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COSMOS 48mil 20% World Boss Hit Achievement & Tips | Jul 2017

Hey everyone! In this brief article I share COSMOS Knight’s achievement on his highest World Boss income to date. I received ~48 mil Gold and Daru and the damage dealt was just above 20% to the World Boss health. This was mostly from just 1.5 attack rounds, because on my server the World Boss dies in some seconds.

COSMOS Knight is a very very light casher, mostly with just Spirit Covenant to save me time so I can work more, so such performances are possible to achieve for most players given that all the work required is invested into the character.

This also means that if cashers put their mind to it they can achieve a lot more 🙂
So my rank and performance during WB is also connected with how many strong players / cashers are participating, because even 1 second extra is more income.

Here is the image I prepared and I’ll write some tips below that:

COSMOS Knight’s World Boss Hit Record

Brief Tips & Info for World Boss Performance

As this is a shorter post, I am not going into big details; you can refer to my other comprehensive World Boss posts.

I break this into 2 sections: “Stuff that you can do” and “Stuff based on luck / timing”

Stuff that you can do

  • Manage to do 1 attack and 1 rune (+ 1 damage Titan) at battle start in a way that gives you sufficient rage for Delphic attack on the next (main) attack round.
  • Hit really hard on the next, main round, with Delphic (on our server battle finishes here).
  • Keeping 1st Titan slot free helps to accomplish this.
  • Refreshing before World Boss to reduce lag.
  • Making sure nothing heavy is running on your computer (again to minimize lag).
  • Using a clean browser for Wartune only (lately I use Maxthon Nitro just for Wartune and it is working well for me).
  • 10% attack buff (milk or advanced scroll).
  • Level 5 attack potion.
  • Correct damage increase passive skills for a chance to increase damage.

Stuff based on luck / timing

  • # of players participating
  • If your passive buffs activate on the Delphic attack or not.
  • If your game is loading slow when other people are already on round 2 while you are just loading World Boss to start.
  • If someone calls you by Skype in the middle of World Boss 🙂
  • Antivirus or any other popup from your computer in the middle of World Boss.
  • Your mum smashing you with a shoe because you didn’t do what she asked 5 hours ago 🙂

Wartune, as real life, is influenced by things out of your control, but you have the power to take actions to minimize risks and increase your performance in World Boss or Wartune in general!

Update: 24% – 25% World Boss hit from nighthawk

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  1. Nice job ☺️

    • Thanks 🙂

  2. lol

  3. Congrats! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that much in less than 3 rounds.
    You left out the critical factor of eudaemons, though. Blood knight’s menace is a +50%, and wind ranger with cursed arrow is +40% (also oracle up to 50% damnation). Depending on what you have available for your sub-eudaemon, it can be a pretty big boost, especially since they are multiplied. Up to +125%.

    Also, not so sure that skipping the first titan is a good idea if you have the celestial strength one. I use just rage rune first round, so I can deicide the next, with the +100% crit. What you gain from a first round attack isn’t that much by comparison.
    Plus, a titan increases your odds of getting the Valorous passive to trigger.

    • Hi. Oh no problem. For Eudaemons, during World Boss, I use 2 Battle Oracles with 2 x level 7 Damnation.
      Regarding Titans it also has to do with your lag – if you manage to get everything you want done plus Titans on top then no problem with not keeping empty, but it is hard to guarantee absolutely no lag in critical moments and we only need just 1 Titan for WB (the 100% crit damage).
      Thanks for discussing / sharing,

  4. Impressive Cosmos. Congrats.

    • Thanks 🙂

  5. would you like to see one of my screen shots 25.5% damage, 61 million damage

    • Sure email me on cosmos at dolygames dot com and i will add it in this article.
      As per tradition also include 2-3 tips to help people which I can add as bullet points after your picture.

  6. lol were lucky to get 1 shot off before boss is dead

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