP or Experience requirement. 1 Advanced Mahra normally gives 10 experience. So 10,000 EXP theoretically is 1000 Adv. Mahra.
  3. However, you get bonus also, so the “real” Adv. Mahra gives 18%-20% more EXP (so 12 instead of 10) and this is why in the calculation I have used 1.2 as an adjustment factor.

Advanced Mahra Table with Calcs

EXP required Delta /lvl Theoretical Adv. Mahra Real Adv. Mahra Estimate Real Cumulative
from 1 to 2 stars: 10,000 1,000 833 833
from 2 to 3 stars: 13,000 3,000 1,300 1,083 1,917
from 3 to 4 stars: 16,000 3,000 1,600 1,333 3,250
from 4 to 5 stars: 19,000 3,000 1,900 1,583 4,833
from 5 stars to 1 moon: 22,000 3,000 2,200 1,833 6,667
from 1 to 2 moons: 26,000 4,000 2,600 2,167 8,833
from 2 to 3 moons: 29,000 3,000 2,900 2,417 11,250
from 3 to 4 moons: 32,000 3,000 3,200 2,667 13,917
from 4 to 5 moons: 35,000 3,000 3,500 2,917 16,833
Final upgrade: 38,000 3,000 3,800 3,167 20,000
TOTALS 240,000 24,000 20,000

So if you had a Sylph with 1 star orange and you wanted to know how much Advanced Mahra you need to max it out to Red then you should expected to use 20,000 Advanced Mahra.

Chart: Adv. Mahra requirements

Screenshot proofs of the data

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  1. Its great to have these infos always retrievable here, ty Cosmos…

    • Thank you 🙂

  2. seen this my self how ever you can get about 600 lower by doing 100 at time but that is really slow

  3. Part 2: cost of upgrading before merging vs after merging

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